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[AAR] 5/6/2013 Assault9 as PL and Randy as PL

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  • [AAR] 5/6/2013 Assault9 as PL and Randy as PL

    Last night we gave the Wolfpack setup for the Harasser another shot on Esamir. The pack began as a single squad and eventually increased to three squads that were around 50% - 75% full. Early on we had some trouble rallying people together and finding good combinations of drivers and gunners who could communicate and work well together. We had some small successes against a few lone vehicles but nothing really important that might affect what was already going on in the territories we were operating in. Our main problem was an active alert on Esamir which resulted in us running into multiple squads or single platoons of TR or VS that easily destroyed a good percentage of our Harassers each time we went out hunting for soft targets.

    After about an hour or so Randy took over command of the platoon and we moved from Esamir to Indar where things were much quieter. After pulling our Harassers at the Warp Gate, selecting drivers, gunners and an AA Max for the rear seat, we moved out and headed down south to see what we could find. In the early goings we didn't see much enemy activity at all. Once we selected Broken Arch as our main operating base, things really kicked into high gear.

    The pack ascended the single lane road leading up the hill from Broken Arch and fanned out behind a TR force that was attacking another base in the area. I can't recall the exact numbers but we did encircle and destroy at least a dozen or more enemy vehicles. Several Sunderers, Mag Riders, Lightnings, Harassers, Flashes and a few Mosquitos and Scythes were all taken out over the next two to three hours that we roamed around the areas west of Broken Arch. After each engagement we would fall back and repair if necessary before heading out again. When things became really hot a retreat order was given and the pack or what was left of it at the time would flee in a particular direction and then rally up. Eventually we returned to Broken Arch to rearm our weapons and would then head out once again. After a few more fights we added an ammo or repair Sunderer to accompany us with a single or dual AA loadout to keep the enemy aircraft at bay.

    All in all it was a very effective operation with a few hiccups along the way which were to be expected when trying out new tactics. Some of the lessons learned where:

    1. Drivers and Gunners - effective coordination between a driver and a gunner is an absolute must. The two must be able to communicate with one another. If not, then the effectiveness of the Harasser is significantly reduced. Drivers need to keep their vehicle moving at all times and stay with a target in order to give the Gunner a good shot. Gunners must be scanning and spotting targets to keep the Driver and the rest of the pack informed of all threats in the immediate area. This may sound rather harsh, but if a driver and gunner can't communicate or coordinate, they should separate and find another person they can work with. We may want to ensure that everybody in a Harasser squad can use their VOIP before moving out. Those that don't have it can always pull an AA Max to ride in the rear seat.

    2. Spacing - a few times we ran into one another while on a hot pursuit or moving out from Broken Arch which caused a few people to spin out or slam into rocks causing them to stop. A stopped Harasser in a fight is a dead one so we'll need to give each other some room when trying to maneuver around. Keep one eye on the third person view and the other on your map to check your spacing.

    3. Repairs - when rallying up we would often repair our own vehicles and then move to repair others in the pack that had been damaged. This should be an SOP at any rally point and would help to ensure the pack is ready to move once again as soon as possible.

    4. Ambushes - we didn't see any of this last night but I wouldn't put it past the TR and VS to start leaving lone Sunderers out to bait us into an ambush. We'll have to keep an eye out when searching for targets that we aren't walking into a trap of some sort. Also, we need to be mindful of the terrain as well. That single lane dirt road leading out from Broken Arch is a great way to get up the cliff, but if the TR or VS decided to lay a bunch of mines or an ambush along the road, we'd probably end up losing most of our Harassers right then and there due to the chokepoint. The more open land we have the more flexibility in directions we have to work with.

    5. Territory - I've been thinking that once we've had a few successful raids we might want to start thinking about moving our AO to somewhere else far away in order to keep those enemy forces in the area from finding our operating base and launching an attack. If we keep moving from one territory to the next every so often we should be able to keep them guessing as to where we will be coming from each time we're out on the hunt.

    Other than that everyone had a great time participating that night and we picked up some potential new recruits to the outfit who enjoyed what we were doing. Thanks go to Randy for taking over the platoon and getting us squared away early, thanks to Ray Lewis for gunning for me, thanks to Mordonna and Disco Jedi for running the ammo and repair Sunderers, and to everyone else who was part of the pack. We did some major damage along the way and even managed to piss a few TR and VS off who complained about our effectiveness!

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    Re: [AAR] 5/6/2013 Assault9 as PL and Randy as PL


    Good AAR. Thanks for taking the time to write it up. I was also replying to the Harasser tactics thread because I wanted to share what we learned last night, I thought it was very successful once we got rolling as you say. I think we must have been writing at the same time, so I will cross quote my post from that thread here because it is related:

    Originally posted by Randy_Shughart_ClwFL View Post
    After finally getting a chance last night to play around with Harassers, I agree with pretty much everything Rage and Assault have said above. What I suppose I would like to add is that it is important to employ the Harasser in the correct circumstances where it will have the greatest chance of success. I prefer to do what I call wolf packs. Get a squad or two worth of Harssers, a good number of them need to have Halberd upgrades, but a couple with the stock gun are not bad because more vehicles add to the confusion and can fire at infantry and air targets. What we did last night to very good effect was to roam the spaces between bases and look for targets of opportunity. We were not looking to get involved in base fights or trying to cap flags whatsoever. Also stay away from large fights and heavy concentrations of enemies. Finally, operate in terrain that favors the Harassers strong suit, speed (in other words, the open flat portions of the map). It also helps I think to be behind enemy lines where you are not expected. We operated in the open plains of the southwest portion of Indar, behind enemy lines. We engaged targets of opportunity (1-2 tanks, sunderers) by swarming around them just like a pack of wolves. I made sure to explain to everyone beforehand to maneuver for the shot to the rear of tanks, as they can be killed in half the usual number of shots. Also, the usual cautions whenever using assets of being conservative with your assets in order to stay alive. We did very well at this, we would find a target, all swoop in together, and after taking some damage (and usually killing the target) all withdraw together quickly to a safe location, make some repairs, some times rearm, and then go back and re-engage (or look for another target). It worked beautifully as we swarmed and quickly killed many tanks and sunderers. And we stayed alive for long periods of time, until we ran out of ammo. That's why I second the above recommendations regarding upgrading ammo capacity.

    So then what we started doing also was to roll a dual AA ammo sundy with us. I have to give credit to DiscoJedi for this idea as I was initially against it until he used his jedi mind tricks on me. But he was correct. The sundy would hang back a bit from the main battle and stay alive, but then we had a close rearming point and also some more help with AA. Plus a spawn point to change kits. Speaking of AA, I think dual burster Maxes in seat 3 is a good AA counter. You only need a couple/few of them to have a really good AA deterrent. Let the Halberds kill the vehicles, AA maxes for air cover. I also recommend Medics as drivers so they can res the Maxes and do occasional heals to the squishies. Engineers should be #2 gunner and switch to #3 to make repairs. As Assault says, Max in #3 should jump out so Engineer can make repairs. But problem is sometimes the Max gets left behind. So even better I recommend everyone stay in and Harasser just duck behind some nearby cover, Engi jumps out and makes repairs, then you don't leave your Max behind to die all by himself when the Harassers all speed off for repairs.

    Another good thing to have along when operating behind enemy lines is one Infiltrator in the group, to hack vehicle terminals to replace Harassers and maybe the Sundy.

    With 2 squads of Harassers working together in this way, we were annihilating enemy vehicles very quickly, I was amazed how quickly in fact. The highlights of last night were when one enemy said, in /yell, "yeah the Harasser is officially B.S." and also when we destroyed several TE Sundies attacking a VS base. The NC was not even in the fight anywhere and had no adjacency. They must have wondered what the hell we were doing there. lol It was almost like we were just griefing them. lol

    But yes, employed in this way I think we have proven a very effective tactic. Also very fun. I think a great role would be to position the Harasser wolf pack between the closest point enemies can pull armor and their front line, and just pick off their tanks in ones and twos as they attempt to reinforce the front line fight. I don't see anyone doing that and it is an extremely effective tactic, and would be an armor sink for the enemy, not to mention possibly making them rage quit also. lol
    "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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      Re: [AAR] 5/6/2013 Assault9 as PL and Randy as PL

      So when we doing that again lol this is CrankGun btw


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        Re: [AAR] 5/6/2013 Assault9 as PL and Randy as PL

        Yeah CrankGun, I am up for it any time, it was a lot of fun!
        "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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          Re: [AAR] 5/6/2013 Assault9 as PL and Randy as PL

          I had a lot of fun with this tactic, and it was definitely effective in terms of enemy materiel destroyed to friendly materiel lost. I do worry that it's ineffective in a strategic sense, however.

          The wolf pack is largely restricted to the periphery of fights or the back lines where it won't sustain heavy losses, and that means that there's a severe shortage of targets. The ideal target is one or two vehicles operating alone, but the enemy has little reason to patrol their own back lines, so we're basically only able to attack people who are reinforcing the front line with armour from a nearby base or the warpgate. This is not, unfortunately, that common. We might only see 4-5 targets in the course of an hour. This is, quite frankly, a complete waste of a couple squads of organized, cooperative players in any sort of strategic sense... players with the kind of communication and organization needed to run a wolf pack would be much better on the front lines.

          I could still see it working on a smaller scale, though. Maybe an 8 man squad... 3 harassers with Halberds, a skyguard lightning, and an ammo sundy would be enough to cause some havoc. Anything bigger than that would definitely be a waste of manpower, though... I'm not even sure you can justify 8 people, unless you're packing enough AA to shut down the enemy air's resupply points.

          Actually, that might be an interesting way to do it. Set up at an enemy air squadron's fallback point (likely a tower behind the front line) with some heavy duty AA, and then keep a trio of harassers on hand to ambush any ground units they send after you (or, given that most landing pads also have tank terminals nearby, any vehicles spawned). The AA serves as bait and causes some serious inconvenience for enemy air (speaking as a pilot, it would drive me bonkers), and the squad is causing some serious logistical hurdles if the enemy is using a lot of air units in the vicinity, which better justifies the effort and time spent.




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