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Performance Review Request for Garthra/AAR

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  • Performance Review Request for Garthra/AAR

    Alpha Squad, 5/8-9/2013.

    REQUEST: I squad lead tonight under PL RandySchughart for about 1.5 hours. We did air drop operations, I was Alpha lead. I would welcome feedback on my leadership style and comments on my performance from anyone in my squad (or in platoon). I am requesting this feedback because I have done little squad leading in PS2, and there is still much to learn.

    Thank you.


    We did a series of air mobile operations on esamir, each squad acting independently for lightly defended bases, but grouping up for heavier targets. Because of this I have little sense of the battle outside of Alpha. Each squad was autonomous, and had its own gal. MondonaVII was Alpha’s pilot. MacKahan was his dedicated gunner providing air support fire. I recall one moment I heard the air support grenades coming in “shoosh—BOOM” only to see an infiltrator standing in the door behind me –10 feet behind me—dead by gal gunner. I never saw him, and would have been killed for sure without great accuracy from on high. The flying, and the supporting fire, was excellent.

    The other 4-6 of us (depending on exactly when you counted) dropped. Several times the drop was cold, but twice the drop was hot, into the arms of waiting armor. We jumped into armor and took casualties, but we got a sundy, or a beacon and held on generally. (Lesson learned, when you drop into armor, get inside.) One base we were called to support Bravo, but because of reorganizing, dropped far in advance of them. We got slaughtered initially, but eventually, (with a lot of help from Bravo when they arrived,) won the day. That was my fault, should have requested an ETA from Bravo instead of assuming they would be along presently. Would have resulted in a more coordinated drop.

    The group was on task and tightly grouped for most of the night, a surprising and heart warming sight. We had a few people spawn vehicles not called for, but all and all well disciplined clockwork. We had a MAX named I believe “Big4” (?) who was very good about staying on point and acting like a MAX should. Generally everyone fought well and showed good teamwork.

    Lessons Learned re airmobile ops:
    1.) Importance of speedy loading up and being on task. A troll fighter almost flipped us at warpgate while we waited for one guy to get onboard. I eventually ordered pilot to leave him, ask him to redeploy on us. Delay in air mobile operations puts the gal, and the rest of the squad, at risk. Later in he night we had hot drops and less than ice cold pickups. Delay may have killed the gal, and the squad. The lesson is clear- never delay, because the gal, and the squad, is more valuable than you.

    2.) Get inside ASAP on Landing. Several times we dropped into armor infested, or lib bombarded, areas and took casualties. However, I noted those who made it inside lived a bit longer. Remember the weakness of air and armor-- they cannot kill you if you hide in the corner in a building. The strength of infantry is our ability to use cover (natural and man made).

    3.) Good pilot is critical. Mordona's drops were always right on the point, enabling us to get inside quickly. This in turn minimized our exposure to enemy fire.

    4.) Importance of unified drop and unified force. A group that drops spread out dies in a hot drop, simple as that. A tight drop results in a cohsive force on landing, which is less likely to die. A cohesive force on landing maximizes the effects of a good pilot, and enables us to push inside quickly. We had to do a fast )gal not slowing down) drop tonight- and ended up in a long line. This was not optimal. How to improve this? Well, I am not an expert, but the basics are: Identify who will call the drop in advance, and have a set series of calls everyone knows. For instance, we had the pilot always call the drop. What we didn't have were a set call. Ideally it should be something like: "Prepare to drop...Standby...DROP-DROP-DROP." This enables the troopers to be ready with their fingers hovering on the Eject key whenthe first DROP is called. If the call is simply "DROP DROP DROP" some players may not be ready (though they should be) so at least one level of warning is good, if two levels are impractical. (At least "Stand by... DROP DROP DROP.")

    5.) Sticking together. At the begining of the night I told the group "Stay within arms distance of me." Several of the guys did exactly that, and it made me smile. We were defending A, and I went outside to drop the spawn beacon, several followed right on me, never questioning or hesitating. It was awesome. My first thought was to tell them "No, no, stay on the point." But then I thought about it and realized I was equally likely to die from being alone running outside right now as any other time in the game. Just becuase I was doing something only I could do (drop squad beacon) did not make me immune from running into enemies. This should be no exception. My general thought on the matter, after some reflection, is simple: There is no exception to the rule of stick together. Maybe you need a light assault to go and kill a beacon on high ground, or an infilitrator to hack a vehicle terminal. In rare circumstances, OK maybe, but the squad lead calls for that SPECIFICALLY (that means 1.) IDing the person to break off from the group, and 2.) the specific cause, and 3.) if possible saying "break off and [do X]" to make that intent clear.

    If you are not specifically told to break off, there is no excuse, nor good reason for seperation. Period. Think about it; if you die out there, a medic may die trying to save you. If you die with the group, the medic is on hand. If you go off on your own, the squad is one weaker, and it is possible the squad will get wiped out by an enemy force that, with your help, they could have overcome. No matter your class, you are an asset to the squad which should not by spent randomly, but instead used in a coordinated manner. There is a reason in real militaries one man is pretty much never sent anywhere alone; it is because one man alone weakens the squad and is not a big enough force to protect himself.

    Thanks for reading, and Good game to everyone in Alpha, and in platoon.
    Last edited by Garthra; 05-09-2013, 12:46 AM. Reason: added lessons learned
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: Performance Review Request for Garthra/AAR

    Like I said last night Garthra, everyone has their own style of squad leading and there is no one size fits all approach to it, unless you lead by squad waypoint only and never say a word :D Just keep doing what you feel comfortable with.


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      Re: Performance Review Request for Garthra/AAR

      Thanks for input Assault.

      Correction: The MAX was "GoBig."
      The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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        Re: Performance Review Request for Garthra/AAR

        Yeah, your style is much like my own i believe. I think you did a great job for the little force that we were.

        I do have to say as a pilot, having your men load up fast helps. Having them drop together helps. I'm going to stop waiting on people honestly, there is a button called squad deploy if you miss a ride. Having to deal with griefers and timers on caps.. like today gets costly.
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          Re: Performance Review Request for Garthra/AAR


          From my point of view, I think you did great as SL. I have thought for a while now that you would make a fine SL, glad to see you are becoming comfortable enough in this title to take up that role.

          And yes, as you correctly point out, in airborne infantry operations it is very important for everyone to stick together, drop together, get to the LZ and load up quickly, etc. It is always important to stick together as a squad, but it its critical when doing airborne operations, as you say sitting on the ground for extended periods of time puts the Gal in greater risk.
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            Re: Performance Review Request for Garthra/AAR

            Garthra, kudos to you my friend for stepping up. I for one have way too little patience to wait while people decide if they want to listen and follow or not. I am way too quick to kick them, to have the patience is a key ingredient in squad leading. Although it makes for a long.....long.....long time waiting for people to get their act together.

            I was with you that night leading another squad, a friendly gal ran into us just as we were getting to the landing pad to touch down. That ticked me off as we lost the whole squad due to a blunder. No intel lost us a few more gals in the next couple of moves. Once on a point, waves of enemy came at us from a couple of directions, again intel could have been beneficial.

            Until we get the 88th up to speed, it might be to everyone's benefit to send a squad to scout the objective base first so you know what your going up against. If any resistance is encountered along the way, then that becomes important intel as well. But intel is only important if you have the speed to respond, the battlefield changes so quickly response time is the foundation of any good offensive.

            And just think how much better you can be at "squading" and "platooning" if you knew in advance what you were going up against.

            Again, kudos Garthra you did a great job.


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              Re: Performance Review Request for Garthra/AAR

              AAR 5/26/2013 KnifeWise D1 Squad Leader.

              Though the night started with me as part of the air squad I would quickly move to delta squad lead as needed by company command. I led a fire support squad moving with armor for approaches and clearing of assets then moving in on foot as necessary to complete objectives or deal with the loss of armor. We did not restock our armor until the need arose. For part of the night we moved as airborne infantry in mad dashes for capturing points to take advantage of the double points weekend. During the initial part of the night we were in mid Alert with the Vanu handily taking us to task. We attempted to take several points and were driven off easily with an over 10% population advantage for VS. We eventually went after the less defended TR territory only to discover it was defended by the VS who apparently just wanted to hurt us as much as possible. During this time the squad was primarily infantry and we ran a squad of 2 of all classes save light assaults. We had 2 Max, 2 Medic, 2 Engy, 2 Infil, 2 Heavy, and the other 2 slots would come and go with recruitment. During most of the night I elected a sergeant from my squad usually TG to be my point man. Established who would be following in what roles and spoke of bounding from point to point. I would judge us to be moderately effective. I played a SLUG-MAX unit primarily and alternating to an Annihilator wielding HA or occasional engineer. We often discovered ourselves outnumbered I had some amazing medics who worked very hard to keep us up. We moved from tech plant to amp station attempting to keep up the resources and advantages of the NC few that they were. I did not move much into the high strategy save to pass on the concerns of my squad. We eventually moved to find easy prey and focused on getting certs as much as possible. We kept most of our attention on tactics and approaches. I will speak now on lessons learned.


              Once you have begun reloading a NC MAX you can pull up the aegis shield allowing you to reload while protected. The Aegis shield is immensely useful for getting close to enemies.
              Slugs are immensely useful and the effective range of the shotgun slug weapon seems to be around 100 m. Single shots are accurate but the damage falls off greatly.
              I cannot out-damage an enemy Max but I can draw fire with the shield while others hurt it.
              It is very difficult for friendlies to hide behind a single max shield or two considering the volume of fire that usually comes after such a shield.

              When defending a tower and pinned into the spawn going over the top and dropping onto the enemy is far preferable to rushing the doors. Staying inside and killing as available is pointless. Moving together is pointless as the overall pressure is the best advantage. Explosives are very useful. It is possible to retake such points only if some folks are on asset denial.

              Regardless of unit composition one squad should always be on the job of denying assets whether spawns, max units or air/armor assets as these can change a battle greatly. Current VS tactics include lots of Armor, MAX units and Air units. Addressing this increased our survivability.

              The problems of air and armor are much easier to deal with having a locking weapon as the enemy reacts and flees a lock on even if the damage is less. by keeping a larger concentration of these weapons effective AA and AT is possible with as few as 2 HA.

              Concerns: At times it seemed that we could have won a fight if we had but stayed long enough to adapt our forces. We often seemed to arrive at a fight and immediately leave or judge the strength too great. I often feel that airborne operations leave us with no fire support or spawns in an already difficult fight reducing us to trying to find easy pickings.

              All in all it became a lot of fun and I had a decent PUG squad for most of the night.

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