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  • [VIDEO] Thursday Night Fights?

    So last night (09/26) was a pretty crazy impromptu "Thursday Night Fight". It started with a squad from the outfit JCST run by Mephizto which normally play on Ceres paying us a visit, looking for MLG players and some tactical fun. They are very nice guys that subscribe to the TG way.

    3-4 TG guys formed up with them on Indar for a while before it snow-balled and the rest of TG showed up. They must have heard Auraxis was serving up fresh Vanu for dinner. As players trickled in, we mounted a haphazard Amp Station Break, which failed mostly due to late timing and a lack of understanding amongst the players, another opportunity came up. I captured it on video, although the quality settings are awful, you can at least see the concept.

    My sundy's diffuser bugged out, and we had to get another one.

    Best crowd of TG guys I've seen in a while including all the old (but still handsome) faces.

    I can't recall everything that happened after that, but we almost won an alert on Amerish with the least continent population. We fell into 2nd place in the last few minutes. If anyone can recall and put together a synopsis of what transpired, please do.

    And then it was 2am and my brain exploded. I went to bed and had nightmares of giant TR lizard soldiers, with Randy shouting about refried beans.

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    Re: Thursday Night Fights?

    Watched the video, thanks for posting CT. That sucks you guys got caught outside due to GSD bug and chewed up by that Lib. Like a mouse caught in an open field by a hawk, nowhere to hide. Poor guys. lol

    I will limit my comments to the Fast Break portion. First, we still need to drill on this more. Yes, the second time we did it it worked but it was still a bit sloppy. If we faced stiffer resistance it might not have worked. The Infil for instance never got any sensor darts up that I was aware of, nor hacked the vehicle terminals. No C4 nor bouncing betties were placed, that I could see. Just small details really but that I could see making the difference in a tougher fight.

    Although someone was Johnny on the spot with those tank mines when that Maggie tried to roll in, I didn't catch who that was but kudos to you, you saved the day. :)

    The main problem however (even more important than drilling, I think) is that there are a lot of people in game who still have not read the tactic and understand the finer points. There is only so much you can explain on the fly in game. Therefore please encourage people to come to the forums and read the tactic (as I did in platoon when we did this last night). You can even encourage non TG outfit members to come to the forums (as these forums are open to the public), who knows maybe eventually they will decide we are more their speed and one day join us.

    Another, smaller point: I think we need maybe a few more guys in the Outfit to start certing sensor darts. :) Correct me if I am wrong, but at this time of the evening we had around 8-10 TG guys in our squad, and Alpha had a little less than that with Mezphisto and some randoms and pubbies, correct? But out of that whole group, no one had any upgraded sensor darts (or if they did, didn't say anything, nor switch to Infil, and I'm pretty sure I didn't see any deployed). I have mine certed to level 3 or 4 I think, I was pulling/driving one of the Sundies though, which calls for Medic kit. Also, I think I assumed that the one or two Infils that were in the group (in Alpha, I think) were going to be putting out darts. By the time I realized they weren't, we were already inside and obviously that's too late to change kits. But because there is only one Infil usually, that becomes a critical role, one we must be sure is filled by someone in TG (if we are doing this with a mixed group).
    "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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      Re: Thursday Night Fights?

      I think we need to have a scheduled practice of the fast break, so far its always been, if a an opportunity to use it comes up we'll try it.

      As far as sensor darts go, I think people don't realize how easy they are to upgrade or how useful they are. I just finished certing up my medic so I've been starting on my infil and engy. I don't remember the price of all the sensor dart levels, but i know the last 3 are 200, 500, and 1000. Getting up to the 200 level is very cheap and for that you'll get 3 sensor darts that last long enough so you don't have to keep your sensor dart gun out very often. On my main character I keep them at the 500 level which is 4 darts about 45 second lifespan on each. You'll get xp whenever an enemy dies in range of your darts, so thats even more reason to get them. I don't really recommend the 1000 level darts for anyone who isn't a dedicated infil. But trust me, if you upgrade your darts, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them before.


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        Re: Thursday Night Fights?

        It's gotten to the point where I don't like running infantry squads without a proper infiltrator. Forget the hacking and sniping, it's all about those sensor darts! Interior defense is so much easier when you know how many enemies there are, when they're coming, and what door they're coming through...




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