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Andvari Bio Lab on Esamir 10/27/2012

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  • [AAR] Andvari Bio Lab on Esamir 10/27/2012

    To all the TGNC squad members on Esamir on 27/10, great working on taking the Andvari Bio Lab. It was an epic battle with 2 squads, led by various SLs throughout the evening including BigGayAl, StraightRaider and Servo as I recall. It took us a few attempts but our persistence paid off. Our SLs made sure we kept the South East satellite base secured so we could continue streaming into the transporter room inside the bio lab. While there were sporadic NC pubs to help, it seemed like our platoon was about 90% of the forces.

    With a Sunderer stationed at the SE base, we broke into the shield generator room about 4 times at least and then kept getting pushed back to the base. After a few failed attempts, I think we started to doubt our ability to take the bio lab. We tried to a shift to MAX units, engineers and medics, which seemed get results. Engineers tried to keep the MAX units repaired while the medics tried to keep the engineers alive. There were MAX suits inching themselves into the generator room between revives. We were able to secure and overload the shield generator room inside the bio lab and then quickly pressed the attack into the spawn generator.

    With the spawn generator destroyed we shifted focus to defence of the generator, but I think the VS had had their fill and maybe figured they'd held onto the bio lab for long enough. The VS were generally losing territory to both the NC and TR, so maybe we had tied up a lot of forces inside the bio lab. Virtual handshakes all-round.

    I am pretty sure we were outnumbered throughout most of our attack, sometimes it felt like 1:2 which was aggravated by the choke point in the transporter room. We might have taken it a bit earlier if we'd done some feint attacks to the other transporter room to divert pressure on the south room (there are there two transporter rooms in the bio lab, right?), but alternatively concentrating all our fire together meant we could heal and repair together en masse.

    Taking the Bio lab secured the southern front of the NC against the VS and allowed general NC attacks to press further south. We mounted up in tanks, aa, and sunderers to assist the attack south while trying to keep an eye on the bio lab.

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    Re: Andvari Bio Lab on Esamir 10/27/2012

    We pressed a hard assault against Jaegar Watchtower, suppressing most defenders. The assault however, bogged down and the Vanu began to push more and more armor and air power into the area, eventually pushing our armored units back to the biolab.

    As our armored forces were whittled away, we pulled back inside the main biolab building as the enemy attacks intensified. The southwest and northeast outposts were captured by the vanu and subsequently retaken several times throughout the battle. With a visible lack of cohesion, the Vanu attack failed to hold any ground in the biolab and the attack began to peter out.

    As the attacking force waned, we flexed our squads out to retake the outposts and solidify our position, then loaded up a mixed armor and infantry force and headed south again. The armored units struck fast, separating and hunting down the remaining enemy armor before taking up positions to shell Jaegar Watchtower. Our infantry pushed up Sundies and captured all 3 points after a short battle.

    Then I crashed, and decided I'd had enough for the night. The biolab was quite the farm and over the course of several hours I racked up over 170 cert points - a fifth of all the cert points I've gained since the last wipe!
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