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  • Freemode update

    Freemode update last night, new modes and popup missions. Dust off those pretty cars and log on!

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    Re: Freemode update

    I played the last two nights. First time by myself and second time with a friend. It was awesome! :D

    Participated in I think 9 events so far and won 3-4 of them (or at least placed in the first 3 places).



    By myself the first night...

    With a friend last night...

    ^ One of the other guys was somehow going faster and faster while driving a truck and the rest of us were in sports cars or a Zentorno. Very suspicious.
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      Re: Freemode update

      Why didn't I see you on? I was on the past two nights too..

      Have you done any king of the castle ones? I found that those are a little unfair in that if you happen to get to the spot early, you can sit there and gather points before anyone else shows up. Once the battle ensues it's like you've got a built-in handicap. I won two of them that way.

      I still have not yet gotten a kill the beast one - I want that!

      Payout for these things isn't shabby - I got $25K for king of the castle.


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        Re: Freemode update

        I'll be on later tonight. Come find me in the gta Channel if I'm on. Haven't played since before summer vacation. When I saw the update I knew it was game time!




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