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July 27th Amp Station Alert

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  • [AAR] July 27th Amp Station Alert

    I inherited the platoon lead right at the end of the earlier Bio Lab alert. Our initial foray into Andvari bio lab was ultimately unsuccessful, as 3 minute ghost cap was turned around by the TR through a heavy Gal drop. They pushed us back to Jaeger's fist as the alert ended, where I set up my squads in the hills to the north of Jaeger's crossing in an attempt to hold back their tanks and keep the flank clear. We were very successful in this, wrecking their armour and tearing apart several infantry pushes on our position, but we were eventually overrun from all sides when we attempted to move off our position and push the TR off an adjacent hill where they were threatening the crossing directly.

    (Lesson learned: abandoning the high ground is a poor idea against superior numbers. Even if the advance looks clear, the enemy can move through the areas you were previously denying and use the high ground you just abandoned against you)

    We then shifted into a frantic defense of Jaeger's Crossing. The TR had the high ground and were pushing in very hard on point C. It was all we could do to cling to that point. Fortunately, around this time Wyatt rejoined the platoon and started up an armour squad. The tanks were able to move up and clear our flanks for us, and eventually were were able to rush through the TR position, regain our high ground, and begin assaulting Jaeger's Fist. It was about this time that the alert started.

    The Vanu were hitting Elli amp station hard, so we elected to relieve Elli instead of continuing to push the TR back. Wyatt's armour column moved to poke at the enemy platoon at Old Shore Checkpoint while bravo and charlie squads loaded up at the warpgate in galaxies. My plan was to take Elli Tower out from underneath the Vanu. They'd left it undefended in their assault on the amp station proper, and hadn't yet breached to the point, so contesting the tower would stop them from taking the amp station at all. The armour column wouldn't be able to support us there because of the enemy platoon at Old Shore, but if we were quick and could hold out for the three minutes the tower needed to cap we could halt the Vanu advance entirely. Even if it didn't, I was also hoping for the Vanu to overcompensate for the attack and cause their other flanks to fall apart.

    We snuck around the amp station and landed on the tower, only to be almost immediately surrounded by enemy armour and infantry. We tried, but were ultimately completely overwhelmed. However, the secondary objective of causing an overreaction had succeeded. The Old Shore platoon had completely pulled back, and the Amp station assault fizzled as they pulled back to defend their foothold. The fight was now concentrated on the tower instead of Elli itself, and the blues defending there managed to get back on their feet and put ferocious pressure on the tower.

    Instead of heading back to the tower to unroot the Vanu, we elected to bypass them to Bridge-Ward. Our initial assault was repelled by Vanu pulling out of Elli Tower to confront us, and also resulted in the loss of the armour unit (which was out of resources and couldn't pull fresh tanks). Our second assault, however, avoided the front-door assault and instead set up our three sunderers to the hills north of Bridge-Ward. I assigned alpha squad, now infantry, to defend our sunderers while bravo and charlie attacked. I was really glad that I'd left a squad on defense, because the TR had a fair amount of armour coming in from the north and it saved our Sundies. The pressure eventually ratcheted up, and we had to pull all three squads to defend (though somewhere in there we also took control of the base). After entirely too many tanks and some aggressive pushing by alpha squad, we managed to secure our perimeter, with only one Sunderer left standing... but we had the high ground, the enemy was broken, and the Octagon stood in front of us as an obvious target.

    We pushed into the Octagon with a low enemy population, but it quickly became a full platoon. Even with friendly forces pushing in with us and providing a multitude of Sunderers, we were soon outnumbered and outgunned and had to pull back to our Sunderer in the mountains again. If this platoon we were holding off got past us and reinforced the tower the Amp Station could be threatened again. We had to hold the line long enough for the NC at the tower to relieve us.

    Our squads held that mountain against a superior force. Even once we lost our sunderer we managed to hang on by the skin of our teeth and stymie their efforts to roll armour past us. Just as we were losing control of the corridor, the NC finally won the tower and started rolling armour down the bridge. It was a pretty awesome sight. At this point, the NC held 4 amp stations and were winning the alert.

    (lesson learned: we can overcome the Vanu's population advantage by forcing them to fight on multiple fronts and by tying up their forces in situations where smaller forces can hold up larger ones. The TR had the Vanu engaged at Freyr, and we'd managed to split the Elli front in two between the tower and the Octogon/Bridge-Ward.)

    Now we wanted to press our advantage and keep the Vanu off balance. SG requested our support taking Nott Amp station, so we suited up at the warpgate and pulled Galaxies to drop on Nott Research Camp. That fell shortly after we arrived to tip the population balance our way, and we coordinated with them for targets at the Amp station itself.

    This is about the point where everything fell apart all at once. The TR finally lost Freyr Amp and were pushed off Esamir entirely, and at the same time several NC outfits were redeploying to reinforce troubled amp stations on other continents. The Vanu suddenly had a massive population advantage and they used it to crush our assault on Nott. The same force would then redeploy to crush Elli Tower and Amp station under a painful 2:1 advantage, losing us the Alert. And, I have to say, even though they did have that population advantage at Elli, they were also frighteningly organized in that final push. A gate-crasher sunderer took the point early in the fight completely by surprise, and simultaneous attacks on all generators broke us pretty quickly. They brought in Sunderers through the back door while the main armour division captured our attention up front, and then utterly locked down every avenue we might try to fight back from.

    Even losing the alert, though, it was some fantastic fighting and coordination for everyone involved. Not just for our platoon, though we fought admirably and more than once broke the back of larger, better equipped forces, but for the NC as a whole. The leader comms and coordination was effective, cooperative, and pleasant to work with. The Vanu's 40% world pop was what swung this alert, not their (admittedly excellent) coordination.

    A big shout-out to Wyatt, Mega (can't remember the full call sign, sorry!), and Zepkron for squad leading tonight! Hopefully I haven't forgotten too much of the events of tonight, it's all a bit of a big, hectic blur!

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    Re: July 27th Amp Station Alert

    Nicely done!


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      Re: July 27th Amp Station Alert

      Thanks for the write up.

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