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Feb. 5th - Full server wipe inbound!

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  • Feb. 5th - Full server wipe inbound!

    Tomorrow, everything = gone.

    Tomorrow as part of our normal game update, we will be doing a complete server wipe. What does that mean for you? Think of it as a factory reset. We are going to be wiping the world clean of any player built structures, vehicle placement, everything. We are also going to be doing a full character wipe as well. Your characters will not exist on any servers, so you will have to create new ones.

    What wonít be going away are any account locked items. These items are things like crates and crate keys. All the cosmetic skins you found inside the crate or won from Battle Royale will be safe and be locked to your account. The things that will not be safe are anything you have on your character or hidden in the world at the time of the wipe.

    For people who purchased the Premium or upgraded to the Premium Edition will be topped off up to 3 Airdrop Tickets. If you already have 3 or more Airdrop Tickets you wonít be receiving any additional ones. This wonít happen at the exact time of the wipe but will be granted to your account within a few business days afterward.

    Full server wipes are a part of Early Access and this wonít be the last one. They help make the game better in substantial ways. We appreciate your support in H1Z1 and the game has already grown a huge amount because of the collaboration between us.

    You will receive the full list of other patch notes as we get closer to announcing when this downtime will exactly be tomorrow.

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    Re: Feb. 5th - Full server wipe inbound!

    Servers will come down at 7AM for approximately 4 hours.
    This will include a full server wipe and only allow for one character per server after the patch.
    Release Notes
    Sitting will cancel auto-run.
    Fixed a bug where players can interrupt equip actions too quickly.
    Fixed an issue where ammo count could become incorrect if you interrupt a reload action.
    Objects making noise above or below you in a multi-story building will now be properly attenuated.
    Added slight zoom to all guns and bows in Iron Sight mode.
    Lowered sway on .308 rifle while in scoped mode.
    Fixed an issue with hydration burning too fast when stamina was full.
    Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause oddities on SLI setups
    Dropping an item from a world container places it at the players feet instead of the world container origin. The latter would hide it in the world container model.
    Vehicle stability adjustments – angular damping, moment of inertia, center of mass, tire friction and steering range tuning on the OffRoader, PickupTruck and PoliceCar.
    Working on getting the vehicles to be more stable and less likely to abruptly roll or flip (this will still be possible on rocks, rough terrain, and player placed objects) but trying to make them more fun and survivable.
    Fixed /respawn on PvE servers.
    Fixed self-damage on PvE servers; the players may be the source of damage to themselves without mitigation.
    Made players names reusable across servers. Names on each server must still be unique.
    Battle Royale: Cleaned up gas after matches.
    Battle Royale: gas damage reduced.
    Fixed certain points of interest not getting reported when players entered.
    Limited players to one character per server.
    Recipe Changes
    The makeshift shovel recipe now requires a metal sheet instead of a metal shard.
    The storage container recipe now requires more materials.
    The barbed wire recipe now requires wood planks and more metal shards.
    The snare recipes now requires more metal shards.
    The dew collector recipe now requires more wood planks and wood sticks.
    The ground tiller recipe now requires more metal shards.
    Bulk Changes - Many bulk changes have been made in an effort to meet somewhere in the middle of realistic and not annoying.
    Canned food is 25 instead of 100.
    All instances of water bottles are 25 instead of 50.
    Backpacks are 150 instead of 600.
    Military backpacks are 500 instead of 1400.
    Car batteries 300 instead of 100.
    Car fuel is 100 instead of 10.
    Wood logs are 50 instead of 100.
    Wood planks are 25 instead of 50.
    Campfires are 50 instead of 100.
    Scrap Metal is to 25 instead of 5.
    Metal Sheets are 100 instead of 50.
    Metal Pipes are 150 instead of 50.
    Shirts are 50 instead of 100.
    Jeans are 50 instead of 100.
    Many melee weapons have had their bulk reduced.
    First aid kits are 25 instead of 10.
    All meat is 15 instead of 5.
    Rifle ammo is 2 instead of 1.
    Shotgun shells are 5 instead of 1.
    Arrows are 5 instead of 1.
    Shirts can now only hold 50 bulk instead of 90.
    Pants can now only hold 50 bulk instead of 100.


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      Re: Feb. 5th - Full server wipe inbound!

      A lot of cool changes!


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        Re: Feb. 5th - Full server wipe inbound!

        One character per server :(


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          Re: Feb. 5th - Full server wipe inbound!

          I'm cool with the changes. :)
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            Re: Feb. 5th - Full server wipe inbound!

            its gonna make stashing harder to begin with and stop players using another player slot to hold a stash.

            Now we can carry more food, but in a smaller pack.


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              Re: Feb. 5th - Full server wipe inbound!

              Only the two pieces of clothing got a reduction in space 100-->50 / 90-->50. The changes to backpacks were a reduction in 'bulk', meaning they take up, a crap ton less space inside your inventory. I'm so glad canned food has been reduced by 75%, though. It was tough to stockpile on it, before.




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