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Video: 25/04/2013 E-Male as PL

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  • [AAR] Video: 25/04/2013 E-Male as PL

    A mixed bag last night of some great coordination and prolonged firefights as we held off swarms of enemies to times when I completely lost my confidence (an unsettling experience).

    All SLs performed to the high standards of TG. SLs were diligent in giving their PL the vital "COPY" upon receipt of orders.

    SLs, if you prefer to deviate from my orders please let me know as soon as possible.

    Here is a 7:30 minute overview of some of the early evening battles as seen via screen capture with a confused and rambling narrative . . .

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    Re: Video: 25/04/2013 E-Male as PL

    Yes, I remember after taking the northern outer tower at Tarwich Tech Plant, you sent us (Charlie squad) north to take Gravel Pass. I figured we would quickly flip it, and be back in time for supper and getting in on the points when the Tech Plant finally capped. It was in close proximity to the northern tower, so we just ran there quickly on foot.

    What ended up happening was that we became steadily engaged by squad after squad and eventually multiple squads. But due to their disorganized nature and the cohesion and effectiveness of Charlie squad, we were able to overcome their superior numbers. We first flanked left and recapped the flag and took out a Sundy, then charged right and took out some tanks and more Sundies, we kept alternating our axis of attack and hitting the chosen targets quickly and with the full force of our well disciplined squad working together.

    We kept doing more of the same and were able to hold them off for quite some time. I was so engrossed in the fast paced battle at hand that I did not know if the PL had given us different orders, nor did I realize that the entire surrounding area had turned red. lol We held out for a long time but they eventually came on us with a platoon, we lost all our spawns, and finally had to cede control of the base to the Red Commies. But we were a thorn in their side for a good long while, and we had a lot of fun. :)
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