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What kind of game do we have here?

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  • What kind of game do we have here?

    From what I have seen, this looks like a promising open sandbox MMO FPS death match with building and looting as the topping. So I am here writing this as a thread where we can talk about ideas for stuff that we can do under the flag of TG. As I have been in another country and have been busy I'm not up to date on all the new stuff, so please excuse any ideas that don't fit with what is really in the game. I will also bring up different questions that I think need to be asked. Fear and tremble my friends, things are about to get complicated. :) Let's look at the game.

    First off, it is a survival game. That can be fun just to play with your friends but I dont think that that will really hold anyone's attention for to long as then the grinding and looting aspects of the game will get old fast. I don't know if there is some kind of buildable storage or not but I'm guessing that there will be.

    Next is building a base. If I remember right, we should be able to build an epic base for TG. That or we could go off and build each our own, but that seems boring. I don't know if there are locks in the game but if that where the case, than we would have to make a privet thread where we can place passwords and other secrets like that. Also, I don't know if there are any kind of defenses like stakes or barbed wire. Anyway, I could see building a base and getting supplies for it being a big part of the game for the first little while. Not sure how things will work out but I'm assuming that you can make some kind of bed that if not destroyed will spawn you in when you restart the game. If you lost all your gear every time you came back on, that would suck. And while they might make it where you just spawn back in where you logged out, I could see that being really bad. Like someone runs into a enemy base just to log and that at the dead of night come back and destroy everything. Also, I'm assuming that vehicles will have to have a key to work. All that being said, if that is the case, I think that we should scout out some different spots on the map to make our base. Like do we want it on a hill or by a river or in a town. All these things need to be thought out and decided. (if base building isn't in the game, I would feel so dumb right now)

    Next would be foraging. This is a not very different from looting but it would be done in a group and everything we got could than be shared or stored. I don't now if there are "rare treasure" to be found but there is always guns and food that will need to be found.

    Along side foraging is missions. I don't know if there are any AI in the game or different things that you can do to get rewords but I'm sure the we each will have our own goals and missions. I have heard that you need to find a tower and connect wires to in and have a lightning storm hit is so you can charge car batterys. I don't know how often these storms will happen or even if you need to find a tower but I'm sure there are things like this that will keep us busy.

    Lastly but not lest. Fighting!!! I'm guessing that there will be outfits or clans in the game like ours. We will make friends and enemy's and I'm sure fights will happen. But first I must let the cat out of the bag. I'm new to this kind of game and how TG deals with the morality standards, but from what I have seen of TG, it seems that we are more Hero types. When I play, I will be a Hero as much as I can but I'm sure that not one of us could possibly ever think about being a Bandit. But there have been stranger things and while I'm okay with sharing a base with Bandits, I will never join them in there evil ways. But seriously I don't know how TG deals with this and I'm fine with whatever the discussion is. And while we might have different opinions I'm sure there will always be other groups that we can fight and have epic battles of doom with.
    Not sure what the PVE looks like in this game but I'm guessing that it is very little. But it would be cool if there were herds of Z's walking around that we could fight.

    Like I said I'm not really in touch with all the new news, so if there are other things that I missed I would love to know. Also if there is some info on Hero vs Bandit, I want to understand. But if it is up to a vote, I'm going with Hero. Not like we can force people to play one way, but im just wondering if there are things that we are not supposed to do under the TG name?
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