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Mordona's "Last Ditch" Operation (05/31)

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  • [AAR] Mordona's "Last Ditch" Operation (05/31)

    I took over a platoon yesterday afternoon after conversing with Sothile & Randy and recommended returned to Amrish for defense of out Aerospace bonus lockout. When we returned, we have about 4 base no including the warp gate. It wasn't to long after the return that Sothile had to run for dinner and I took over ops. (There was a Indar alert up at this time we returned to Amrish)

    The main objective was to slow down the advancement of [mostly] TR and VS until reinforcements arrived for the defense of our aerospace bonus. The population was roughly 55% TR, 23% VS, and 21% [starting] - 30% [ending] NC.

    My secondary objective was controlling Crux Headquarters to control the airspace since its a air tower with 2 defensive tower units. This failed rather quickly as both VS and TR worked together to gain space towards out warp gate. At first it was a dance of zones, flipping some back and forth but that quickly ended. I turned to more defensive siege tactics, trying to use Amerish ARX Reserve's geological features as a fortified encampment. This actually worked quite well and we repelled a number of TR attacks from both ground and air drops. It wasn't until the zone population stabilized at roughly 65% TR that they slowly gained ground on to our own mountains that they gained the advantage and pushed us out.

    Fallback point was taking to Crux Mining Operation. I have an entire squad focused solely to AA defense since NC couldn't muster anything. By this point I found out a majority of the forces we were fighting was [BWC]. Noting strong air formations and tactics organized far beyond anything I've ever witnessed to date in Ps2. After a slow and long defense, they slowly worked themselves into our base's perimeter. After which I gave orders to all squads to hold the 2 outer points at all costs, letting the tower to remain for all over friendly forces. By this point this was our last controlled outpost. Some friendlies were working on Jagged Lance Mine. I briefly considered moving our forces there but leaving would have caused Curx to be lost before an acceptable time to recap Jagged Lance Mine. My orders became clear to hold the line. This gave a window for some other forces to move into Jagged Lace Mine and start working on a timer. At this point, we were roughly on a 3 minute timer. 3 points capped and just regained Bravo point. Here, I switched all forces to get to Bravo point and hold that building until friendlies captured Jagged Lance Mine.

    Low and behold, about 10-20 seconds after losing Crux Mining Operations, we gained Jagged Lance Mine back and gave time for our forces to push out the last of VS in Hidden Ridge Mining. That gave TR a small window to engage their overwhelming resources. I was counting on that but the forces were still to lopsided and Jagged Lance Mine didn't fair to long at all. Our last stand held at Hidden Ridge Mining with only 1 extremely narrow point of entry. At this point I was nearly pleading for another NCC platoon to show up, but it seemed the Indar alert was to important. After a valiant struggle of my men under my command, we held for another 15-20 minutes against the most overwhelming odds and lost the final base to TR.

    Overall, I think my squads performed above and beyond of what I could have asked for. I look back at my strategy and find my only flaw was faith in the NC that someone would show up. There was nothing in my opinion that could have been done to prevent this loss. On the other hand, I'm open to any criticism on my performance for this operation.
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    Re: Mordona's "Last Ditch" Operation (05/31)

    Excellent AAR.

    At times I will hold the platoon in a defensive position against overwhelming numbers and take a "wait and see" attitude" vis a vis reinforcements.

    Sometimes help comes, sometimes we die.


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      Re: Mordona's "Last Ditch" Operation (05/31)

      Crux Mining is the site of one of my favourite defensive ops, ever. I'm sorry I missed out on this one!




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