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  • Upgraded and Enhanced Map

    Hi guys,

    I hope you dont mind me posting here but I just wanted to share with you details of an update we've made to our H1Z1 Interactive Map site Being a large group of gamers you might find our squad management and tactical planning features useful, especially as you can now draw directional pointers, lines, shapes etc on your map to help co-ordinate your squad.

    In addition, we have created a Windows tool that sits outside the game and automates the upload of /loc copys, this means you dont need to tab out of the game and results in a pseudo real time display on your map of where all your squad members are at any one time.

    We've got the usual database stuff, items, crafts etc and we've hooked this into a Twitch bot if any of you guys stream and provides some channel commands. We have an app in development for OverWolf should any of you use this.

    Our site is designed truly for the H1Z1 community so if you guys have any specific requests, we could look at coding them in assuming there not to crazy :)

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, maybe see you on our map soon.




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