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Sunday 1/26/14 Mid Day Infantry / Gal Drop Platoon

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  • [AAR] Sunday 1/26/14 Mid Day Infantry / Gal Drop Platoon

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the TG platoon today while I was leading. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed working with the solid TG players that filled our squads. We fought as mainly an infantry group on Indar against the VS, on the eastern side of the continent. At first it was just one squad, but JerJB volunteered to lead bravo and soon we became a platoon. He did well and kept bravo well grouped up. There were a lot of TG veterans in the platoon, which really helped out. There were, as always some undisciplined blue berries, but so it goes. We even had a guest from VCO who comment on how well our platoon was doing, which I hope helps maintain the positive image of Tactical Gamer with other outfits (or at least VCO) on the server.

    Here is what I recall, feel free to chime in with what you liked, or didn’t like, or things you remember. Also, feel free to nominate people who you thought did very well for ribbons.

    My memories

    I took command while we were fighting at a bio lab. The first major engagement I recall was Zurvan storage yard. I chose to fight there based on discussion in command chat which indicated that howling pass needed help. We dropped at the storage yard from a gal to take the pressure off the amp station and potentially cut off the VS thrust to the north into Howling Pass by cutting them off on the south. We fought hard, were wiped out, and dropped again on the storage yard. We repeated this process several times, successfully diverting enemy resources from nearby bases to counter our force. The first time we dropped several guys died on the roof, and medics died trying to get to them, on later drops we stayed on the second floor, and had a some more success / survival.

    We tried an armored attack north east towards crimson bluff tower once we had secured zurvan storage yard. Bravo pulled Skygaurds, alpha sundys and ground tanks. We were repulsed by enemy armor, poor terrain (fighting uphill) and my failure to adapt quickly enough. The enemy counter attacked hard with a large armor force (several magriders and lightings). I incorrectly ordered an infantry assault from the north east side of crimson bluff. The sundy I chose to spawn us on made movement to our objective difficult. Additionally I chose a shack for a group up point which lacked sufficient cover, and we were wiped out while grouping up by lightings. We then fought a defensive battle at Zurvan storage for a while, bravo fighting directly east, and alpha on the point covering the south. When there was a break we pushed north east on foot.

    When we arrived at Crimson bluff tower, alpha was tasked to the south eastern point (I believe C?) and bravo to the south western. Bravo had a lot of hard fighting, and Alpha tried to assist with suppressive fire from our balcony on the guys approaching Bravo squad. I cannot recall if we won or lost that fight, but it was very intense with high casualties. I really liked knowing that Alpha guys were hitting enemies as they approached Bravo's position, and saw it as a good example of intra platoon squad/squad support. I would like to see more of that sort of squad/squad assistance.

    We recalled to warp gate and formed up in gals for a drop on the cliffs above (south of) howling pass. My intent was to put suppressive fire down on the large (48/48 I think) fight going on at that base. When we landed I found I had misread the terrain; we were too far from the base to be accurate, and lacked a good firing position. Also we could not go south further into the hills because of a steep shelf. We began taking fire from the south (our “rear” as we faced the howling pass base from the north. I tasked bravo with trying to clear out those flankers. Meanwhile I looked for and found a groove that we could move down with difficulty. I regret the long time it took me to assess our situation there and determine we could neither advance north or retreat south, and thus were in a pickle, I should have made that decision sooner. We took some casualties from falling as we moved down from our perch, but we made it. We moved along the ridge line just west of the base using it for cover until the ridge ended and we were close to the towers. Once everyone was grouped up, we attacked one of the western towers, and began putting fire on enemies shooting from the landing pad / A point. Soon thereafter Bravo moved up to the vehicle gen, creating a safe advance for alpha to move to the elevators to our east and up to the main fight on the high ground at A point. Once bravo was set and had us covered, Alpha leapfrogged past then and up the elevators, and bravo followed once we found the top was secure. Then the whole platoon put down suppressive fire from A to their spawn.

    At this point howling pass was ours, it was just a matter of time. I gave orders for each squad to pull a gal, and explained that we would pickup on the landing pad when the base was capped. (I did this about 1 minute or so before the base flipped, so we could bring gals from warp gate and so people would know the plan.) We moved out rapidly to Rashnu Cavern via gal drop. The blue berry armor zerg took rashnu watchtower, and the TG platoon took the cavern. The southern flank fell rapidly for the VS as a result of our quick movement.

    One gal was destroyed some time around now. At some point, I do not recall the details, we gal dropped on a base with a tower, and alpha squad acted as a reserve on one point, while bravo tried to hold the other two. Eventually, alpha point, the point in the tower, was hit hard and alpha moved to assist (leaving 2 guys to guard our spawn beacon). I liked the idea of a reserve squad ready to counter enemy attacks. Eventually the reinforced bravo squad was pushed out of alpha point, and we fought to hold the exterior points. Enemy armor, and superior numbers eventually pushed us out. Although we were eventually pushed out by superior numbers, I thought we fought well there nevertheless.

    The timeline becomes hazy in my mind, so this may be wrong. . . But I believe we moved out to TI alloys and stopped at TR cap on that base successfully reinforcing friendly forces there. Around then I logged off as PL.

    Some lessons for myself:

    1.) Calling for a sunderer redeploy when terrain around the sundy is unknown/uncertain is risky. Better to task one scout to redeploy there and inform the SL / PL if it is a good spawn point location.
    2.) When arriving at overwatch positions, SLs should immediately determine A) if the position is effective (within range/capabilities of the squad), and B) what paths exist for movement from that position.
    3.) When SL calls for a gal pickup he should very clearly state when and where it is to be, so individual players can be ready and in position.
    4.) PL should stay with majority of platoon. When I sent much of alpha squad to reinforce bravo, I should have gone with them, and not remained with the skeleton crew behind. Commander’s proper position is with his men, so he can see their situation and give intelligent orders.
    5.) Restraining your troops from advancing too far is often very difficult. Be vigilant for players advancing too quickly, (moving away from the squad towards contact with enemy) and warn them sternly to avoid the problem continuing.

    I want to stress that throughout I heard good things. I heard people calling out enemy locations, and calling for repairs, ammo, and medics. It was the right kind of comms to hear in a TG squad. Yeah, occasionally ammo was a little slow to go down, or medics did not find people quickly enough, but by and large it was very solid work. I saw many times were people were slow to follow orders, or exceeded their orders by advancing early, but this was mostly nonTG guys. You TG guys who did your jobs, and did them well, you know who you are.

    Thank you everyone for a very fun game! I believe the platoons/squads are not strong when they have a good leader, they are strong because of the individual squad members that make up the unit play well and stick together, so thanks to everyone in the platoon. Feel free to chime in if you were in the platoon and have memories you want to share.
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    Re: Sunday 1/26/14 Mid Day Infantry / Gal Drop Platoon

    I hear like it went well! I got offline and gave you lead since you offered, thanks again for that, but I wasn't able to attend. You're one of the best leaders we have and our newer squad leaders should see him as an example of how to lead
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      Re: Sunday 1/26/14 Mid Day Infantry / Gal Drop Platoon

      I ran with Garthra a good part if not all of it and I can say one thing about Garthra, if he makes a mistake he's man enough to say so, apologize and then move on. That's the kind of leader I can follow because they learn from their mistakes and become better and better. Taking a bad situation and trying to make it better by continuing to make the situation worse is not my idea of leadership. Sometimes you have to stop, regroup and try something different, Garthra does just that. Being a PL isn't easy, but being a PL and being a great PL are 2 entirely different things. Garthra is destined for greatness and many people here wanting to be PL and many of those that do PL can learn a lot from him. Well done son, well done.




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