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NC come from behind in great Amerish alert win 11/15/13

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  • [AAR] NC come from behind in great Amerish alert win 11/15/13

    Last night was another one of those great NC alert wins, so I wanted to jot down a few notes so we could relive the moment and also discuss some lessons learned (well, isn't that the purpose of an AAR after all? lol).

    Pre Alert Armor Squad

    BigGaayAl started out running an armor squad on Esamir, I was in it almost from the beginning and that was a lot of fun in and of itself. Just moving around the map in a nice formation, 2 Vanguards in front, followed by my 5/6 Repair Sunderer, with a Skygyard after that, and then Al bringing up the rear with his ammo Sundy. We were conservative in employing our assets and engaged from distance, used terrain for cover, and therefore lived a long time and killed many enemies. Just as a proper armor (or air for that matter) squad should.

    After a while, Garthra joined and started a Bravo infantry squad, which functioned somewhat as mechanized infantry, being transported by the armor squad Sunderers. A little later we were about full in the 2 squads, and outfit members were asking for invites, so I peeled off into a second partial Charlie armor squad with about 6 guys in 2-3 tanks + my Repair Sundy.

    Amerish Alert Begins, NC Pop Advantage = Queue (and Other Things)

    It was sometime after Garthra formed Bravo that an alert went off on Amerish for territory. We had world pop advantage at like 40% or so IIRC (how this happened during prime time on a Friday is beyond me) so there were some issues with queue that would affect not only our platoon, but also the way the alert would unfold. Everyone without PS2 supporting memberships were ordered to redeploy to warpgate and get in the queue, and then redeploy back to their vehicles and we would continue fighting in our armor on Esamir, until such a time that everyone could move to Amerish. Which we did, but then this is one of the lessons we learned that I wanted to share. Apparently, when you come up in line and are able to warp, but don't do it pretty soon, you will lose your place in line. I am not sure how much time you have exactly, but many of us came up to being first in line and then waited for everyone else to catch up before trying to warp, only to get bugged out / fail and have to leave the queue and start all over again.

    This would also affect the way the alert would unfold, as we had world pop and I believe even continent pop on Amerish, but near as I could tell from talking to people in COMMAND channel in game and NCC TS several outfits were all stuck in the queue and couldn't get over to Amerish. And so even though we had the numbers there, they were just a bunch of unaffiliated / unorganized blueberries for the most part, and for the first hour of the alert (or more) they only held about 15% of the territory. But as we know already from previous experience, it puts you in a much better position to win the alert if you don't jump out into the lead in the first hour.

    Getting Into the Alert, Finally

    The queue would eventually die down and we were able to begin migrating over to Amerish. Al called for a 5-10 min break while everyone moved over. I was one of the first to make it over, and by that time I was raring to get into the fight, so I collected about 3/4 of a Gal full of whatever people from our various squads into my Gal who had made it over and were ready, as I was, to get started contributing somewhere, anywhere. A couple of the major outfits were getting ready / in progress with a big attack on Sungrey Amp Station, just west of our NE warpgate. So I decided to jump ahead and help seal off adjacency by attacking The NC Arsenal, which showed 1-12 enemies at that time, and so I figured would be an appropriately sized target for us.

    The attack was going pretty well, but of course before we could finish DA start showing up (as they are wont to do) and surge defending. Well, not surge as they only came with a squad or two at first, then maybe more later. But by now, most of the NC outfits were on continent and operating, so when I gave the SITREP in command, VCO dropped in one additional squad to help us out. Also there were some blueberries. The fight kept growing with more forces coming in on both sides as NC succeeded in taking the Amp Station to the east and poured into NC Arsenal, and VS responded defending with equal numbers. It was somewhere during this time that I noticed Al had come back from break and reformed Alpha as an armor squad again, and also I would lose my battle Gal. So I decided we would go back on the ground and re-form our armor squad.

    At this point the battle for NC Arsenal was going pretty badly for NC. We reformed Charlie with 3 Vanguards I think + my Repair Sundy, with the idea of pushing west and linking up with Alpha (Al's armor squad). But by the time we got over there, I think they were wiped out, along with almost all of the NC vehicles as our attack began to crumble. VS infantry had pushed us back out of the base and were all the way out to the road. So we carefully pushed up the hill, Vanguards in front 2/3 abreast, me right behind them with the Repair Sundy, using range and prudence to our advantage. I'm pretty sure we were almost the only armor around there at that point. But, by continuing to do basically what we had earlier with Al (being smart and careful with our armor) we were able to spearhead a successful push back up the hill and into NC Arsenal. Blueberry tanks and other Sundies, as well as infantry and air assets, coalesced around us as we slowly but steadily pushed up the hill. Somehow we didn't die, and got all the way up and even into the base and finally finished taking it.

    At around the same time, another outfit was taking the next large base to the west (North Grove Post, we must have had adjacency through Auraxicom Network Hub). Combined, NC Arsenal and North Grove Post would give us enough hexes to push us into first place in the alert.

    It must have been around T-20 mins or so (maybe a little more) left in the alert when cfschris from Voodoo Company [VCO] came up with the master stroke for an end game strategy that IMO was one of the things that clinched the alert for us. He suggested a large (1-1.5 platoon?) feint into Ikanam Bio Lab, knowing that the VS would be irresistibly drawn into their beloved Bio Lab like moths to a flame. And that is exactly what happened :) rendering them unable to really counter attack us anywhere else effectively. They tried, but our command comms were great, everyone did an excellent job repositioning just the right amount of forces around the map to respond to any threats the TR (or more likely, VS) would muster.

    To Bounce Around at the End of an Alert, or Stay Where We Are?

    This is where I would like to bring up another important point. Al and I have been going back and forth a bit lately on the utility of doing (sometimes several) quick redeploys near the end of an alert. This is a tactic that all the major outfits (on every faction) do, especially as alerts draw to a close. These tactics are something that I have adopted at times as well, from seeing how effective they can be first hand in my experience in being involved in NCC and command channel on a continental (or sometimes even worldwide) level. Al's contention recently has been, basically, that we don't necessarily need to put ourselves into that frenetic pace. Some times (and I think last night was a perfect example of this) you are better off just sitting where you are and acting as a blocking force. Or maybe hanging around a certain area, and ready to respond in a certain region. This applies even moreso when you have pulled armor assets, and when your platoon have been operating this way this all evening already and have started to gel together nicely and be effective. Also, the terrain and base layouts favored it. As Al correctly pointed out, the hill NC Arsenal sits on (and fact that it is a 3 flag base that takes a while to cap) and the road leading south out of there is a very defensible location, an excellent place to stop advancing and put up a defense. And so that is what we did. What I did differently however, was to explain our strategy to NC command, and advise the other leaders to figure this in to their mental math when calculating what reinforcements were available where, and how mobile they would be. I told NC command that we would hold that road from NC Arsenal down to Auraxicom Network Hub, and defend both bases, and that is what we would do for the rest of the alert.

    Final Moves in the Alert

    Sure as shinola, Al's predictions would come true as all of the NC forces predictably abandoned both of those bases to continue to push west (or maybe actually this was when they were pushing into the Bio Lab?), or attack south into TR territory (which is admittedly not all bad, considering that the best defense some times is a strong offense).

    VS tried to make a push on Auraxicom Network Hub, which was repulsed by Bravo infantry squad (which at this time I believe was being led by Drona).

    Charlie guarded the road just west of Bravo, but nothing too much really came our way. Alpha was further north, at the intersection by NC Arsenal or maybe a little west. I think Al may have noticed about the same time the call for reinforcements came through command channel for help at North Grove Post.

    Charlie and Bravo would double time north to NC Arsenal and then west to North Grove Post just in time to run into a big VS armor push coming out of their warpgate toward North Grove Post, with only maybe 10-15 minutes (or less?) left in the alert. It was at this point I was really glad we still had our armor, and were located where we were. I think Alpha were first to engage, and were wiped out and then fell back as infantry into North Grove Post. Charlie engaged and killed some tanks but there were more than we expected and we were also wiped out so we fell back and formed up as a missile squad on the north side of NC Arsenal, raining death down on the VS tanks coming east on the road and in the valley below. We had successfully repulsed the VS' last major push and contributed in a big way (as every participating outfit/platoon did) in winning the alert.

    Post Alert Celebrating and Further Thoughts

    As usual, there was much rejoicing, in platoon, /Leader and /Orders text, and COMMAND VOIP and NCC TS. And for anyone who still thinks winning alerts are not important or good for morale, I would just like to direct your attention to the size of the Gal crash that erupted on the VS warpgate, which was then followed by a disco dance party at our own warpgate the length of which I have not seen in recent memory, which was then in turn followed by a Harasser race to the TR warpgate. lol It was pure craziness and elation. Several people said they took video of the various celebrations afterwards, I hope that is true, if you did please post them up.

    One final point I think I am beginning to realize now. I think it may be more difficult for NC to coordinate successfully due to the nature of our faction having a larger number of (mostly) smaller-medium sized outfits, and because of all of the differences in opinion that that brings to command channels. But when we are able to work together and all pull together for the big win, it sure is worth it. :)
    "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw

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    Re: NC come from behind in great Amerish alert win 11/15/13

    And of course the one Friday I'm otherwise occupied is the Friday where an op this awesome happens. Damnit!


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      Re: NC come from behind in great Amerish alert win 11/15/13

      Parts of the TG group were active Friday and Saturday
      Friday I was a lone wolf with my spawn sundy, just parking up to the next cp area away from the base strong holds, then when the connection was had 1 minute before been capped I would run in and hold the next till it was ours so once the area was capped the other squads would pick off any resistance around that area while I slipped into enermy area looking for the next place to cap

      I found a dark mountain near a large strong hold and deployed next i knew a whole squad had spawn on my sundy and started asaulting the base at the top of the hill. soon the area was full of armor and air from both sides, air was flying over but I held as now my sundy was the one and only local spawn

      So I just sat a few feet away from it and just spotted any enermy, each air I spotted would get taken down by the others air as soon as painted.

      Some time after this I noticed a few TG's playing but not in a squad, when I found a TG squad I joined up, It looked like they had just started up an Armor group, one of the sundys needed a gunner so I jumped in, this time the group would pick its fights and supress any air, so off they went were others were fighting and just parked up at the big guns maximum fire range.

      Once here we just waited until an enermy came into our range, then picked them off from a far. when the others had capped we moved onto another fight and again sat on a ridge just out of range of the big guns.

      Freindly air were on patrol giving us air support and also spotting for us which was handy as at this time we did not have any air in the squad

      Once the area was taken an alert popped up and TG desided to go for it, lol the que to get in was around an hour by this time its was 3am here so I handed my guns over to someone else and said my farewalls.

      TG seem to attrack alot of support units who dont join the squad but are happy to simply support

      Saturday when I joined TG had an armor and a infantry squad and I was in the latter one.

      Our aim was simple get in cap the points hold then move on
      we got to one area where 'simple' could not be any harder, we would cap [A] then kill the generator then loose [A] then cap [A] again and loose the other Gen, its was like this for most of my time.

      The one time we capped [A] got into the Gen area the lost [A] and the other gen and so were stuck within the shelds of the gen

      Both game were fun Thanks for the team work TG

      (6..~)Z Z z z....


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        Re: NC come from behind in great Amerish alert win 11/15/13

        That idea to attack Ikanam biolab as a decoy was really brilliant indeed.

        I really loved our last move to save the squads at Northgrove Outpost. We got to spend all that armor in a useful manner. I remember a blueberry going "OMG there's a bunch of armor here engaging those enemy tanks". He seemed totally baffled that there was a sudden friendly force there.

        This last move happened less than 5 min from the Alert end. When I respawned on that outpost after losing my Sundy, the alert clock was down to three minutes and a couple of seconds.

        I spent the last minutes with in my Aegis-MAX defending, fighting off the infantry at the capture point's backdoor.

        This was the nearly best alert I've played (second to the one we won by 3 seconds :p).

        I'm very happy -forgot who mentioned it- hearing things like that blueberry earlier on Esamir (Eisa) commenting about our play there. I think Garthra posted this in the other thread.

        I really think being organised like we were that night, mostly keeping our armor up as a base of fire, having a good infantry squad on task, cooperating directly with us... I really think that benefits also the NC organisation on a whole.

        Because imo it is inspiring, as I believe the prox chatter reveals. I think it gives them confidence, by showing them that there are competent outfits present. And, I think it inspires them to also organise tightly.

        There was a guy in our squad I had to kick later on for running off, that said he had never seen tanks operate like ours; staying in one group, staying alive. At the Nott Amp station, and later at Elli we were able to keet our arrtillery line overlooking the base for very very long. All together an hour over the two bases I think.

        There is evidence that we are showing playstyles that no one else is using, or able to use on our faction. That is something I personally really am happy with. This is exactly the kind of thing I hope for in TG, and the sort of thing I joined TG for those many years ago.

        Over the years I've been in TG, this is one of the moments, one of the games, where we stand out most from the others in the most positive of ways. Well in my very personal opinion at least.

        Well done outfit.


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          Re: NC come from behind in great Amerish alert win 11/15/13

          Friday night was probably one of the best nights I've had in PS2. I was pretty much with Randy for the most of the night so I cannot contribute much to the AAR. Although, he did forget about the part where DOT bumped him on the hill in the epic last battle which caused his sundy to be destroyed.

          Randy did bring this up, but I feel that it should be resaid. If you do not warp within a minute or so after the opportunity to warp, you will lose your spot in the queue. I tried to warp first (as I had no assets) and failed.


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            Re: NC come from behind in great Amerish alert win 11/15/13

            You are right Al, doing things like that is what makes us TG, makes us stand out from the same things that everyone else is doing. I have been influenced during your absence by the tactics I have seen used in NCC and COMMAND channel, and while I think they have their place in some circumstances, I thank you for bringing me back around to what it means to be TG. You, E-Male (and others who I may be unaware of, who were around before I came aboard) have, in large part, set the tone for our outfit in PS2. I will try and continue striving for the high bar you have set.

            And yeah, I was not going to bring that up JerJB, but YEAH THANKS DoT FOR SPINNING ME OUT WHEN I WAS TRYING TO BACK UP THAT HILL UNDER FIRE, resulting in my death. I'M NOT SORE ABOUT IT OR ANYTHING. Haha, j/k, but seriously though, really I'm not. Crazy things happen during the chaos of war. :)
            "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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              Re: NC come from behind in great Amerish alert win 11/15/13

              This was quite a fun operation. The most fun I had was providing air support in the Skyguard pre-alert, though it did sweeten up later to be a part of the alert. The skies were just full of enemy air and we were always placed in prime location to deal with them. It's always great to feel like our small group is making a physical difference in an alert, given how often it doesn't seem possible to stave the offense of the TR and VS. That said, with how small of a margin the NC won the alert by, I feel the operation led by Biggaayal, all of his fantastic decisions, and the efficient work of all squads were a huge part of the extra 2-4% that made the difference.

              The last few continent domination alerts I'd seen before that actually had the NC up for a majority of the time, followed by a sudden collapse and the TR or VS taking advantage in the final 20 minutes, so it was incredibly satisfying that the inverse happened for once.

              I wish I had stuck around after the Gal crash, granted that was one of the largest ones I've ever been a part of. Hope these kinds of ops can happen more often and with the level of success that those did, and it was probably the most fun I had to date. Great job everyone :)




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