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The liberation of esamir(alert) 22nd of june.

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  • [AAR] The liberation of esamir(alert) 22nd of june.

    I'm not writing a full AAR (yet) but I wanted to start a thread already.

    It was one of the most tense and exciting gaming moments I have ever experienced. In short. We had a full platoon going. We fought on Esamir from long before the alert (to capture Esamir) until the end. Halfway trough I was in total despair, and had to rest on the shoulders of my squadleaders to keep it going.

    In the last half an hour or so. We left from warpgate, all pushed back. We fought all the way across the map in one go. Then in the very last Minute of the alert... Two sectors flipped and our faction as a whole made an unbelieveable comeback possible.

    We won the alert in prime time, and liberated Esamir from VS dominion In a fair equal population fight. Tr had negligible population.

    Thanks to all. Amazing gameplay to be a part of!

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    Re: The liberation of esamir(alert) 22nd of june.

    What a nail biter at the end. Great rally by the NC. Though it was a bit of a let down when the sector we were capping was going to flip our way 10 seconds after the alert would end. Great fight at that flag in any case. We tied up a bunch of enemy resources contesting it.

    Thanks to all the folks that stepped up to lead. Much fun.

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