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5/14/2013 Review request for DocFinley/AAR

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  • [AAR] 5/14/2013 Review request for DocFinley/AAR

    Howdy howdy fellow TG comrades, I have been SL on more than one occasion, always leading my squad with the guidance of a PL without complaint and hopefully to each PL's expectations and more, but tonight when the PL left, I decided to take a stab at being PL as some of ya'll know for about 2 hours on Esamir. I would like a review from any and all please.

    AAR: When I first took over the platoon, we have ought but 2 full squads which I had start at the warpgate. From there I had both squads bring out 1 Gal each and since we were to fly over friendly territory, I took the risk of not utilizing any friendly aerial support. Our first destination was Apex Genetics, we flew out and met no resistance as expected and hit the few enemy soldiers there fast and hard quickly capping the base and from there moving down to Saerro Listening Post. I must say i was impressed the the 2 squads flexibility and willingness to listen to my commands at this time, but on our assault on Saerro Listening Post we hit just as hard after ditching the Gal's for the more preferred Sunderers' for the deployment capabilities. The assualt went smoothly and with allies already attacking we just speed it up dramatically so, then by the time we got reorganized and I sent Alpha to scout the bridge over Echo Valley Substation, I had report allies were on a train through the objective and quickly over took the enemy so I had the platoon move in 2 units, Alpha was to continue down the road from the bridge to Glacier Station at the same time Bravo took the ridge line to east of Glacier Station. As the 2 squads moved (Alpha, from the road, and Bravo, jumping from the eastern ridge line.) we quickly took the enemy down, with 2 flanks being attacked simultaneously. At this time the VS took apex Genetics back, which I felt wasn't going to be out primary concern, but at the same time our true problem hit.... The Enclave on a power train with 2-3 platoons.... we were basically thrown from Glacier Station and had to scramble to get defenses at Saerro Listening Post, but as The Enclave hit there too i knew it was over, so I called for a vote... Stay and keep them busy, or leave and let them continue... the vote was to stay and we held them for almost 10 minutes then had to get to the warpgate.

    The next assault was to the Elli Amp Station since our allies had taken the entire eastern stretch of the map, we got in with Galaxies and again abandoned them for sunderers'. we met slight resistance and soon capped that base. By then we had a Charlie squad, so I map Alpha my Armour squad and Bravo and Charlie my Infantry, we rolled out to Bridge-Ward and were quick to cap the post with little resistance then moved to attack Glacier Station from another angle with more soldiers then. Our initial assault was intense in terms of speed and efficiency, but we had some enemy on Bridge-Ward quicker than expected so I sent Charlie and half of Alpha to take control of the situation with the other half of Alpha and all of Bravo continued the assault on Glacier Station. About halfway through the attack on Glacier Station in had a report that and armored unit was attacking Bridge-Ward, about the same time I called to pull Charlie to assist with Glacier Station so I told them to stay and assist Alpha and pulled everyone left with me to Bridge-Ward once the base was capped to assist and defend. The enemy was well organized and attacked from 3 positions (the armor initially rolled in from the valley to the south-east as infantry hit from the north-west and a small group of harassers hit from the west.). It was at the point which we were over run from there that I called for a retreat to the warpgate for the last time before logging off.

    All in all, I can't say how well I did to be honest. but in regards to my team, the SL's were on cue, even one guy who wasnt even TG and never played before... I didnt know until he told me which impressed me. Yet another guy was a total meathead but we eventually straightened him out more or less, and even though some armor and airships were brought out without permission it still went well I think.

    I hope I didn't disappoint anyone and hope to do more TG as a whole.

    Soldier Medic, Warrior Spirit!



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