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19/03/2013 feat. E-Male as PL

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  • [AAR] 19/03/2013 feat. E-Male as PL

    I present my AAR in the form of a NARRATED fast motion replay of platoon movement across the INDAR map.

    I am developing a habit of calling on my SLs for advice when faced with high uncertainty as to a what to do next. I wish I had captured that discussion from last nigh ton video as it provided a great example of the utility of such consultations.

    A new outfit member, V, was Charlie SL and doing a fine job.

    I should have made a bit more of an effort to remind all SLs of some of the comm SOPs.

    I need to keep training at the top of the agenda even while in the PL chair.


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    Re: 19/03/2013 feat. E-Male as PL

    I really wish I had the ability to record as well as the game is often so fast paced that much of what
    happens in the course of a play session is enough to fill several completely separate AARs and the
    ability to maintain what is relevant over such a time scale is hard to master.

    I am unable to view the video right now with audio but will make an effort to later. From watching it I
    notice a general progression of what is effectively the norm of PlanetSide2, a tug of war between two
    teams switching between states of 'Surge'. Effectively a front is opened and pressure is put on the TR
    warp gate as many bases, including the tech plant fall, to allied control. This 'rapid' advance then results
    into a dangerous overstretching of the line. Here that stretch is the aggressive push literally right on to
    Arroyo Torre Station (Outpost). Like a rubberband that offensive snaps back and worst of all dominoes
    almost uncontrollably back to Crossroads Watchtower (Outpost).

    I can not talk of anything but general 'strategic' theory here as I did not partake in this battle
    but what I want to suggest is that, despite it being potentially boring, consolidation and even caution
    when continuing a successful push. Furthermore the capture of a Facility, here Tarwich, must be
    weighed properly with the ability to defend it. On Indar this is an important thing to note because
    most bases have SIX potential points of adjacency. Because of this I choose not to fight on Indar as
    our normal Platoon Sized Force can simply not effect much in terms of prolonged gains.

    A Platoon, specifically on highly populated continents, are inconceivably small when compared with the
    concept of the 'Team' or 'Faction' as a whole. 48 people are not even 10 percent of a team and when
    compared to the fact that you are opposite to two teams, seemingly working together at times!, even
    the most triumphant victories should be followed by caution maybe even trepidation.

    Because of this I feel that we must actively seek coordination with other outfits or at the very least work
    to operate two platoons simultaneous of each other. This way we would be better able to both take a point;
    consolidate a strong reserve and 'breakwall' against the counter attack, and also potentially form a new front
    on the flank of the very obvious counter attack.

    I think we can do it!


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      Re: 19/03/2013 feat. E-Male as PL

      My decisions were not guided by the objective of "prolonged gains". Establishing a prolonged hold is certainly a legitimate objective, but my goals lay elsewhere that evening.

      My plan was to provoke a response in close proximity to the enemy warpgate and then engage in a controlled retreat.

      Your analysis above is an excellent reminder of important issues:

      force ratios,
      cooperation with others forces, and
      the possibility of two platoons operating simultaneously on a common objective.

      Thank you for the detailed analysis!




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