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  • Bcu helix needs you!

    Air Rivals is a MMO dogfighter playing over more than 20 maps over land, sea, tunnels and space. 4 unique gear(craft) types await your choice. There are two nations, and conflict constantly runs on high between them.
    To anyone who enjoyed old school air simulators or classics like Fury3, this game will take your fancy right away.
    It is free to play, with the option of spending money to make the game easier/faster etc.

    This is not an add for the game, I am a player on one of the nations and I am calling for help.

    Server - Helix
    Nation - BCU

    A call to arms, a plea for help.

    A once great nation stands on the precipice of anhialation. Only you can make things right. This is not the story line, this is the reality of the game. To those of you who do not fear a challenge, who thrive on the idea of the underdog, I ask of you now, will you answer the call?

    If you think you might be interested in the game, feel free to message me for more info.

    Or if you just get involved right away, look out for me ingame.

    86 B gear
    Helix BCU



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