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    Alright, decided to see what all the fuss was about, watched a few vids and am DLing now. My question is how do you guys find each other, in all the videos I watched it seems like random spawn, also I don't think I want to spawn in anywhere on my own for fear of death by bandits or bears so I will wait untill I see friendlies online. I havn't used steam much since 2006 and was heavy into CS, so I have like two friends lol. Any way [email protected] is my steam name.

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    Re: location location location

    Hit one of us up in TS and we can walk you through the basics, I recommend spending your first time playing just wandering around getting a feel for the map. Once you figure it out it's easy to get your bearings.

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      Re: location location location

      Okay I was worried one of us screwed up or something and we had to start the "location, location, location" mantra...phew!

      There are a few dynamic maps out in the webs. Here's one example: H1Z1 Map - The original map!

      Also, at some intersections and roadside curbs, there is usually a map board where you can get your bearings if you wandered off road for a while.
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        Re: location location location

        Also for anyone who needs reference on navigation:
        when in game, type /loc to get your locaiton. It will give you a set of coordinates that read like this:
        X= ####.### Y= ####.### Z=####.### Bearing ###

        The X coordinate and Z coordinates are the ones you need to pay attention to. X is the N/S axis and Z is east/west. Ignore the Y coordinate, its your altitude and they havent implemented skydiving yet. The map goes from -3000 x -3000 in the far southwest corner of the map to 3000 x 3000 in the northeast corner. 0 x 0 is the dead center of the map. The bearing can tell you what direction you are facing. 0 is East, 1.5 is North, 3.0 is West and -1.5 is South.

        I'm not gonna give out the base coordinates in a public forum, someone on TS can do that for you, but this very very basic guide can get you there without having to use any other outside tools/maps.

        Also to note: check your location when you spawn, if you dont like your spawn location, just type /respawn until you get a better spawn location.




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