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    Did you drop SWG like many of us after the CU (combat upgrade). It was all down hill after that upgrade when SWG players left the game by the thousands.

    Well recently I found this, If you still have your old installation discs you can play SWG like it was meant to play. Check it out.


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    Re: Swg cu

    You might want to go back and edit your topic title to read: "Star Wars Galaxies" instead of "Swg cu". Not everyone here can figure out what the acronym "SWG" is supposed to be.

    Personally, I never got into SWG myself due to the monthly costs and the general lack of any real roleplay. On top of that, I was still very hooked into Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.
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      Re: Swg cu

      I've been playing it for a month or so now.

      Very laggy, very buggy... but very fun! Glad these guys worked out all their problems (people kept quitting the team and removing what work they did) and are really starting to make headway. I think the rumor is that the testcenter will be over sometime late december, and they'll have a mostly complete game at that time.

      So glad someone was able to bring back the Star Wars Galaxies I paid for. I can't tell you just how upset I was when SOE turned Star Wars Galaxies into World of Star Wars. They deleted my favorite class, they removed any use of player stores and they completely gimped the freedom that made the game great.

      I keep going back online when they offer those free months, and everytime I do, the servers are looking more and more dead. I'm surprised they still have official servers. What a boneheaded move that was.. and the sad thing is, the majority of people who quit when the CU hit say (and I read this on the swgemu forums, unsure where), if they were to revert back to the old game, those people would happily return to their paid servers, SOE just has no love for the people who made that game as popular as it once was.




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