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Shout out to Zepkron's Air Squad

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  • [AAR] Shout out to Zepkron's Air Squad

    Last night was a great example of what an air squad should be. Zepkron's air squad/anti-air squad on Amerish was very effective, efficient, fluid, and most of all, fun. The squad was open to a wide variety of players; to both the experienced flyers and those just getting into flying. A new player had recently joined the game and was a little lost when it came to flying and/or supporting an air craft. He was given the ropes into playing in a respectful way, which is always great to see as we were all once in his situation.

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    Re: Shout out to Zepkron's Air Squad

    Well done Zepkron. It's good to know other pilots are stepping up to lead (and people leading in general of course). We have a fair number of pilots now but most look to someone else to start the squad. I highly encourage others to try / continue, as it reduces burnout and increases Air squad availability. Also, I always enjoy seeing other styles and tactics.

    Good shout out.

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