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A Fun Friday with Bravo and TG Infantry 11/15/13

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  • [AAR] A Fun Friday with Bravo and TG Infantry 11/15/13

    This is my AAR for 11/15/13 From roughly 6pm PST to 7:30PST.

    My Role: Bravo Squad Lead
    Platoon Lead: BigGaayAl

    Squad Members (incomplete list):

    When I joined the platoon was an armor group, moving in a cohesive unit from battle to battle assisting. I provided radar on my flash and although I got no (or few) kills with it, I think it helped keep the armor safe from close in infantry threats. I think BigGaayAl was doing a great job keeping us all together.
    A while later I was promoted to squad lead of five or six guys to be the infantry squad.

    Our first major battle was at Eli Amp Station. BigGaayAl was commanding Alpha squad, (armor unit) shooting from the south eastern side of the station. They provided our base of respawn and support. The enemy resistance was strong, and the numbers were about even.

    As with all my squads, the order of the day was keeping the squad tightly together and moving as one team, not a mob of individuals. Keeping a clearly understood goal and precisely executed plan was the method of achieving that.

    The squad grouped up on the south east facing wall, and tried to punch in the south eastern gate. I told the squad to group up on the wall, prior to moving in, and the squad did so. The goal was to take the eastern tower guarding that gate. The method was slicing the pie (slow movement around a corner, clearing more and more of the area as you move around it in a slow calculated manner.) Although some of us made it around the corner and into the tower, we were generally held up by enemy armor, and in particular a harasser which was waiting just beyond the shield wall. After a few minutes of fighting here I determined that this was not working, and was a recipe for stalemate. I thought stale mate / grinding / zerging in this manner was neither tactically sound (helped achieve the objective of taking the base) nor was it fun for my troops, so we needed a new plan.

    Just as I decided a new plan was needed, and I was suggesting to BigGaayAl moving north and coming in through the north eastern gate, BigGaayAl informed me that the armor was shifting to the western side of the amp station. There they could provide good cover for an attack on the south western gate. Based on that new information Bravo squad moved to the west, rather than north.
    The plan remained roughly the same, breach in slowly and deliberately, and take the tower on our right when we came in the gate. This time it went well. There was some resistance but not much. We secured the tower, first the ground floor, then the roof. After the tower was clear we moved along the wall to our east towards the southern shield gen. We were able to punch in and take out that gen with assistance from some blueberries.
    From there I gave orders to keep pushing east. The first target was an enemy sundy I believe Drona pointed out. Destroying it took much longer than I felt it should, but the real trouble was getting across the open space by the south eastern gate to the next gen. It was a killing field and we were never really able to gen to that vehicle gen. (The hope was to open the way for BigGaayAl and armor to assist us, but a forlorn hope it was).

    While in the Amp station the squad size grew, and some non TG people joined. Several of them did not stay with the group as much. (Even 1 or 2 TG people did not keep tight on us, sorry to say.) I threatened to kick anyone not with us in 5 minutes, after 10 minutes I said I was kicking anyone not with us now, as I had given 10 minutes. (Yes, I had a stopwatch running by my computer.) When I said this they grouped up. Had I been harsher I would have kicked them at the 10 minute mark despite their regrouping with us at that time. (Violating a rule, and then correcting your action when the punishment is imposed is not sufficient. Everyone in prison swears they will never do it again when they get to prison. Its what they do BEFORE then that gets them there.) As it was, I was feeling generous and so I did not kick anyone. But I may not be so generous next time. As I joked with one squad member, blue berries should be glad I only have the power to kick them, not to delete their account for not working with the group.

    One last note on squad discipline/kicks/punishment. Tone matters a lot. I was not angry, I was not frustrated, I was just saying “this is the rule, this is the consequence, I don’t care which you choose.” Tone is very important in all leadership, but especially when imposing punishment. Wrong tone makes an enemy, right tone when punishing someone wont get you friends, but it will keep them from hating you. Everyone has their own leadership style, and I know mine is different than other people’s, but it is something to keep in mind whatever your style is. Tone matters.

    Now that I have talked about how some players were NOT where they should be, I feel obligated to say that many players, including most TG players, were excellent. Special award to assault9 for staying right with me for most of the night and as far as I could tell never separating from the group. In any case, GREAT JOB to most of you! The squad by and large was very cohesive.

    After several minutes of fighting with no progress I decided a new plan was needed and reversed our direction. We would go clockwise, and hit the opposite generator (the north one). We regrouped up and moved as one unit to that gen.
    Blue berries assisted us, and soon the gen was down and we were on the central point. As we moved I heard someone saying in local how impressed they were with TG and our team. It was good to hear it. It goes to show you people notice a squad that stays together.

    The base was captured, and on to the next one.

    I do not recall the order, but we attacked another base, with a road running through the middle between two higher land masses. Although coordination and grouping on that assault was weak, we did take it. I have to say I messed up through, I designated a pickup zone on a road, which resulted in tanks ramming our galaxy while it was on the ground. (thanks for flying ladylucia) my mistake.

    We switched to Amerish continent. There we did a number of quick drops from Randy’s gal while the rest of the group got through the que.
    We lost several lower BR and non TG guys when we switched continents, and predictably, group cohesion improved markedly.

    The final fight we did was NC arsenal. Our armor force with BigGayAl was attacking from the south side of the base. The enemy controlled the road to the base (north south road) and the interior. The road was too hot for us to move up, so we flanked to the west, and moved along the back of the ridge line. Keeping the ridge between us and the road, we could move safety to a position far north of the tanks and the road fight, and hit the base itself. Let me say I was extreme proud of the team for their execution of that flank. It was more than 100 meters, and we encountered a harasser on the way, but the group stayed tight. The group was right together, and covering each other the whole way. When we arrived at a position roughly west of the base, we setup a good suppressive fire position and we helped the blue berries take the point by keeping the enemy ranks thin. I immiediately heard “ammo down.” (My heart warmed a bit, as it always goes when squad members fufill their role and do it quickly without being told.) When enemies tried to flank us (from even further north as we faced east towards the base) it was called out (often by Drona, nice job!) and we adapted. Fantastic work at this point guys and Lady! Eventually the flanking became so bad we shifted our position further north to make flanking us less advantageous. When we ran low on targets and that point quieted down we moved into the base to help capture.

    It was a classic infantry battle, fought from the high ground, and from the flank of the enemy, using terrain, intellect, teamwork, and skill to good effect. The team did well, placed ammo and covered 360 degrees. Really fine work on that fight guys. It is the kind of maneuver that a blue berry squad could not have pulled off.

    After NC Arsenal I had to go. I thank you all for a fun night of TG gaming. A squad does not need a great leader to be a great squad, it can do with an OK one. What it needs is great players filling the ranks when you have those, then things go well. Thank you guys. You know who you are.
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: A Fun Friday with Bravo and TG Infantry 11/15/13

    Forum admins: perhaps this post should be moved into my AAR of the same night's events? It would seem that we were typing at the same time. lol

    Garthra, thanks for typing up your perspective from Bravo squad. I was honestly not aware of what you guys were doing for large parts of the evening, as I was outside the bases you were assaulting with my Repair Sundy with the armor, or doing other things (except for the part where a smattering of people from all the different squads all jumped in my Gal together upon first moving to Amerish for the alert).

    And yes, Assault9 is an awesome squad mate. As a Medic he is always hanging around me when I SL and staying alive and keeping an eye on things and keeping people up, as he should be. Too bad that is so rare to actually find though.

    And here I thought we were doing so much with our armor push toward NC Arsenal, when really your flank on the west side had at least as much to do with it, and I would have had no idea otherwise. This is why it's great to do AARs and get other people's perspectives of the same battle, as the lessons learned and conclusions drawn might be different after comparing notes.

    It's too bad you logged off when you did, you missed the end of a great alert comeback win by NC, and much rejoicing. lol At some point all of a sudden I just realized that Drona was leading Bravo squad. But it sounds like you were pretty satisfied with your squad's play last evening, so that's great. Nice AAR, enjoyed reading it, thanks for taking the time.
    "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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      Re: A Fun Friday with Bravo and TG Infantry 11/15/13

      THanks for the write ups, very enjoyable to read for me!

      @Nc Arsenal:
      When Alpha arrived with armour the base was under our control, capping for us. But then the enemy surged. Our tanks got hit in the back hard, and by necessity I retreated my sundy towards the enemy sort of, down that south road, just barely staying alive, and providing spawn for most of the team including afaik our infantry squad.

      Those infantry then cleared the hill above us. It is around this time, when the enemy was barreling straight down on our +-last spawn that Charlie appeared with armor on the southeast road. I think that took enough pressure off us so that our forces could go on the attack again.

      I'm not sure exactly when this flank of Garthra's happened. It was pretty hectic.

      I loved the very end too, where bravo secured that southern point first. That was a moment where that infantry squad, responding quickly as trained ;), re-secured a point that was key in the overall situation.




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