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Saturday night 11/16/2013

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  • [AAR] Saturday night 11/16/2013

    (I am not sure if I use the proper format for this thread. Please correct me if I am wrong.)

    Biolab Alert

    I have been late in joining the platoon, but for the hour and a half (or so) we besieged Nott Amp Station, everything was all right. Hostiles armor showed a couple times, but nothing to jeopardise our hold.

    Trolling the Vanu

    Al and Randy pushed us on Vanu's rearguard to Ymir Biolab, skipping every capture point. Alert finished. An unexpected, short and awesome tank battle took place in the steppes of Terran BL-4 Crash Site between Ymir Mine Watch and East River Sky Station. We were even in numbers.
    As I see it, we have been obliterated. (Still, it was awesome!)

    To Indar We Go!

    We then pushed to the North, on Indar, beginning with the Excavation Site, Comm. Array, West Highlands Checkpoint and so on to the Biolab. Our efficiency was ostentatious. We lost very few and inflicted great damages, even to their air support, thanks to our coordination.

    Then we went back West and "hit a knot" (frapper un noeud, as we say in Quebec.) The Vanu was assaulting Quartz Ridge Camp with its mighty armor column. Even if we had the initiative on their flank, we were wiped out and the remaining of us had to fight as infantry, defending a pined down Sunderer.

    In my opinion, we can pull out a clear lesson from this : the Vanu Armor Column is to be hard countered, at every moment.



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