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Gal Drop Training Video?

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  • Gal Drop Training Video?

    Enjoy and please watch in HD. Also if you stay until the end I added some surprises =)

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    Re: Gal Drop Training Video?

    Nice video and those ****s at ge end were AMAZING. I believe you have mastered the skill of Armor.
    Questions about those who deserve it!
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      Re: Gal Drop Training Video?

      Some more details


      We had defended the Tech Plant (Eisa) on Esamir from a large VS attack, and were counterattacking back to the base SW to remove their lettuce link. Blueberries (likely leaderless) formed up in armor and infantry, and began pushing SW, hitting a wall of VS armor and infantry, typical dumb stalemate ensues. So I call for our squad to fall back to warpgate and Gal drop directly on the flag building SW, to allow a breakthrough on the front line stalemate.

      Play by play

      0:16 Me: "This is going to be purdy." (as Jengles, flying the Gal, was going to employ our recently practiced "lock out" Gal drop technique)

      Note the location of green squad mark in lower R of minimap, I had placed it directly on the target building.

      0:30 Notice how we fly over said mark, no drop. lol woops

      0:34 Me: "Duuuude, what happened?" followed by sounds of massive flak hitting Gal

      0:41 Me: "Alright, I'll call the drop." As we swing back around.

      0:46 Unceremoniously dumped out of Gal, most of us not on target (ghost is the exception here).

      0:47 Me: "@#@#@#$!!! BAD DROP!!! You missed!" (didn't really cuss though lol)

      Realized right away, luckily there were no enemies immediately around the target building, and we were able to all get inside anyway. Jengles is spared any further of my wrath. lol

      1:05 I micromanage the defensive setup. Also, can't see it from ghostshooter's perspective, but we were getting 1s and 2s of infantry coming in from other entrances.

      2:05 We start to get an organized attack of a squad +/- (including a VS MAX, and a few DA guys) through the upstairs door to the balcony facing their spawn. Unfortunately this is also not shown from ghost's perspective.

      But note how he stays covering his sector (and kills a couple guys coming in his entrance because of that). Well done ghost! Only after I call for backup, he moves upstairs there as we all shift and repulse them. Actually, he starts to move slightly before I call for backup. But very good SA on his part as he hears the battle, other squad MAXes going down, and looks behind him and adjusts accordingly.

      Point here is, there is a fine line between blindly following orders, and individuals having good SA and knowing when to take initiative and adjust yourself accordingly. The Squad Leader cannot know everything all of the time, each individual in the squad must be paying attention and react accordingly, within the structure of working together in the same vicinity (and following overall orders, etc.).

      After that, we move south to cut off their spawn, and the rest as they say is history. Great example of the power of a single squad working cohesively. Also, an example of a successful Gal drop, executed (mostly) properly (luckily there were not too many enemy for us to overcome the initial bad drop). Also textbook example of the proper time / place to utilize a Gal drop (as discussed in another thread).

      Well done guys!
      "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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        Re: Gal Drop Training Video?

        That was a great shot at the end.


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          Re: Gal Drop Training Video?

          Ahahaha, my mistake had to be shown. That's fine, at least I learnt from it and I get to explain so others may avoid this.

          Basically I was trying to line up way too early. I kept closing the menu and readjusting the Galaxy rather than concentrating until we got close and adjusting the mini-map towards the end. Also, I only just certed the performance slot a couple times for air drops and the yaw is extremely powerful, I'll have to get used to that for accuracy.

          With that distraction, I ended up miss clicking on squad/platoon instead of locking the Gal, and after that I just went back to quickly get us over the target. I probably should have braked instead to make it easier the second time.

          As to the cap, nicely done all.

          One other critique:

          @2:50 a couple enemies giving our MAXes a hard time with conc grenade + rocket launcher combo, both dive behind cover, likely one reloading and one swapping to his main gun. Just as Ghost dies I take the opportunity to throw a concussion grenade of my own (no time to warn, so as to capitalise on the moment). One of our MAXes blocks the doorway and crosses to the corner of the room, causing my grenade to hit us instead of the enemy.

          As I tell people, if you stand in a doorway only you can shoot the enemy, if you stand several meters back or more, many of us can shoot the enemy together. Also, run behind those with guns focused on the doorway lest you get caught mid-way between friendly and enemy fire.

          Finally, if you're a MAX stand still so people can shoot around you. You have the health for it and don't need to take cover unless you're damaged.

          I loved flanking that engineer on the turret at @4:35. Thanks for the quick response Ghost!

          |TG-Irr| MrJengles - You know you want to say it out loud.


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            Re: Gal Drop Training Video?

            It looks like most of the time we do miss the target, it's a matter of going without the pilot having the proper preparation.
            I would like to stress the fact that, for each and every mission, the Air Force is taking the time to have a briefing.
            I recently added a dynamic map to my leader-tool-kit. For as far as I know, it tells the proper position of every critical locations, just as if you could be next to all of them, in game. I think if our leaders could brief our pilots on the flight plan, we would at the very least double our success!

            Here's the link for the map. I'm sure some of you has it, already.

            Thanks a lot ghostshooter, always amazed!

            (p.s.: By the way, I'd like to apologise to the moderator that will manage the mess I did posting this. After several attempts, I had a 1-second-window to read that this message wouldn't show immediatly...)


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              Re: Gal Drop Training Video?


              Yeah your having that info up on a second monitor (or tablet, or whatever) has been invaluable a few times now I can recall as you have been able to tell me exactly which building a certain point was in, allowing me to place the platoon mark on it before we even leave the warpgate.
              "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw




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