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TankiOnline: next generation browser based game

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  • TankiOnline: next generation browser based game

    TankiOnline is a Free, Massively Multiplayer Online, Real Time, Browser based, 3D game made in Flash where you begin as a recruit and work your way through the ranks as you earn crystals in many different ways.

    With those hard earned crystals, you can look through an ever expanding catalog of weapons, tank shells, and armor coatings to buy and equip as you work your way to being the most powerful tankman ever! Buying a weapon or tank shell isn't just a one time deal, as you can upgrade every weapon and every tank shell you buy to increase it's Damage, Fire Rate, Movement Speed, HP, etc...

    Play through 3 defferent modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and CTF across 50+ 3D stages and make your name be known, whether it be in the Hall of Fame or by winning clan tournaments, which will be held regularly by the end of 2010, just enough time to get your training in, find a clan to join, and get to know your teammates.

    If I haven't convinced you to play the game yet, just wait until fall of 2010 when the largest update ever in the history of the game will add over 100 new mechanics to the game, including HD graphics.

    See you on the battlefield cadets!

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