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    My leading history in PS2 is short, only lead one or two sauads up until Sunday night, where I tried Pl'ing 3 squads, to say the least it was an interesting, tiring, but very enjoyable experiance.
    I am here to ask for critiques and advice based on Sunday. Throw it all ou there, I love some critisim.
    I had some awesome SL's to work with that night as well, made the job alot easier, i believe it was DoT as bravo, me as alpha and John for charlie a little while on our retreat. We had pushed all the way to the TR warpgate and made it to arroye torre (butchered the name) and than defended for a while, was pushed out by tanks, we retreated to a base near scarred mesa skydock but the armor pushed infront the east instead of the road and chewed us up, and than we made a defense hold at scarred mesa skydock, turned the armor away, killed tons of air, and warded off at least 5 beacon drops.

    Thank you DoT, and john for the guidance through the whole night.

    Please give me some critiques now ;)
    |TG-Irr| di1lweed1212



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