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SOP - TG Guild creation

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  • SOP - TG Guild creation

    So you want to start a TG guild? Assuming you've read our basic rules I will go from there.

    Starting up a TG guild is going to require a couple things from this point forward.

    First is a you, who has interest in creating a guild and building it. This is not an easy task and will require you to recruit more members in the game. This is not all that different than an IHS here at TG. You can not simply hope for TG'ers to just join your organization. Recruiting will need to be in your game plan.

    Second. You must have the TG rules incorporated into the guild.

    Third. You must show good leadership qualities to host a TG guild. This is multifaceted and weighs heavily on the players involved, their support and youridea for a TG guild in the given game. Once you think you are ready to start a TG guild please use the Contact MMO Admin forum with the necessary info.

    As a side note: Your guild can be focused around many aspects of gameplay and typically how you want to run it should be fine but there may be some aspects that aren't approved for the sole reason of conflicting with our rules at TG. This will be reviewed and determined once you have submitted your request for a guild.

    In some games The administration will host a very broad spectrum guild for players to casually enjoy the game without a specific agenda other than to introduce tg players to the game and allow for a free flowing stream of information and ideas from the players. You can think of it as a Launch pad for TG in each game.

    Any questions feel free to ask about this or the process described.

    Thank you.
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