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  • One Layman's thoughts on MMOs

    I play MMOs. A lot of MMOs. Until the past few years I was honestly able to say I played all but 2-3 MMOs that was ever released on the North American market. :icon_eek: It is my preferred form of gaming with FPSes coming in a moderate second.

    Over the years I noticed I ended up writing much of the same stuff about MMOs over and over again so I finally decided to just write them once more and collect them in one location I could link to.

    I've been debating posting links to these forums for fear of looking like I am pimping my non-TG stuff but with my recent soapbox thumping in the LoTRO topic I figure I might eventually end up rewriting them all over again. So might as well post the links again and those who are curious can check 'em out.

    So for those who are curious here's the collection...
    Massively Forgotten Features - Features I've seen in some MMOs which I feel should be in all MMOs. It includes UI Programming (two entries), Character Customization & Character (lack-of) Modesty, in game Guild Ads, Nations, and simply, "The Massive".

    Then there's the 2 entries on understanding why MMO economics seem backwards but really aren't and how one MMO actually looking normal.

    And yes, I know, that's a lot of verbage dedicated to MMOs. If I had put as much time into the book I want to write as I did those blogs and videos I would've been done with a whole trilogy by now. :row__687:
    "...the rules aren't there to enumerate what is always correct but what is always wrong..."



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