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Organzied Gun Run with spotter

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  • Organzied Gun Run with spotter

    The following video is from friday night.

    Hope you enjoy and please watch in HD

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    Re: Organzied Gun Run with spotter

    Yeah that was awesome man! Maybe this should be moved to the thread with the AAR for that night?

    I take back everything I said about air power in PS2. :)

    And yes, that was my (first) platoon in all the armor there near the end. We were trying to advance in a line, which you can sort of make out (if you close one eye and...) lol
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      Re: Organzied Gun Run with spotter

      Yeah go thermals! I have taught you well :P

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        Re: Organzied Gun Run with spotter

        I love thermals now, thanks for suggestion it to be penny!


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          Re: Organzied Gun Run with spotter

          I have always preffered Thermals due tot he fact that I can easily distinguish Infantry from Land, as well as just being able to spot them because camo DOES have an affect on your visuals.
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            Re: Organzied Gun Run with spotter

            Awesome video, editing, leading, tactics, squad cohesion, comms, focus firing etc. it all shows the TG way. I'm blown away by this and I was there! Thank you, Ghost!

            If you wanted to, I think SOE might show that on their Command Center videos. Here's the email address I suggested last time. Although, do we want to give away our tactics?

            Prospective pilots take notes: high angles of attack, especially top down, works wonders against heavy AA as they rarely look up and see you coming.

            Pause at 3:22, what's that behind the rocks on the top left? Oh it's me. Ghost fires rockets at the MAX and engy, with a heavy off to the side. Moments later a lock-on warning appears then disappears... that's because I just head shot that heavy with the Striker, LOL!

            7:40 that tank shot, so close!

            Great flying Ghost. I liked the weapon swapping for extra damage before finishing a pass.

            8:45 note how Ghost is keeping an eye on his mini-map / listening for aircraft and re-orientates (by map more than sight) to help a friendly Reaver and down the Q-spotted Scythe. Q-spots + awareness rules.

            Zoom out your mini-map though (expanding zooms out a little further as well) and you'll be able to do that for targets much further out, particularly the ones SMs call out as you need to find them as quickly as possible. Also it'll help avoid crashes, as you'll have more than a half-second warning of planes getting closer to you.

            Thermals all the way.

            Well done SS and air squad! Tank column looking nice there Randy and ground platoon.

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              Re: Organzied Gun Run with spotter

              I have been debating getting a racer chassis with rocket pots and thermals to join in specifically this sort of air support. Any tips to outfit for said type of mission? I don't generally do air in Planetside because I am a hater of all the craft being part chopper and part jet. Ruins the dynamic i'm comfortable with in Battlefield. But I do still like to do CAS and air Mobile combat drops. Just wish they had a Black hawk like craft that's more agile and smaller then a GAL.


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                Re: Organzied Gun Run with spotter

                Fantastic video, Ghost. Great editing, great captures!

                One of the things the video doesn't show very much (because it's largely dead space) but which is an important detail to the tactic as a whole is the time spent regrouping and licking our wounds. I usually set the squad waypoint as a rally point in a relatively safe area, and in between attack runs we'd loiter there at maximum altitude waiting for everyone to regroup, repair, rearm, and/or pull fresh vehicles.

                @ Jengles: I was LEADING that squad and that video still wowed me. I think I was too busy trying not to catch a mouthful of flak to really appreciate how awesome that was.

                @ Vlad: That's pretty much my own loadout for this. I ran max racer chassis, flares (important against massed strikers), thermals on my rockets, a fairly high level nanite regen (though a lot of pilots preferred composites within the squad)




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