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[aar] 2013-01-18

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  • [aar] 2013-01-18

    Wanted to drop a quick AAR from tonight.

    Got pushed back off Indar, and switched to Esamir early evening. NC had about 15% of the continent at that time. VS was waning. TR were pushing hard. They had Freyr and most of the South. We were near pushed back to the warpgate. We still held the Mani Biolab...they were filtering in there, but mostly concentrating pushing to the west south of there. We made the tactical decision to push through to North Point Station.

    Not much there at first, but as we got closer to capping it...they began to press us hard. We got a good cap on it and then bunkered down. Their Zerg diverted to the North to take back NPS. We held it for about 30 minutes and then moved the defense to the Mani Biolab. We had increased to 2-Squad strength by that time. DaddyOfThree23 took the second squad.

    For our defense of the BioLab, I assigned squads to points. Daddy's Bravo squad was assigned, and heroically held on to, B-point for the entire defense. Probably defended there for about 45 minutes. We held on through at least two max-crashes. After the second I assigned Bravo to take the outlying base points and close down the teleports. Success again. Loved how I didn't have to micromanage. "Bravo...go take the SW teleport room." And it got done. Very cool. I had to get my own beer...a bit disappointing.

    When the TR couldn't take the BioLab, they began to leave the continent. We wound down the night by routing the rest of the TR, cleaning up the VS, and taking Esamir. Good use of Galaxy's to move the Platoon throughout the map at the end.

    We were running two open squads. By the end of the night I suspect they were around 70% TG and 30% blue-tags...including two players that had just started playing this evening. One guy was only 10 minutes into the game. :row__638:

    A big thanks to DaddyofThree...I always appreciate how you play the game! Thanks to all the TG who were with us tonight. Excellent, Excellent, work. TG didn't take the continent by ourselves, but I'd argue we were instrumental in making it happen.

    Improvements for me:
    1.) Clearer comms (ME) ....I still tend to mumble.
    2.) More screenshots so I can recall who was in the Platoon for the AAR.
    3.) Assign a "buddy" to the new guys...especially the guys who are using VOIP, have great questions, and really want to learn the game. Might even consider putting them in a "Charlie" squad so they can ask all the questions 1:1 with someone.


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    Re: [aar] 2013-01-18

    I kinda took the new guys in when they asked questions or got lost, old habit from CS:S. I also agree that we were the main reason the continent got capped. Truly one of my best nights so far as a dedicated Medic.


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      Re: [aar] 2013-01-18

      THanks for the write-up, I always enjoy reading an AAR, and many with me I think, even though you there aren't always many responses.


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        Re: [aar] 2013-01-18

        sounds awesome, i think i enjoy Defending more these days because its easier to give clear orders (such as when you said, "bravo squad on B") Once Attacking is nailed down, it will be just as enjoyable
        The biolab defense sounded great :D
        Cant wait to play under you
        |TG-Irr| di1lweed1212




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