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  • Hits from GTA V (Music Videos)

    I love the music that blares from the radio most of the time. It's a refreshing medley of popular hits from the last 50 some years from various genres. I even found a video of the actors who voiced Trevor, Michael, and Franklin. Too bad I couldn't find a video of Chakra (J.B. Smoove) doing his thing on air with Cheryl Fox (Annie Ledermann). That would be just hilarity at its finest!

    A sample of tracks found on GTA V's radio:

    *** Warning: Some explicit topics of discussion. Also be ready to laugh and roll on the floor. ***


    AKA: J.B. Smoove.

    *** Warning: Explicit Lyrics ***

    I keep hearing this last one on the chop shop radio and from other passing cars. Took me a good 20 minutes to find it on YT. Kept thinking the line was "...woke up a Nobu man..." only to realize later it was "...woke up in a new Bugatti...". :/

    Post up your favorites! Any tunes you like listening to while driving around Los Santos/San Andreas?
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    Re: Hits from GTA V (Music Videos)

    Los Santos Rock Radio in the south, Rebel Radio in the north.

    With hosts Jesco White and Kenny Loggins!

    It's nearly impossible to pick favorites from such lineups, but it's great to hear Radio Ga Ga on LS Rock Radio, and I really like the way they cut it in with the Micheal De Santa trailer.

    Another stellar lineup, but Dippin' Snuff puts a smile on my face every time, and I can't leave the car while Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way is still playing. (Hey, it's another trailer song too)

    (By pure coincidence, these appear to be Trevor's favorite stations, with Rebel Radio preferred in his vehicles and LS Rock Radio in his trailer and meth lab)
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