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    I verified the following custom launch options for H1Z1 this evening and their use made a drastic improvement to my performance (the game loads incredibly fast and I almost instantly transition into the game world after connecting to a server).

    These made a huge difference for me so I thought I'd share, enjoy.

    The custom launch options interface can be found using the following method:
    1. Open Steam and click on 'Library' near the top of your Steam browser window. After clicking on 'Library' you may have to select 'Games.'
    2. Locate H1Z1 in your library on the left side of your Steam Browser window and right click on it, then select 'Properties.'
    3. When the H1Z1 Properties window opens the General tab will be selected by default, locate the 'Set Launch Options' button and click on it.
    4. You will be presented with an additional window that will be titled 'Launch Options - H1Z1,' with a message that says 'These options are for advanced users only,' and a text field where you can enter your custom launch options.

    Here's what I use and why:
    • -nosplash -noPause -cpuCount=8 -maxMem=24576 -exThreads=7 -malloc=system

    • -nosplash .. This removes the splash screen when launching the game.
    • -nopause .. This forces the game to continue rendering information to the window when it's not focused (when you alt+tab to another window).
    • -cpuCount=8 .. This allows me to specify the quantity of cores available to the game. I have an 8 core processor so that's what I use, modify for your system.
    • -maxMem=24576 .. This allows me to specify the maximum amount of memory available to the game. I my case I have 24gb, so 24576 is what i use here. To calculate your maxMem use the following formula: Number of Gb of ram x 1024.
    • -exThreads=7 .. This allows me to specify the number of threads available to the game. My particular processer has 8 threads but I only specify 7, so that my operating system has a thread of its own to run on. IF YOU SPECIFY THREADS, ENSURE YOU USE YOUR MAXIMUM THREAD COUNT MINUS 1!
    • -malloc=system .. forces H1Z1 to use your system memory allocator

    ** For calculating available threads **
    1. Click your start button.
    2. Right click on 'Computer' and select 'properties', or find your 'My Computer' icon and right click on it and select 'Properties'
    3. Identify your processor in the 'Processor' field under the 'System' section.
    4. Use the following website to identify your processor, then scroll down to the section that specifies your number of threads: CPU-World: Microprocessor news, benchmarks, information and pictures
    5. REMEMBER THAT IF YOU USE THE -exThreads OPTION YOU SPECIFY A NUMBER OF THREADS THAT IS ONE LESS THAN WHAT YOUR PROCESSOR SUPPORTS!!! This is critical so that you leave one thread available for system needs (OS, Applications, etc) that will not be monopolized by the game, failure to do so may cause the game to crash and at the very least will likely cause it to be sluggish.
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    Re: Custom Launch Options Guide

    Thanks, I'll give it a try.
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      Re: Custom Launch Options Guide

      Good stuff Mogul :)





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