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Charlie Squad -- Infantry Teamwork AAR Sunday 1/12/14 roughly 3-5pm PST.

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  • [AAR] Charlie Squad -- Infantry Teamwork AAR Sunday 1/12/14 roughly 3-5pm PST.

    I wanted to write an AAR to thank the TG community for the GREAT time I had today playing PS2 with a bunch of TG guys.

    Background: I was Charlie squad lead, an infantry squad. Alpha squad was also infantry I believe, and bravo was sometimes armor, sometimes infantry. Platoon command switched mid way through, I believe it was bollivianrampage first, and then llamar??? was later.

    Charlie squad had a lot of TG guys and a lot of good friends of mine from outside TG. Also some new players (I saw some low battle ranks.) I can recall some names, but have forgotten others, so I will not name any. You guys know who you were. If you were there, feel free to chime in with what you recall, what you enjoyed, or just correct me. My memory fails sometimes. :)

    Generally there was very good teamwork. Heavies leading from the front, engineers dropping ammo (me,) infiltrator(s) keeping darts, medics staying safe and healing others. Everyone stayed tight together and followed orders.
    When we first started out we were given a simple gal drop mission. (Gal drop on a point, hold the second story of the building). We held a while, and then charged to try and assist alpha with taking A point in the central tower. We were wiped out, but we moved out together like a squad should.

    The Crown, the Northern flank, and A Bridge Just Far Enough
    I recall one moment when we had just redployed to assist with defending the crown. Charlie squad was assigned to take Charlie point, which is south east of the main point. We spawned in the central tower. I got the guys organized and explained the plan was to jump off the northern side of the tower, and run as fast as we could to the cliffs on the north side of the crown. From there we could work our way around to C point unmolested on the low ground. (If we moved directly south east, we would not have survived the intense fire on the south side of the tower.) Everyone was ready to go and we charged out together. I believe our casualties were nil or only 1. We made it as an intact and closely grouped squad to Charlie. (bravo for no one dying on that hill.) We then setup on Charlie. (Charlie point is on a bridge, for reference.) We held that point against several infantry attacks. Everyone set themselves up in smart positions, using what cover there was, and staying close to the point so medics could reach them. Occasionally we spotted a tank coming under our bridge and engaged it. A few minutes later we became the focus of a serious armor push. We fought back a magrider or two with some infantry support. It was a hot fight, and frankly it was awesome. The darts enabled us to see the direction of attack and I called out which direction the squad should focus their fire. It was great fun, and had the feel of an Alamo.

    Good use of rocks and terrain to engage armor and move toward objective
    Later on we moved out south of that to Zurvan pump station. The attack was a great example of smart movement and positioning. There was armor blocking the road from C point to Zurvan pump station, so we used the high ground above them and rock formations to give our heavies a safe way to engage them. Moving from rock to rock we eventually reached the bottom of the hill and zurvan.

    Once we took Zurvan the plan from Platoon lead was to use gate diffuser sundies to invade the AMP station before they knew what hit them. We mounted up, but unfortunately there were a few too many anti tank turrets, and a bit too much enemy armor to slip in. Good plan, bad luck.

    So we were back to infantry advancing on the AMP station. But there was a problem, there was still the armor and turrets that had blown up our sundies in front of us, and we were out of good rock positions. But it was BRAVO SQUAD TO THE RESCUE! Bravo squad, also infantry was moving right behind us. I suggested they fight on the left side of the street (where we were currently) and Charlie try to cross the street, and move along it on the right side (where some rocks would give us solid cover from the tanks). I hoped we could get around behind them and eliminate them. After a call for smoke courtesy of Drona, and checking with bravo, we moved across the street as a unit and behind the rocks. This enabled us to get right up to the amp station walls. We entered through the south west entrance to Zurvan, heavies in front. We cleared the tower, and ran along the walls to the far interior generator on the east side. (Coordinating with bravo squad that they would handle the close one, and we the far.)

    Hold, Tactical Retreat, Counterattack, and Repeat

    At this point that AMP station was I believe a 45-45 fight. At least 24-45 on each side. It was big. We grouped up on the walls right above the shield gen and dropped into it as a unit, heavies leading the way. As soon as we were inside we setup a proper defense. Each covering one entrance, ammo down on the center, infil darts all around.

    If the battle at the Crown C point on the bridge had been hot, this was a great deal hotter. But since we could see them coming with the infiltrator darts, we could call out MAXes and mutually support each other. After a few minutes, when the generator was about to blow, I explained the plan. When it blew, Drona would drop a smoke grenade towards the main incoming fire (north west and south). We would then evacuate out the northern door, moving north along the wall to the closest tower. We would garrison it and hold there. I figured we would be overwhelmed soon, but the tower would be more defensible and the enemy attack might be less intense. (No blue berries run to the tower, lots run to the gen.) The squad performed near perfectly. We evacuated in the middle of a hot firefight with few casualties. We got to the tower and held it for a minute or so. Then back along the wall and back into the gen room. It was pretty cool. This second time though, the force was overwhelming we had been somewhat out populated the whole time in this base, but now we were severaly out numbered. The enemy started bombarding us with tanks. I made the plan to retreat south, to the opposite tower, and I would say half of us made it. But once in the tower we were cut down. The plan was good, and would have worked if we were not so tremendously out numbered. It was a whole lot of fun.

    In all that time I don’t think I had to respawn. I think it was all medics for all that time. I am talking about 30 minutes or so, of intense combat, and much of it without a squad beacon. That is how tight the team was moving. It was really something to see.

    I described some of the best moments, but there were plenty of small good ones not mentioned here. One time I saw a medic hiding behind a rock near a firing group of heavies, when a heavy went down he came out, healed that guy up, and went back to his hiding hole. Heavies were very effective with their rockets, and people were calling out incoming enemies, downed friendlies, and other important information. It was really a constant team effort. Everyone pitched in. Yeah, we lost some battles, we had some down time waiting to get organized, but so it goes. I think it was a fantastic game, and a real example of a great team working together.

    Thanks to everyone who was in my squad. I had a lot of fun.

    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: Charlie Squad -- Infantry Teamwork AAR Sunday 1/12/14 roughly 3-5pm PST.

    Awesome leading, awesome squad. Thanks to everyone!

    Good moments there. My favourite happened multiple times/same theme : holding a building. We had a quick reminder of the SOP at the beginning and multiplied the occasions to apply it. "Fill the gaps. Stick to it." We had great success in doing so, last men alive most of the time.

    Again, thanks a lot to everyone; Garthra for clever leading, members for fine execution.


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      Re: Charlie Squad -- Infantry Teamwork AAR Sunday 1/12/14 roughly 3-5pm PST.

      I had a great time for the time that I was on. I led Bravo squad. I'm not much a squad leader though yet, let a lone an armor squad. Bravo did well though.

      Although that moment when Gartha wanted Bravo squad to hold while Charlie was sneaking in was terrible. About as soon as we started that all the enemy tanks rolled up on where we were supposed to be holding. I had a few guys where they needed to be an the rest were dead or trying to get to the point. Our armor didn't make it to the east gate as was the original plan. And the enemy started taking alpha point where we were spawning. So I ran in there w/ a couple from my squad. It was hard because we were split up. I pulled a lightning at one point because we were not making it anywhere with the enemy armor at our footstep. I did manage to kill 2 of their armor before they got me. A couple other friendly tanks joined me right after I spawned mine. But after that it was better. We did still keep getting pelted when ever we tried to head out to the point. I think it may have been easier if we started out as a group during the maneuver. Bravo squad definitely did better when we were holding a point I think. It was kind of a bummer when we all split at the end. It was a good platoon.


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        Re: Charlie Squad -- Infantry Teamwork AAR Sunday 1/12/14 roughly 3-5pm PST.

        before I left, Garthra did an amazing job keeping Charlie organized and cohesive. Glad he was there but we needed more numbers at CrossRoads when we had gone there.
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