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CrimeCraft - the next generation tactical shooter is finally here

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  • CrimeCraft - the next generation tactical shooter is finally here


    Developed on the Unreal Engine 3 platform for next-gen systems, CrimeCraft is a massively-multiplayer online game that combines the action of a tactical shooter with the strategy of an RPG. The game is set in a modern world that has been torn apart by economic, political and natural crisis ... just the kind of life of strife that an up-and-coming gangster could make use of on his way to the top!

    - IGN

    ESRB Rating: M for Blood, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence
    Genre: Persistent Online Action
    CrimeCraft is a game I came upon recently. I did not hear it until I stumbled upon it by chance on a listing for a certain MMORPG website. It may not have the number of players World of Warcraft has but it has a certain flair and enjoyability to it.

    The game is a combination of a tactical shooter and MMORPG known as a PWNS. Basically you start in the game lobby which is a virtual 3D world filled with missions, vendors, and transportation to other areas of the city.

    Combat takes place in instances which are located on the edges of the city. This is due to the outside world being post-apocalyptic and dangerous. The characters tend to look ghetto or police like, but the weapons are futuristic and yet not cartoony or fake looking. They look like possible future weapons which are great to use.

    The great thing is its' casual nature. It is extremely easy to level up in the beginning compared to your regular MMORPG and any MMO really. If your like me - you hate the grind you have to do to be a great player every time you play a new game. With this game it is more about skill and teamwork then your level, although having higher levels and better weapons will always help.

    Within an hour or two I was leveled up enough and had the basic weapons I needed to compete in PvP with more established players. Based on my tactical experience both in-games, real life, and the study of military - I was doing just fine fighting players with better weapons then me. That is how a online game should play.

    The great thing is that this world is persistent so you can build up your reputation, stats, and skills. Also you can change the appearance of whatever you are wearing to whatever you want it to look like. That means you can have the best gear in the game and make it look like something you want to look. Imagine having uniforms for your gang (aka clan) yet having the best protection your gang crafters can make. Yes, there is a crafting system as well. Although its drug and illegal atmosphere themed which works out just fine.

    This game also focuses on ACTION and not traveling. You still have a large city to explore which is a 3D representation of the game lobby and serves as the standard RPG city complete with vendors and mission givers. All in all this is a great game tactical shooter where skill and teamwork are important, you can customize your character more then in regular shooters, and you don't have to waste thousand upon hours to be a highly competitive soldier.

    Oh yea I almost forgot to mention - you get nice slutty looking female characters in the game that look like prostitutes. Gang females eh? I love it!

    -John Hawk, aka MiamiHeat87

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    Re: CrimeCraft - the next generation tactical shooter is finally here

    This was the worst game, I think I've ever played.


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      Re: CrimeCraft - the next generation tactical shooter is finally here

      Originally posted by UnDeaD77 View Post
      This was the worst game, I think I've ever played.
      I looked into this before launch, it looked fun. What was your experience Undead?

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        Re: CrimeCraft - the next generation tactical shooter is finally here

        I wanna try it. I was a Unreal freak back in the day.. I still have my tags (which I couldn't take off in game) Latina^UAK^
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          Re: CrimeCraft - the next generation tactical shooter is finally here

          It's just the general gameplay felt so generic, I knew this was not going to succeed, once I had played it. If you guys get to try it, then you'll know what I mean.


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            Re: CrimeCraft - the next generation tactical shooter is finally here

            I spend a lot of time going through different games. When I go through MMOs, you always have to spend tons of time questing and grinding. I always ended up just getting stuff that looks good and was more into socializing then spending hours upon hours to have a competitive character. I'd like to fight, but I didn't want to work so hard to have a good chance against other players (like in those WoW battle arenas).

            I also enjoy realistic FPS games. These games are great and range from Project Reality to America's Army.

            Right now there isn't many reviews. Here is another one:


            Even this guy says he doesn't like it. The point is these two reviewers both seem to be playing it as a RPG. The game isn't about roleplaying or questing. You want to do that you go play WoW, Warhammer, Lineage or something other game like that.

            This game is for shooters like myself.

            Think of the game as having servers as you normally join through a server list, that is connected through a virtual lobby which is where you do your character changes, preparations, and updates.

            The great thing about this game is the ability to customize your character's clothes, it's variety of weapon load outs, and trying to figure out which ability points to use that are best suited to the map depending on rather it's a Shootout (TDM) or Objective based map such as Robbery (similar to capture the flag).

            With this game I get great action, tactical teamplay, and if I want to spend extra time to get a little edge over others - I can. So while you can only find 2 reviews online from credible websites, just because they say it isn't to their liking, it's too mine. You'll never know if its for you unless you try it for yourself. Just like movies.

            So I just read the review from the link I gave. This guy really doesn't like it. He says you can't truly customize your avatar as you have to pay for it - you can customize it just fine. There are extras though. He even goes as far as saying the PvP maps don't have objectives.

            There are like 6 different modes of PvP which all have objectives just like Call of Duty or Counter-Strike. There is also a big complaint on the PvE. He is expecting a quest and roleplaying experience. You don't get that from this game. It's all about practicing your skills, getting some loot, and trying to stay alive as long as you can to help prepare you for PvP.
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              Re: CrimeCraft - the next generation tactical shooter is finally here

              I played the I believe open beta, and I thought it was absolutely HORRID. Would never in my life pay anything for such a game. The levels I fought (there were only a few) in were tiny, which made everything but the shotgun almost useless. I just really, really didn't like it. I would recommend a free to play FPS more.

              And this is coming from a person who's game collection is 75%+ shooters, so it isn't because I was expecting a more WoW like game.




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