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04/05/2013 Randy as CC @FNF "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends" (NCC)

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  • [AAR] 04/05/2013 Randy as CC @FNF "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends" (NCC)

    I think last night was one of those really great operations nights. So I wanted to get some thoughts down here while they were still fresh in my mind. But my perspective is from that of a PL/CC and doing the higher macro level co-ordination, which I also wanted to share with the troops on the ground, SLs, etc. But I would encourage others to add their thoughts, perspectives, and critical analysis of the operation, so that we can not only enjoy and relive the moment, but also continue to improve our Outfit tactics and operations going forward. I also hope that those who have aspirations of PLing one day take these AARs and study them, getting into the mind of the PL so to speak, and take notes on strategic/macro level thinking.

    Recap of the Night's Operation

    Because it was Friday Night Fights, we took some extra time to organize dedicated squads and a second platoon right off the bat at the warpgate. 1st PLT Alpha and Bravo would be infantry, Charlie CAS, Delta Armor, and Stellalupes formed a 2d PLT which was at first one squad of infantry, later growing to 2 squads of infantry (thanks Stella! :)). It also worked out that CML, D117, WMD, and TAS all happened to be on the same continent we were on, doing organized ops, and operating in TeamSpeak (NCC channel).

    We has decided to stay on Amerish as it was the closest to being balanced in terms of population and territory. But by the time I did our FNF announcements and got organized and moved out, the TE had pushed in almost to our warpgate. Our first engagement would not be far, we just had to drive out of our NE warpgate to Amerish ARX Reserve (grid L5). After a pitched multi platoon battle involving several alliance Outfits vs. Buzz Lightyear & Co., we pushed them out.

    While we were doing that I believe other Coalition forces (and/or blueberries) had taken or were taking Blackshard Tungsten Mine (grid K6) and Shadespire Farms (M6). After some discussion in NCC TeamSpeak, it was decided we would do a combined attack on Mekala Tech Plant (K8). Due to a series of mishaps (I had to log due to mic bug, our first Gal pilot getting wrecked by a friendly, we couldn't reach our second Gal pilot via comms, getting attacked, etc.) the infantry squads (who were supposed to air drop and seize the upper gun gallery) were late to the party at the Tech Plant. By the time we showed up it was all over with unfortunately.

    We were initially battling Buzz and the TE in large (but imo undisciplined and low skilled) numbers. But tonight would be different as we had some numbers of our own due to the NCC. It did not take long before we stopped seeing ol Buzz and the TE/BWC anywhere. I think that they must have moved continent, and it is my opinion that Buzz does not like to get involved in fights that he cannot win. You may call that doctrinally sound, I prefer to call him a coward/bully with a fragile ego (or worse, but we have rules about language here, lol). :icon_bigg At any rate, that fact alone was very satisfying to me and I know a lot of the other guys felt the same way also. It was nice to roll them with superior numbers for a change, instead of the other way around. So, after Buzz & Co. cleared out, we turned our attention to the VS.

    At some point, I think after the Tech Plant, the NC also took Sungrey Amp Station (K4) and it was decided by the Coalition to attack the Ikanam Bio Lab (GH56). CML wanted to go directly to the Bio Lab and did so along with a couple of the other outfits. I tried to explain that we operate a dedicated air wing and so try and keep contiguous areas of blue back to our warpgate. So while our allies went straight to Ikanam, we retook The NC Arsenal (I4), North Grove Post (H3), and AuraxiCom Network Hub (I5), before joining in the fight at the Bio Lab, where we would spend most of the rest of the evening.

    I think it was at this point that we fell back to the warpgate to pull Gals and organize a drop on the exterior satellite bases at the Bio Lab. We had to attack the Bio Lab at least twice (maybe 3 times?) before we were finally successful so I could have some of the order wrong here. But this drop I remember, because we organized (in NCC comms) a 4 outfit combined drop. We would be responsible for the SW satellite, one of each of the other outfits (WMD, CML, and I think TAS) each took one of the other satellite outposts. It took several minutes to get everybody (mostly us) together at the warpgate, but it was a sight to behold seeing all those Gals when they left the warpgate together en route to the target. :)

    After securing the satellite, all 4 outfits organized Max crashes at their respective bases. We all went in at the same time, but I think this is where we ran into platoons of VS at our end of the Bio Lab (NW pad area, inside), and even with the help of WMD we could not dislodge them. The battle went on for a bit but we were losing. There were just too many of them. At some point, CML (and one other outfit I think) decided to pull the plug on the Bio Lab and try to relieve some of the pressure by attacking the VS at other points, in an attempt to get some of them out of the Bio Lab. I don't know what it is about the VS, but they sure love those Bio Labs, don't they? lol

    By this time, the NC had taken quite a bit (maybe 50%) of the map back from not only the VS but also the TR. Heyoka Tech Plant (E9) was sort of the front line at that point in the west, and was lightly defended, so CML fell back to the warpgate and organized a quick Gal drop and took the Tech Plant. We continued to hold our satellite (SW) at the Bio Lab, and WMD stayed around with us for a while defending some of the other satellites. Eventually they pulled out and we were the only ones left at the Bio Lab. We tried to hold all of the outer satellites, but we could not. Eventually we were pushed back to having only our SW satellite where we dug in like an Alabama tick and held of ever increasing numbers of VS while I tried to raise up our allies in NCC comms. Also during this time, we endured lots of chest beating and taunting from the VS as they thought they had defeated us. We didn't say anything back and just held our one little point, as I thought to myself "he who laughs last, laughs best." ;)

    Eventually our allies captured several other outlying territories, including large bases, which did I think have the intended effect of forcing some of the VS to get out of the Bio Lab and defend their real estate. But there were still a lot of them inside. So the other outfits reorganized, dropped, and retook the outer satellites as before. We again prepared multi outfit Max crashes, but this time would be different as we were able to get in quickly and overwhelm them finally (after yet another long battle inside). It was very rewarding to finally take the Bio Lab after being pushed out once or twice, and holding our one little satellite base for what seemed like an eternity. When we finally took the Bio Lab it was high fives all around, along with congratulations and thanks to all outfits involved in NCC TS as well as "NCC FTW" etc. in /yell throughout the territory. Several people told me it was one of the best nights they have had playing in this game to date, which for me I must say I agree with. Good times. :)

    Lessons Learned


    It took us a little while to get things rolling initially, but once we did we were pretty effective. One of the things I must again stress in operations of this size is comms discipline. Most importantly, please wait for acknowledgement before sending your message. Realize that the PL/CC potentially has several channels of comms going (platoon, company, and NCC, not to mention his own squad) and it can and does get out of hand quickly. Also, take a moment to think about what you say before sending, so you can get your information across quickly and effectively. Mentally pre-process the information into a form usable by the recipient, before you send it. Also, bandwidth (especially in channels where there are a lot of ears, i.e. platoon) is very valuable! Think about what is important enough to warrant being put over the platoon (or company) net, if it is secondary importance consider typing it in the appropriate text channel. I don't want to harp on this as again after we got rolling it was pretty good. If anything, I think people stopped sending comms because I may have started to get stressed and freak a little bit with all the pressure. lol

    One thing I did learn last night was to mute your squad voice channel when you are PL. This depends on your style of course, how you run squad/platoon, and how many squads you are running. But Garthra is right, at a certain point in size, your platoon becomes your weapon, not your rifle. So be a full time PL, let someone else SL. And by muting your squad comms, you don't have to put yourself in a separate empty squad thereby wasting it. This I found very helpful, after doing this I could hear myself think and I was much more effective. I was sure to let the squad know beforehand that I was muting them so they did not try to reach me in squad.

    Another thing I need to do (and will probably do today) is to set up a hotkey to change tabs and transmit in the appropriate channel in TS (either TG or NCC) with a single button press from within game. Currently I am Alt-Tabbing to TS every time I need to change channel and it takes too much time and I can't look at my map while doing so, etc.

    The NCC and You (Ally Comms, Speed and Coordination)

    Coalition comms can take a lot of time during organizational phases. Some of the guys in there are better or worse at comms discipline and being long winded. But admittedly that is a very difficult skill and one we have worked on long and hard here at TG to get to the level we are at today. But be aware, others may not be at that point. So my suggestion is to try and get all the details of the plan worked out while your troops are engaged, so they are not standing around getting bored. Send them to one or more close bases if they have all capped and need something to do while you are speaking with the other Coalition members about the macro level strategic picture on the continent. Also, there is sometimes a lot of cussing in the NCC channel, and this may not be for you especially if you have little ones around in the room while you are playing. It doesn't bother me personally, but you do have to realize it is not TG and we cannot control what happens there. In the end though they are a good bunch of guys who usually are very willing to coordinate and help and it is a lot of fun to be involved in a force the size of which can tip the scales on an entire continent level. Very fun and rewarding, imo.

    One final point I wanted to make was that different outfits in NCC do things differently. Each has their own style and specialty(ies). Some are bigger, some are smaller, some are more or less organized. If you are interested in platoon leading, start to hang out in NCC comms and get to know the guys, as well as the capabilities of their respective outfits by working together with them. I have the login info and password, PM or speak to me if you are interested. I personally believe in building these kinds of relationships as the nature of PS2 dictates that you need sometimes to be involved in certain sized forces to be effective. Not all the time mind you, but some times it sure is fun.

    CML for one seems to me to be very organized and highly disciplined. Either that or their leader Dzire is on speed. No I am kidding, Dzire is a very nice guy, cool calm and collected. But CML as an outfit is very good at changing direction quickly, falling back to the warpgate, go here, go there, form a max crash, do this, that whatever and they get reorganized and change direction very quickly. While the rest of the outfits are getting our guys in order, they were ready to move out already. And I am sorry to report that while other outfits were of varying degrees slower at wheeling around than CML, we were probably the slowest outfit involved in the op at changing direction. Although in fairness we did get much better as the night went along. I am not pointing fingers at anyone specifically, just saying that this is something I would like to see us get better at as an outfit, myself included.

    So, I think I have covered most of the points I had in mind. But again I encourage others to chime in their recollections of events from different perspectives from last night, as well as lessons learned and things we can improve on going forward.
    "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw

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    Re: 04/05/2013 Randy as CC @FNF "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends" (NCC)

    Great write up. The level of organization that the NC exhibited was great (thanks Randy for handling all those comms :).) I know my guys stayed on task all night, Great job 2nd Platoon (squad). My thoughts going into this were, "what can I do to support the main platoon?" Sometimes that meant fighting right along with you and sometimes we tried to attack adjacent territories to keep VS/TR forces having to choose between two territories, anything to alleviate the opposition that 1st Plt was facing. I also spent a lot of time on prox chat to try and organize nonaffiliated NC forces operating in my areas. A good example of this was when our main forces hit the bio-lab interior, my guys started to hit all the satellite bases and hold them. I then talked to some NANC's (nonaffiliated NC, it’s my "professional" term for blueberries who aren’t in outfits/platoons), and we hit all the surrounding territories. This, combined with Randy’s handling of the macro level outfit organization/operations, left the VS with almost no territory. Eventually I believe this demoralized the VS into leaving and giving us the edge we needed to push them off Amerish.

    I learned a lot as a SL as well. Most night we were going up against superior numbers, and as a SL my goal was to make my unit “appear” bigger than it was. This was to get unorganized Opposing forces to think they were surrounded and to give up, fall back, and regroup. We achieved this by spreading out, taking the high ground, using cover and concealment and good communication. My guys also were good at switching out classes based on need without needing me to micromanage. If we were up against armor my guys were mostly HA’s and in the bio labs we were medics and engineers to support the max’s. I even joked inside that their lives meant less than the maxs, lol. Sorry guys but its true. We can respawn instantly but maxs have a cooldown.

    All in all, it was a good night, everyone seemed to be at the top of their game and it showed.


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      Re: 04/05/2013 Randy as CC @FNF "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends" (NCC)

      I only came in at the tail end of the night, but it was definitely a lot of fun. I was running with the main platoon's air squad, which was doing an amazing job of keeping the skies clear. Great communication, responsive to calls for support or focused fire, and just generally fantastic flying. Several times the VS threw half a dozen aircraft at us at once, and we shredded them without even breaking a sweat. There were a lot of familiar faces from previous nights, which worked in our favour, as we were able to coordinate and communicate more effectively.

      I will say that I felt pretty disconnected from what sounds like an utterly fantastic ground battle. I was barely aware of any of this stuff happening, and we rarely coordinated to provide close air support. The air squad was, as usual, largely autonomous, and we mainly just worked to keep the sky clear. Partly to be expected, just from the nature of the beast. Still, seems like a shame that our side of the operation was almost invisible to you guys, and vice versa.


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        Re: 04/05/2013 Randy as CC @FNF "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends" (NCC)

        It was a fun night with you guys! Hope to roll with you some more. Good job in maintaining a foothold at the bio lab!



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          Re: 04/05/2013 Randy as CC @FNF "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends" (NCC)


          Yeah I remember hearing you in prox at A point at the Bio Lab saying that to people ("Maxes are more valuable than you, worms!"). Well, you didn't say worms. But maybe you should have. Haha good stuff.


          Yes that is part of the reason I take the time to write these. So people can have understanding of the same battles from different points of view. Also so others can post their perspectives, as you have done. I think it raises all of our situational awareness to have understanding of other units' (air, armor, infantry, as well as our allies) roles in the bigger picture.

          The guys on the ground may not always see you guys, but we know you are up there and appreciate you looking out for us from on high. :)


          Glad to see you found your way to our forums! Please feel free to post a link to this AAR on your own forums for your guys to read also. Friday night was a really good time, it was a lot of fun coordinating with a large force like that and we couldn't have done it without you and the other outfits! I agree we should do it again some time, I will look for you guys in TS!

          "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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            Re: 04/05/2013 Randy as CC @FNF "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends" (NCC)

            @Randy, excellent writeup and excellent work that night. What was done could not have been done without your leadership.

            @Stella: Your constant motivation of the medics/engineers on A point in the bio lab was great to hear. I would be happy to be a squad with you any time.

            Last, CONGRATS to all who took part. It was a great Op!
            The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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              Re: 04/05/2013 Randy as CC @FNF "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends" (NCC)

              I just took some time to set up my TeamSpeak a little better. I set up a hotkey (Alt-NumPad 9, since I use NumPad9 for push to talk) so I can change tab/server in TS between TG and NCC servers. Now I can do this without leaving the game. After that, I went ahead and set up TS overlay, now I can see who is in the channel I am in (and infer what server I am in from that) as well as see who is talking. Very slick. :) Anyone need help or would like to set that up, just let me know.

              The yellow names at the bottom to the right of my ammo count is the TS overlay (in TG channel at the moment). BP is lit up because he is talking in TS.

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              "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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                Re: 04/05/2013 Randy as CC @FNF "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends" (NCC)


                Here is a video of last night Friday night Fights. I ran out of memory on my hard drive so i wasn't about to capture all of the action. Delta squad which was led by Toddshooter at the beginning, but ran into issues with his computer so I took over after. I really enjoyed leading the armor squad throughout the night and tried to implement certain tactics like finding the high ground for shelling the objective and using flanking maneuvers when out numbered by enemy armor. I reminded the squad that our main objective was to cover the infantry squads not to go and find our own fight. The night before we had ran into a large enemy air squad, I kept that in mind throughout the whole night and made sure we had enough anti-air when there was no or limited air cover above. I started using flanking tactics when the Platoon leader (Randy) had us defending the points around the bio lab. When we would engage armor I sent 2-3 guys around to do hit and run engagements. Which made it seem like we had more numbers. We ended up losing most of our armor so we turned into an anti-tank squad at the same time defending the spawn room/ sundy which the other squads were using to assault the main bio lab. The squad did a great job communicating with each other and spotting out enemy armor and infantry. I'm proud at how the squad worked together and adapted to every situation and understood when I told them that if we stayed together we would be a lot more effective.


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                  Re: 04/05/2013 Randy as CC @FNF "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends" (NCC)

                  Thanks for taking the time to write that well Randy. Let me tell the story from the air squad. I was there for most of the evening.

                  It took us a good time to set up for FNF. We saw us losing nearly all of the map in that time. Thus when we were ready to go there was a huge pile of TR (platoons I believe) at ARX reserve just sw of the warpgate. Our ground forces moved out in an equally impressive force. They clashed and got into a deadlock with each other for The fight would take quite a long time for this point.

                  Our squad was flying mostly reavers. I started off by dying a lot, as there was a wall of mosquitos behind the big fight, and occasionally that wall would swoop over us in a big wave, and kill all but a few of us. As the ground forces seemed to battle fiercely for every meter, we kept trying to engage these enemies but were struggling to keep fighters in the air with what seemed an infinite supply of mosquitos buzzing about.

                  Now it was very noticeable that we had a dedicated armor squad. They were clearly visible on the map as a cohesive group. They were in the turn in the road just southeast of ARX. Now the reason I tell you this is 1) it was cool to see, 2) we saw streams of fire from their squad engaging enemy mosquitos. I only noticed this AFTER we suddenly seemed to get more breathing space in the air. I think the functioning of the dedicated armor squad in providing AA support was vital to the capture of that point. It was both deterring the huge surplus of mosquitos the TR had compared to our reavers, and it was allowing us as air squad to actually link up and get out of our warpgate.

                  At the same time as a squad we were learning to deal with this fighting of superior numbers. People were calling out accurately when immediate retreat was needed, people were immediatly coming to the rescus of squadmates whenever they could, at the risk of their own skin. We sort of instinctively first, and on Jengles instruction after that, started to do what is (went back to get exact name) know in infantry tactics as the "australian peel". Whereby we retreat, by having the people closest to the enemy fall back, behind the friendly reavers. THen they cover the reavers who are on the front then, and so on back to warpgate.

                  We started doing this every time we saw these mosquito waves swarm onto us. It worked amazingly. We started surviving for very very long times, all getting kills, always moving up, peeling back, moving up, peeling back.

                  It culminated for me in the battle over The large bridge over the valley near Shadespire Farms. I think this was at the point that our platoon (1st PL) was attacking Mekala or at least fighting near it. This bridge goes right across the valley that leads from our warpgate to Mekala. We kept running into some mosquitos here, in our attempts to reach and support our platoon ahead. But these mosquitos were special.

                  They would be up very high. Nothing much woudl be going on in the air and then suddenly they all come straight down, like a bunch of sleeping whales, but attacking you!

                  Several times this transpired, usually with Jengles as the first victim, as I was trying to watch his back.

                  "Jengles one diving on you!
                  *As I close in to shoot and get on his tail"
                  "I mean three, five, six on you Jengles! Six on your tail!
                  I dive in behind the second one, start shooting/locking on, with the other enemies following behind us. Jengles is falling back to friendly territory as this is happening. The more we fall back, the more of our squad are joining the fight. Jengles survives. I survive. Some mosquitos died. We are all in the air together.

                  SO this happened more and more, all near this bridge. Jengles know one of the guys in this enemy squad. As we keep running into eachother, the fight centers gravitates to this bridge. The mosquitos like to take cover there, especially their presumed leader, the one Jengles knows, and vice versa. So then Jengles starts calling out when he sees the leader. Every time he does this all of us just swarm him. He is very good, and using that bridge skillfully to take cover and give himself chances to counterattack or get away. against any normal airforce he would have probably gotten away, or even gotten more kills. But we trapped and killed him every time Jengles called out his name.

                  Then suddenly the bridge was quiet. We had won. For the first time since the start of the operation we had clear skies all the way up to Mekala. Jengles was the one who realized it first as he said "Guys we've won!", with a touch of surprise and disbelief in his voice. THis was good squad. A specialized squad, both organised and skilled. And we had just locked horns with them, and then brought them to their knees. It was an amazing feeling.

                  The extreme difficult start of the campaign, that had us fighting overwhelming force for a very long time in the battle for ARX, had taught us new tactics, and trained us in them. When we then encountered this -if I may- elite squad, we soundly defeated them in a clean fight. I think we won not because of superior skill, but only because we had pretty terrific communication and tactics.

                  I short, a true TG experience.

                  Well done squad!

                  Well done Jenlges. I can't say how glad I am to see you going from (;)) a little too much back-seat squad-leading, to great squad-leading. You took great advantage of what developed during that battle, adapting tactics accordingly.


                  Now for another word about the armor squad again.

                  I must mention how outstanding they were, literally and figuratively speaking, as troughout the whole night I could clearly see them as a single unit operating in or near the infantry fight. We could identify them easily, and since the battle for ARX had shown us how effective they were in AA, Jengles took us over them tiem and time again, so we could protect them as they protected us. They were simply the place to go when we were looking for a good segway in and out of the battle.

                  I don't know who did it, or how they ran that squad, but they did an excellent job. They proved the effectiveness of a dedicated armor squad to me beyond doubt. Simply excellent play. troughout the night I was talking about this with the squad, just noticing how the black blob of armor was constantly present it seemed, constantly in good numbers, constantly being a presence, a threat in battle, posing problems for the enemy, and giving opportunities to us, because we could so easily identify where there would be AA support available to us.

                  Whoever ran this squad, plz report about the evening here, and about your tactics in the armor-squad-thread!


                  To close:

                  Thank you all tg guys joining. Thank you more to the ones taking SL. Having a lot of SL's, having all our TG guys take turns doing it, the way the SAS would, is key to running an ever better outfit imo.

                  And thanks to Randy for running this complicated operation. It was the biggest organised fight we have been involved in. It was truly a combining of outfits, as I loved to see on the moments when most of the NCC attacked together.

                  The Gal drop was indeed one of the best moments too, an honor to escort that!
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                    Re: 04/05/2013 Randy as CC @FNF "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends" (NCC)

                    I will pass this on for Ghostshooter as he is waiting on moderation to get his posts trough:

                    Originally posted by ghostshooter101
                    Hey Al I just read your post in the AAR. Ive been trying to post my side of the night and I also have a video I made but all my post's wont go through until a moderator accepts them. Well this is what ive been trying to post.

                    Here is a video of last night Friday night Fights. I ran out of memory on my hard drive so i wasn't about to capture all of the action. Delta squad which was led by Toddshooter at the beginning, but ran into issues with his computer so I took over after. I really enjoyed leading the armor squad throughout the night and tried to implement certain tactics like finding the high ground for shelling the objective and using flanking maneuvers when out numbered by enemy armor. I reminded the squad that our main objective was to cover the infantry squads not go and find our own fight. The night before we had ran into a large enemy air squad. I kept that in mind throughout the whole night and made sure we had enough anti-air when there was no or limited air cover above. I started using flanking when the Platoon leader (Randy) had us defending the points around the bio lab. When we would engage armor I sent 2-3 guys around to do hit and run engagements. Which made it seem like we had more numbers. We ended up losing most of our armor so we turned into an anti-tank squad at the same time defending the spawn room which the other squads were using to assault the main bio lab. The squad did a great job keeping constant communication and spotting out enemy armor and infantry. I'm proud at how the squad worked together and adapted to every situation.


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                      Re: 04/05/2013 Randy as CC @FNF "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends" (NCC)

                      It's really great to get the perspectives from the air and armor squads now. It did take us a long time to set up at the warpgate, most of that time was moving people around into the dedicated squads and getting 2d PLT set up but I think this AAR shows that the time spent was well worth it in the end. Maybe next week for FNF we can start organizing a little earlier, maybe 7:30? So we can just have our announcement/kickoff meeting at 8, and then get right into the fight in prime time. Even better, maybe start identifying who the SLs (for various dedicated squads) and PLs will be in the signup thread during the week, so we can get started more quickly.

                      Thanks Al for reminding me about the armor squad. I was remiss in not recognizing them for their contribution. As you say they did a very good job of staying alive continuously nearly the entire night as far as I could tell. It seems to me they did that by sticking together and maneuvering themselves into advantageous positions. As you say Al, every time I recall looking at the map and seeing Delta armor squad, they were always in a tight little grouping together on the map. And I do not know how they stayed alive for so long especially at the first giant battle at ARX, because there were just so many enemies there.

                      I am glad to hear also that the Armor squad explicitly understands now that they should include a couple of Skyguards in their unit. I am also glad to hear that the Air squad uses this as a falling back point. I would hope that as a standard practice an ammo Sundy would also tag along with the armor group, providing not only ammo for the Armor and Skyguards but also a forward ammo and also safe point for the Air wing to fall back to. It could also be an additional fallback Sundy if all the closer Infantry Sundies go down (and would be in a very protected, safe location!). In fact in the future I think I will sit in seat 11 or 12 of an ammo Sundy in the armor group as I think this is a pretty safe place for me to be close to the battle and yet hide in there and keep my face in the map. I will need a driver / bodyguard though to drive the Command / Ammo Sundy and also man the Bulldog / AA gun as needed to protect me so I can focus solely on the map. Any volunteers? :)

                      I am also very happy to hear that our Air corps is coming along as you describe. One of the things that I have noticed is that we seem to have a lot more Reavers up in the air, a lot more of the time, than we used to. I do not think this is only due to running now a full squad of Reavers and Air most nights (more numbers), but it seems also that our pilots' individual skill levels, as well as our organizational skill (in employing tactics and teamwork) is also getting better, resulting in an air wing that is now getting to the point of being pretty darn effective! I am so happy to hear that you shot down their ace! That must have been demoralizing to the enemy air group, not to mention he was probably their leader as well. Did they seem to scatter or be easier to pick off one by one after you shot him down? As you say, I know we have some good pilots but on average maybe we are not all aces, but by working together, tactics and teamwork, we overcome greater skill and/or greater numbers. Truly the TG way! :)

                      What is most remarkable to me about the effectiveness, survivability, and working together of the Air and Armor squads is that I did not specifically tell anyone to do any of that. In fact, other than updating general locations for the Armor to move to a few times (I actually usually granted them wide leeway to position themselves in support of the infantry) the only instructions I really gave to the Armor and Air groups was early in the evening when I said my trademark "keep in mind that Air and Armor assets are expensive and fragile; employ them conservatively" speech. It is clear now to me reading these reports that was really taken to heart to great advantage, especially by the armor group. Again, I do not know how they stayed alive for so long at that first giant battle at ARX.... :)

                      And Al, you are right about MrJengles. haha Soon maybe he can stop back seat PLing also and maybe take a turn at the helm some evening (hint, hint ;)). Although from the sounds of it he is doing a great job running the Air squad, so I am not sure I want to pull him off of that. But he does notice and point out things to me some times which upsets me a little bit because of back seat PLing as you say (where does he find the time to look at his map while flying and SLing Air squad anyway?! lol). That is until I realize he is absolutely correct with what he is saying. More than a couple times he has pointed something out to me in TeamSpeak that I had not noticed, which caused me to issue orders and redeploy our forces to another location. Also sometimes it comes in the form of scouting reports from the air squad covering the larger area, and he very smartly infers where the enemy forces are probably moving to, so maybe it is best he stay running the air squad as he is very good at interpreting that info and getting it to me (the PL/CC) in a very useful way. But my point is, and I hope this comes across as the compliment it is intended (and not a public calling out on the forum for back seat SL/PLing, lol) is that he clearly has a mind for the macro level strategic picture on the map, as well as great familiarity with the topography and base layouts (i.e., which are the more important / strategic bases to hold in a region), and therefore I think would make a great PL, which I would encourage him to do some time.
                      "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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                        Re: 04/05/2013 Randy as CC @FNF "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends" (NCC)


                        I just watched your video, another good one, keep them coming! :) Fans of American football, allow me to "break down the film" as it were...

                        Is that your video camera deployed in front of you in the briefing? lol

                        Around 2:40, look at Bravo squad pouring into the objective all nicely grouped together. Awesome!

                        Around 3:20, TE does that massive Gal drop, a specialty of theirs. Due to the number of Gals and the amount of damage they can each take, there is almost nothing you can do about that. The only hope I think is to concentrate fire on one of the Gals and try to take it out. Just try to make sure it is a full one with 12/12 or as close to that as possible. If you get lucky and are in a good position, you could maybe take out a second if you are lucky and everyone concentrates their fire. The only counter to that I think is to plant a full platoon of AA deep behind enemy lines near their warpgate as BigOlNicholasDig does, and try to intercept them. In fact, next time I see that TE is on the continent we are on, I will try to reach him and/or get him to get into NCC TS (/wheelsturning...).

                        Around 9:27 I was giving a report of my scouting efforts in trying to find a good spot around the Tech Plant to deploy the Armor. I had snuck around in my Gal (sneaking in a Gal, is that even possible? lol) and was trying to scout, which I was able to do, but it took a lot of time during which the platoon was sort of waiting around for orders. At that time (actually, prior to that time) I wish I had RAGE or some other guy(s) I could call on to fulfill that role of scouting and recon. Or maybe use the air squad, but I am not sure they could get in there at that time due to the Mossies at the bridge as Al reported. Maybe if one or two of them could sneak around as I had done (low, using terrain for cover, for recon purposes only and not engaging (weapons yellow)) and give me a report of the terrain. Maybe I will try that next time.

                        Around 10:32, again awesome job 1st Bravo keeping all your guys together. I believe that was KnifeWise. Make him an NCO already! ;)

                        Around 11:50 say hello to our friends from The Ascended (TAS). :) Aspiring PLs take note: by 12:59 I assume which way they will go (straight to the next objective, Auraxis Firearms, approaching from the east and south) and deploy our Armor in a complementary fashion (to the north). This does not exactly demonstrate it, but I would like to point out that I very often deploy our units to an important objective in a place where I assume the friendly mass are NOT going (whether we are in communication with them or not) because I know TGers have the discipline to go and stay where they are told, even if it seems nothing is happening at that location some times. Sparhawkxx will tell you I did this the other night at a Tech Plant battle. We were assaulting, we took down the SCU shield, I knew the zerg would all go to the SCU itself so I sent Bravo to do that with the zerg while Alpha stayed and defended the freshly destroyed SCU shield. Nothing happened at first, but sure as shoot a counterattack eventually came and we were ready and repulsed them.

                        Shortly after 13:16 I encourage Alpha and Bravo to hang in there by letting them know the Calvary is on the way, as described by Garthra in his post on leadership. I agree with him it is important to set the tone when you are PL. In immersive virtual war, like in real war, the troops have morale, so try and keep it up as PL/SL, with words of encouragement when the going gets tough!

                        By 14:20 Delta is able to get into position north of the objective and shell them from what would have been their rear in relation to the main force (TAS). They are surrounded with nowhere to hide! As Spar calls this game, SpawnCamp. ...2! lol

                        At 15:42 we are forming up at the warpgate (along with other outfits) for the massive Gal drop. I am so glad you caught this moment on tape, as it was one of the best of the night. :) At around 16:05 Jengles and some others propose just getting moving with what we have because it is taking too long, but what you guys didn't realize was that I was in coalition comms already and all of the other outfits were waiting on us. Once I said go in NCC comms, all the outfits put the plan into motion. All of those blueberry Gals did not just happen to lift off at that time by coincidence. ;) Actually, looking at it now I don't think that is enough Gals and CML (and maybe also one of the other outfits) may have already lifted off a few moments prior. Anyway...

                        At 16:19, upon the order to move out, the following MUST be played for background music, while watching this video (I must admit, that I did so 2-3 times, haha):

                        Too bad that (blueberry?) Reaver pilot ran into Delta (or Bravo's?) Gal, but nice recovery whoever was piloting that! I am almost always in the lead Gal, and so never see these things when they happen behind me, but I have made a mental note to remind everyone to mind their spacing next time we do a major air maneuver like this.

                        17:40-19:14 holding/securing our SW satellite at the Bio Lab and preparing for one of the Max crashes we did. You must realize that another outfit was crashing from each of the other 3 satellite bases at the Bio Lab for a combined, simultaneous 4 outfit Max crash! Just awesome.

                        Some time passes in here that is not shown in the video while we are battling, but by 19:15 in the video we have taken all the points, destroyed the SCU, and are just spawn camping them as we finish the cap. VICTORY IS OURS! And we laugh last, and best... :)

                        20:05 screencap I think is not in chronological order because by the time we took the Bio Lab we had already taken the Tech Plant on the west side, as well as a lot of other territory. I don't believe they had taken it back but I could be wrong. At any rate, we started out nearly warpgated and ended up with the majority of the continent and no significant resistance anywhere. All the TR had moved much earlier, and by the time we took the Bio Lab the VS had also had enough and cleared out. There was no one left to fight, so most of the NCC moved continent. It is not often that you can play a part in the taking of an entire continent (for all practical purposes) and it was a thrill to do so.

                        Great work TGToddshooter, and later ghostshooter101, on keeping 1st Delta armor squad together and effective! And great job by Finestyle as Alpha and KnifeWise (then later ndeep) as Bravo SLs, and of course MrJengles running 1st Charlie air squad. Also Stellalupes as 2d PLT lead.
                        "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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                          Re: 04/05/2013 Randy as CC @FNF "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends" (NCC)

                          Originally posted by Randy_Shughart_ClwFL View Post
                          CML (and maybe also one of the other outfits) may have already lifted off a few moments prior.
                          Yup that's Legion 1's Galaxy at 16:16 and at 16:24 that's one of our gal's being flipped by a reaver Lol! it was a nice video, very fun to watch.


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                            Re: 04/05/2013 Randy as CC @FNF "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends" (NCC)

                            I had more footage of the gal drops for some reason my editing progrm cut that scene in half while rendering.


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                              Re: 04/05/2013 Randy as CC @FNF "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends" (NCC)

                              Apologies for the wait and for a lengthy AAR. This was a truly awesome night and events actually took place over around 8 hours of play, if I remember correctly.

                              I had a great group of pilots and, towards the end, a bunch of them commented on good fights, as well as high levels of teamwork and skill - one person even said it's some of the best fun they've had in PlanetSide ever. Great job leading the company, Randy, and working with the NCC. Really, well done to all SLs and SMs.

                              Air Squad's Point Of View:

                              Breaking Out Of The Warpgate:

                              At the start of FNF, Charlie was designated air squad, as usual, for which I took lead. [Interestingly, throughout the night, almost everyone wanted to fly Reavers which is something I'm seeing more and more.] I believe we began with a smaller squad of one Liberator and several Reavers, gradually filling up during our first engagement against the TR.

                              We lifted off and barely left the Warpgate to reach Arx Reserve, in fact, I held back a little to get a feel of the situation (enemy platoon/s everywhere). While anti-air seemed almost non-existent, we took early casualties to a few Mosquitos. It happens. Thus, for the fight at Arx Reserve I had a mix of guys on the ground (some providing anti-air, thanks!) and pilots.

                              Beyond that I think things started well and, despite heavy fighting, it looked like we were going to capture Arx. I didn't realise how difficult the fight was on our entire front line, however, until I moved a little to the East to check on our Armor on the open ground. This was when I first spotted the swarm; The Enclave were flying around in a tight mass of Mosquitos that varied back and forth during the night between one squad's worth, to maybe three or four squads, it's hard to count that many. We were completely outnumbered and I still didn't have everyone in the air at once. I immediately abandoned all attempts to knock out ground targets, pulled an air-to-air Reaver (as I said at the time, one of my rare exceptions to my dislike for A2A missiles) and focused on picking targets out of the swarm.

                              My orders were that everyone else in the air try likewise - pick easy targets out of the pack and run. This was of limited success, as with that many we were bound to be spotted by someone, although making full use of the warpgate's shield helped. They also had a couple of top pilots in the mix at times. Then, as suddenly as the swarm had appeared, it was gone.

                              A little later I flew back over Arx Reserve, ventured South for scouting, saw nothing, and began to head back. Suddenly I hear someone, Al I think, yelling "Galaxies incoming South". What? I threw myself to the side and whirled around just as about 6 TR Galaxies flew past me. How did I not spot those? We engaged, but it was too late to stop them. Our ground forces had to fend off however many infantry dropped.

                              This offensive heralded the return of the swarm, only this time over our position. My squad continued to try to thin out their numbers, or drag them closer to our Warpgate. I also noticed our armor putting up a lot of supporting fire, thanks for that! It wasn't too long before the remaining Mosquitos, yet again, just disappeared.

                              Arx Reserve was finally ours. Randy ordered the Platoon to regroup at the Warpgate and get ready for a Galaxy drop on Mekala Tech Plant. In the meantime, I kept the air squad further South, helping the NC at Blackshard Tungsten Mine (I think we had our Lib up again for a bit).

                              After a little confusion, our platoon moved on to Crux Headquarters instead. I had some of Charlie fly past, but it seemed the ground forces pretty much had it under control already, and there were no enemy air forces. This seemed odd, maybe the swarm were busy elsewhere? [I later glimpsed many fighters at Onatha Biolab, so they may have been on the Eastern side of the map]. The rest of my squad were holding North of Mekala Tech Plant, both as early defense, and to prepare for our assault.

                              Mekala Tech Plant:

                              There was some discussion on where was best for Delta, our Armor squad, to situate and it was decided to use the high ground to the West. Charlie was at my discretion. By now, I had a full squad of Reavers and was essentially focused on hunting the swarm if they got too close to our territory of operation. I wondered about battling them over our armor, but in the past I've only done that with small numbers of enemy aircraft. I didn't think our armor squad would take kindly to us dragging over them potentially enough mosquitos to wipe us both out.

                              For that reason I marked the large bridge North East of Mekala, on it's Eastern end, and ordered us to rally up there instead. At the same time, I scouted ahead alone*. Again, no anti-air bothered me at Mekala, and NC ground forces seemed to be making progress. Then I spotted the swarm arrive at the South tower, and someone must've marked a ground target because every single one of them spun to some poor guy and obliterated them with ridiculous amounts of rockets. With all of their heads down, how could I resist? I thought I'd put a good magazine into a hovering Mossy and fly out. I think I got him, so I turned fast and afterburned towards the North and the rest of my squad.

                              Over comms I heard squadmates yelling "Go Jengles go!", "Jengles you've got 4, no 5, no 6 on you". I had made the swarm angry. Despite dodging attempts, I died just as I made it back to my squad, who then dealt with the targets, although some retreated. I pulled another Reaver and rejoined my squad; this time, I'd move us together.

                              The swarm kept appearing in varying places, hitting ground targets, quickly thinning out to a main core of better pilots, then withdrawing. If possible, I wanted to hit them while they were distracted to provide us with the best chance of survival and make sure they wipe. While planning my next move, someone called out a Mosquito which promptly turned tail and fled, with a bunch of us following him South, along the edge of Mekala, to Splitpeak Pass. I called for us to fallback, about the same time as multiple Mossies started rendering. Well, I had found the airbase some of them were using, at least.

                              *[Previously I've not been bothered whether I'm alone or with 1 or 2 wingmates when I scout, sometimes they follow naturally without a word, from now on I'll specifically ask].

                              The Dogfight:

                              We rallied up at the waypoint again, but immediately I started hearing more calls "incoming south", "there's one on you X". It seemed some Mosquitos had chased us back, luckily it wasn't the entire swarm, it was at most a squad. What followed was a large, completely secluded dogfight away from any interferance. It was an instant "furball" - a tight turning / hover dogfight with multiple fighters.

                              I flew a little higher, searching for a good target in the mess of planes, and spotted a Mossy chasing someone's Reaver. I called out his number, resulting in a sudden turn, and engaged the target until he broke off, now on fire. Unfortunately, I lost him as things were hectic and I was getting shot. I was about to spin around but heard "2 on you Jengles", and at the same time a good burst hit me (which tends to mean this person aims well). I knew I was in trouble, so I dove for the nearest cover - the bridge. I flew over it low, spun around, and dropped underneith. Not wanting to reappear on the side of heavy dogfighting, I hit the breaks and flattened myself against it, hoping whoever made the call would get the guy/s chasing me.

                              No-one followed under the bridge, nor did I hear anyone chasing, but I did see a Q-spotted Mossy, already hurting, flying South from where I'd gone for cover - it was a name I recognised. Immediately, I assumed it was him from the accurate fire and current location. I called "Kill Aced, high priority target" as I tried to follow and get some shots in. 3 or 4 Reavers pounced, finishing him off in seconds.

                              Everything went quiet. I looked around, no targets. I checked the squad names, and my mouth dropped. "My god, did none of us die!?" Silence... then "Nope".

                              That was one of the best dogfights I've been in. I expect we probably did outnumber them, maybe it was 12 v 8, or 12 v 6, I couldn't say. In any case, I've been in lots of intense small-sized dogfights, but large ones like that with everyone organised together are very rare. Certainly without one side or the other being over anti-air. It was over incredibly fast and I barely did anything, which shows how good my pilots were - well done to all the guys that were in that!

                              Indeed, a moment later I was messaged by another top pilot, that must've either heard about the battle or been in it and I didn't see, Naterian. They wanted another brawl. Normally, I'd leap at the chance for that sort of practice but, it being a highly organised Friday Night Fight, it would seem rather odd to abandon tactics and organise our own fight, particularly away from anyone else. I asked Randy, but we were told to stick with the platoon, fair enough. [Although I wasn't as clear as I should have been, and maybe company comms would have been better than platoon - less ears.]

                              Pushing Towards The TR Warpgate:

                              I don't remember much else happening at Mekala for us and before long we were pushing South, quickly grabbing Auraxicom Substation, then moving SW to Auraxis Firearms Corp. At least, from the Air's perspective it seemed TR had begun to quit, with fewer Mosquitos around. Thus, I took a forward position and situated a number of us South, above the high rocks between Firearms Corps. and Highroads Station (it's amazing how few pilots look up). I think I issued this as an order, but I barely needed to as a couple squadmates had already taken the initiative, and others simply copied my lead. This gave the rest of my squad operating around the objective forwarning of incomming Mossies, while we could call on their assistance if multiple aircraft appeared at once.

                              Charlie squad worked seamlessly, calling out targets, locations, heights and gunning them down quickly. We weren't letting Mossies go North at all, whether they were heading to Firearms Corps. or not. Whenever a spooked Mossy immediately turned back to their Warpgate, people would only chase a little beyond the rocks before turning back.

                              By now, the rest of the NC had the breathing space for their own fighters and I saw quite a lot flying around. I think the TR tried one or two final attacks with many Mosquitos, but they must've been the leftovers as their numbers were still reduced (I vaguely remember a fairly large push followed by a handfull). When the Mossies attacked, it was a shambles - some turned tail and went back to the Warpgate, the rest split in different directions and generally got picked off by us and the rest of the NC.

                              We took Auraxis Firearms Corps. and maybe started on the Tech Plant but, having made most of TE and TR quit, it was decided we'd move front and go fight the Vanu instead.

                              Connecting Territory To Ikanam Bio Lab:

                              It's interesting to hear that this was done for the Air's benefit, as it later made a huge difference in allowing us to provide relatively safe overwatch from a distance.

                              The platoon/company started with The NC Arsenal and, again, I asked my squad to provide a buffer from a forward location, this time high above the open ground between the NC Aresnal and North Grove Post. We dealt with a couple Vanu Libs that barely managed to get above our forces before exploding, as well as taking out the odd Scythe. The VS didn't have anywhere near the air force that the TR had much earlier. All 3 bases, The NC Arsenal, North Grove Post, and AuraxiCom Network Hub fell with relative ease from our point of view.

                              Assault On Ikanam Bio Lab Attempt 1:

                              Using aircraft around a Bio Lab usually just means keeping the skies clear, and can sometimes get rather boring. However, given the tenacity with which the VS held on, the battle for the Bio Lab was as much over the satellite outposts as it was the interior (the way it should be?). For the start, in an effort to reduce our fronts, I kept my squad high to the NE and focused on the Northern portion of the Bio Lab only. We weren't to bomb or chase anything to the Southern end yet, as our ground forces fought for a foothold.

                              A few scattered anti-air units, including well hidden MAXes and not so well hidden Skyguards, made me loath to approach the ground or hang around at low altitude. This is, I believe, where communication between the ground and Air forces about specific targets and their location would be highly beneficial, so we could make fast, accurate bombing runs. Instead, I made it clear that our priority was to watch the skies to make sure the enemy did not recieve Air support. Beyond that, Reavers were to pick on ground targets of opportunity. We also had a Galaxy up, flown by Mordona with SpammyV as gunner, who I kept near to the Reavers, but generally let bomb whatever they decided to as they had a better view.

                              After a while, I heard that our ground forces were attacking the SE satellite, so I relocated the Air squad to the SE and repeated the process for the Southern portion of the Bio Lab. We would wait for the occasional enemy aircraft to fly in, then quickly engage and fall back so that we did not remain over the enemy for long. As I expected, our forces finally moved on to the SW satellite and we moved up briefly to assist.

                              I also may have the order a bit muddled here, as I'm trying to remember exactly when we fell back to the Warpgate for the Galaxy drop. Did you guys perhaps try to get in the base, then start losing the satellites?

                              Assault On Ikanam Bio Lab Attempt 2:

                              Whatever the case, we all reformed at the Warpgate to prepare for a multi-outfit Galaxy drop. Charlie squad was very quick to fallback, and organised neatly out of everyone's way (we even had time to mess around trying to right a blueberry's flipped Galaxy). When everyone lifted off, I had my squad follow our Galaxies from high-up, and we retook our position above the SW satellite. When that looked secure, we skirted around the East side and fell back to our old location to the NE.

                              Previously, I had taken particular note of a fork in the road North of the Bio Lab, leading around the hills back to the VS Warpgate. It seemed to me that, for their ground forces, the North side was more accessible/reinforeable than the South and I wanted to be in a good position to slow them down. For quite some time we repeatedly engaged the odd armor that arrived via that road. Generally arriving in 1s or 2s, we could destroy Magriders and even Skyguards with a simple squad waypoint and co-ordinated fire*. The biggest problem for us was anti-air MAXes protecting Sunderers that parked next to the NW satellite, about as fast as we took them down.

                              More time passed, and our platoon/company was pushed back to the SW satellite, clinging on as best they could. I let my squad know, and directed any anti-ground efforts to approach from the NW (when lack of enemy AA and Air permitted, they weren't always up). I know I easily finished off at least 2 damaged Lightnings trying to reverse out of the fight, and I do feel we could've done more if we knew exactly what and where to hit. We kept juggling between this and the targets on the road during that lengthy battle.

                              At some point, a squad sized Vanu armor convoy drove down the NW road. I alerted Randy, who said an NCC outfit was supposed to be retaking the North, and if they weren't there yet should be on their way. Thinking back, I can't remember what happened to them. I think we took out some armor but I'm not sure about the rest.

                              *I remember one such Skyguard in particular, the moment after I marked it someone swooped in immediately drawing fire, got some rockets off, and afterburned away. Meanwhile, 3 of us hovered in complete safety and tore him apart with nothing but nose-gun fire (I stuck with an A2A Reaver most of the night, watching people's backs, calling targets and using the nose-gun in this manor). This was incredible teamwork, as if we had practiced it many times.

                              Assault On Ikanam Bio Lab Attempt 3 And Lithcorp Secure Mine:

                              Eventually, the cavalry returned, all satellites were resecured and resistance outside the dome vanished. At last, I moved my Air squad over the Bio Lab, some of us watching the Western hills, and generally intercepting any planes coming our way. Things went back to lots of calling air targets and protecting eachother. A while later and Ikanam was finally ours!

                              After that, things began to wind down, and I believe we moved over to Lithcorp, to the NW. It was at this point my pilots started commenting on how fun it'd all been. Estalio, I think it was, said he was amazed that he hadn't died once, and loved that we were watching his back (I think he joined around the time we started fighting the VS).

                              The proof of how annoying we were: right before we left, we took out at least one Skyguard that ventured too far from the VS Warpgate, only to be replaced by two more that sat just outside, trying to hide under trees, with multiple manned AA turrets immediately behind them.

                              Once again, well done to all involved, a great TG experience of PS2.

                              Extra Bits:

                              Probably when we first attacked Ikanam, I spotted Delta squad driving some armor along the Northern road, moving South towards the Bio Lab. Further along the road to the North West (near Lithcorp) and, moving their way, were ~2 Magriders. One squad waypoint and a minute or so later and they were gone. No flanking for you VS.

                              At some point a Skyguard was trying to hide under some trees near North Grove Post. I let my squad know, then noticed friendly armor moving down from The NC Arsenal, so I flew down and used proxy VOIP to ask them to kill the Skyguard on their right. I had to leave fast, but I saw some of them turning. As far as I know the armor took him out as he wasn't there later.

                              Mordona hovering her Galaxy sideways before the Bio Lab caps (with 2 scythes not paying any attention at the bottom, being chased by someone in Charlie, top right):

                              Whew, thanks for reading! I have read the comments guys, but I'll reply another time.

                              |TG-Irr| MrJengles - You know you want to say it out loud.




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