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FNF and Warpgate Blockade (January 31st 2014)

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  • [AAR] FNF and Warpgate Blockade (January 31st 2014)

    Alright, lets see how much of last night I remember!

    FNF in coordination with NC Stratcom

    I took over platoon lead of two TG-only squads what were moving in on Indar Excavation Site in advance of a zerg at Quartz Ridge. Alpha was lead by DaddyOfThree running armour, and Bravo was run by Toddshooter running infantry. There was a worldwide tech plant alert on at the time. Since the main fight was being won at Quartz Ridge (albeit with a fair amount of time on the clock), I had Bravo take up position at the northern point and Alpha take a position on the perimeter to cover the approaches and suppress the tower when it became active. As the Quartz Ridge fight wrapped up, more and more VS started showing up and the fighting started to get interesting.

    Around this time, SteelRain from SG was running NCSC and put out a call for help at Crossroad Watchtower, which I decided we would move to support as soon as the zerg had arrived to take Indar Excavation off our hands. We had to wait a little while for the Quartz Ridge timer to finish, but the zerg did arrive and I used the intervening time to hop on to NCSC and get our two squads coordinated with a larger force. As the zerg finally pushed on Indar Ex I ordered Bravo to deploy to Warpgate and get a Galaxy together, and Alpha to take their armour cross country and muster at Vanu Archives.

    After getting a sitrep on Crossroads from Stratcom I decided to put Bravo on the big rock south of the watchtower and ordered them to equip AT and AA for that purpose. Bravo landed on the tower and started making an absolute mess of the TR, and eventually Alpha joined the fray. Around this time, Bolivian joined the platoon to start Charlie squad and I had them push to Crossroad's NE hill to spread the front out. The NCSC, which was fielding an enormous number of people, wanted to push on Broken Arch road and we joined that push.

    The TR resisted hard. I never had a good view of the fight in the canyon itself, but the cliffs above the base were having a hard time of it. First, Bravo was unrooted from the rock at Crossroads by a coordinated drop (no big deal, the fight had moved away from there), but later on drops on the Broken Arch ridge were able to unroot the squads up there and push them back towards Crossroads. I had Charlie attempt to push to the other hill, but the enemy was already well entrenched there and they couldn't get anywhere close. Bravo and Alpha attempted to flank to the south, but by the time they were in position the main force had already been pushed back. The TR force was determined not to let us ANYWHERE near Tawrich, and that base is a hard enough defensive position that they were able to push us back off. At the same time, they weren't able to take control of Crossroad's watchtower, so the entire lane was a big, bloody stalemate.

    Around this time Quartz Ridge started to fall and SteelRain requested that TG pull back and go help resecure. Bravo and Charlie reformed at warpgate with Galaxies and Alpha moved cross country with their armour. JerJB started up Delta Squad with armour, and eventually combined with Alpha squad when Alpha started winding down for the night. As we moved out to hit Quartz Ridge, we made a quick pit stop to stop a back-cap at the Hvar gates one lattice link back. We cleared it out, and after Charlie replaced the galaxy that had been lost as a result of suborned guns on the tech plant we moved out and dropped on the northwest point of Quartz Ridge and held out as long as we could. While that didn't last long due to proximity to the enemy spawn, we were able to respawn and then completely lock down the southeast point along with the other NCSC forces in the area. After the base was capped, SteelRain had us stay behind and fend off the attempted counterattack from the eastern hills.

    At this time, the TR had pushed into Regent Rock and had a large force there, and Stratcom wanted us to respond to it. I told Delta to start moving in that direction and my two infantry squads to quickly push up the hill and kill the Vanu Sunderer. Once destroyed, I then redeployed bravo and charlie with 80 seconds to spare. Both squads did a fantastic job of getting together quickly, and we arrived just in the nick of time to recapture the western control point of Regent rock. Delta arrived shortly thereafter, and I had them and Charlie flank north and put pressure on the TR Sunderer behind the northern building. With that dealt with, Delta flanked around the enemy armour to the east as the entire NCSC pushed through them in a massive wave. That wave continued to Xenotech, where the alert and the NCSC ops ended.

    I handed off the Platoon to BolivianRAMPAGE while participating in the Stratcom AAR. Suffice to say, everyone had fun, everyone moved fast, and the four outfits participating that night (4ACE, Blue Lions, Sturmgrenadier and Tactical Gamer) had a combined force of over four platoons coordinating. For my part, I enjoyed not having to worry about the larger strategic picture and just worry about managing my squads, because I knew SteelRain was staring at the map and coordinating to make sure that someone was fighting the fires as they came up.

    A big thanks to all the squad members and squad leaders tonight for bringing their A game and coordinating well. We had 3 or more squads of almost entirely TG for most of the night, and we did some terrific damage as a result. Good work guys!

    Late Night Experimental Shenanigans

    After the AAR finished, Bolivian seemed to have the platoon well in hand and had us doing airborne infantry in Northeast Indar and eventually the Crown. When he needed to turn in for the night I took the platoon back over as we were working on securing the Crown. After the Vanu arrived in force and swept us off the roads with a wave of vehicles, I pulled us back to the warpgate. I then announced that I was interested in experimenting with an unusual strategy and asked if anyone was interested, and I think pretty much everybody was on board.

    At this point, I had three squads to work with, but there were some very specific equipment requirements that needed to be met. MrJengles restarted Alpha as an air squad and started putting together Reavers and Liberators to act as interceptors. JerJB still led Delta, and I intended to use his squad as an AA focused armour unit. Garthra led Bravo squad, and I had him kit his guys out as anti-tank and AA infantry. Alpha was to pull their vehicles from the warpgate, while Bravo and Delta pulled one Galaxy each. I had the platoon fly out taking a route that would avoid most of the hot spots, with Alpha escorting the Galaxies to Mao Watchtower where we would hack terminals and pull our assets behind enemy lines. A few enemy aircraft harassed us, but melted in the face of Alpha's squad-strong escort.

    After we'd set up at the watchtower, Delta pulled their vehicles and Bravo loaded up in a Sunderer. I had Bravo take up a position on the hill to the southeast of the Vanu warpgate with a clear view of the staging area, while Delta set up to the south of the warpgate near Crater Firing Range. Alpha set up behind both squads in an interception position.

    Now, one of my concerns going into this was that this would be a boring approach, but that quickly faded as we made a LOT of friends really quickly. A Vanu air wing was setting up in the warpgate and took offense to our presence, so we were very soon knee deep in Liberators and Scythes, with a few tanks rolling out to engage us as well. I found out that I'd put Bravo too far to the east... they were in a position to occasionally get a missile off on an enemy aircraft that flew too wide, but not to engage the enemy armour that was pressing Delta. Delta I'd positioned too close to the warpgate considering their largely AA loadout, and enemy aircraft were getting hit with flak too soon out of the warpgate while at the same time the threat of an armour advance was too great. I had Bravo shift to a position just north of Delta and Delta pull back south a bit while I stayed up on the hill to keep an eye on the whole field.

    The synergy between the three units was absolutely amazing. The flak battery from Delta gave Alpha largely free reign and a safety buffer when the enemy decided to engage the air in force. Bravo demolished any armour that dared to get close, and Alpha was also proactive in converging on enemy ground units that got too close. We were able to occupy a significant force from that position and kill a lot of assets at a fairly reasonable attrition rate of our own.

    Eventually a world-wide Amp station alert started, and seeing friendly forces at Coramed with a population advantage I decided to shift our platoon west to be directly in the flight path to Dahaka. Bravo and Delta coordinated to cover each other during the move, as the enemy was still engaging us. Bravo ended up getting caught in the open, but Delta had a Sunderer and was able to redeploy them to the other side of the trench by the Vanu warpgate. Pulling fresh MAX units, they set up on the hill to the south of the west end of the bridge there. Alpha set up south and continued to skirmish and intercept at will. I called out Galaxies taking off from the warpgate for focus fire, and I don't think a single one got past.

    The enemy came at us HARD. We were engaged with a huge air group, but concentrated flak and friendly A2A made short work of them. More concerning was the armour column that came our way, complete with multiple skyguards, but Bravo and to a lesser extent Delta were perfectly equipped to tear that apart, and enemy armour basically never got far past the end of the bridge. A few infantry attempted to spawn from the nearby base, but not in enough numbers to cause real problems for us.

    Strategically this worked out beautifully. Friendly forces moved in on Dahaka and heavily outnumbered the enemy at every step. Most of the times I checked the map it was a 2:1 advantage, and the Vanu never went above 40% pop. Meanwhile, enemy Galaxies continued to try and push past us while armour and air units came at us with murder on their minds, but we held strong. I called out Galaxy targets as they took off and combined flak and air interception mopped them up before they got far, and the forces attempting to unroot us specifically never made headway. At one point Delta went down and we lost the skyguard battery, but we were able to hold out until they returned.

    After Dahaka flipped, it got real quiet. The Vanu fled Indar entirely and focused on fights on other continents, and I think at the late, 3PM EST time we finally wrapped up the global pop just wasn't high enough to support it. But I'm prepared to call this a huge success, as I'm pretty sure we were the main reason that Dahaka was never an even fight.

    • I originally thought this called for a dedicated spotter squad, ala the close air support tactics we've developed elsewhere, but this proved to be largely unnecessary. With good positioning and a good show of force, the enemy came to us.
    • The anti-vehicle infantry squad is a good addition, as enemy armour response proved to be one of the bigger issues we faced
    • Ammo sunderers are incredibly important. Behind enemy lines, there's no other option for resupplying vehicles. Even aircraft would be reluctant to fly back over the front lines to rearm, as it's just too risky and time consuming.
    • The flak/aircraft one-two combination of units is a recipe for local air dominance. Jengles reported that it felt like the air squad had an easier time operating than usual as a result.
    • The enemy didn't really change their routes to avoid us, and when they did the air squad could usually catch them.
    • The enemy was NOT as passive or prepared to avoid us as I thought they'd be. The moment they realized we were there, they came at us aggressively.
    • In the short time that Delta was down, enemy air became a lot harder to deal with. That flak battery is doing a lot of the heavy lifting there.
    • Based on the experience, I don't think enemy air or armour is a significant threat to this setup except in extreme numbers, but a properly executed infantry push would be extremely dangerous. The fact that we were positioned in the middle of nowhere drastically reduced the threat of that, but it's a vulnerability to keep in mind.
    • A caveat to all this is that I don't think we ever engaged an organized outfit while doing this. If a big outfit decides they're sick of us, it could be an entirely different story.

    All in all, a lot of fun. A big thanks to everyone who stuck it out and indulged my experimentation. I think it was a great success, and I'd love to try it again, especially during prime-time!

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    Re: FNF and Warpgate Blockade (January 31st 2014)

    Great AAR, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

    Especially your experimental tactics of burning up Vanu resources and timers outside their WG. I love reading about their suffering. :madsmile:



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      Re: FNF and Warpgate Blockade (January 31st 2014)

      I had a great night guys. Thanks for the good fights and good drinks ... Cheers all around. Also extra shout the great leadership last night. Star you did a great jon PLing and Daddy and Todd did their usual top notch SLing.


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        Re: FNF and Warpgate Blockade (January 31st 2014)

        Originally posted by Mindkill View Post
        Great AAR, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

        Especially your experimental tactics of burning up Vanu resources and timers outside their WG. I love reading about their suffering. :madsmile:

        The best part is, it's pulling them into a fight exactly where they don't want to be fighting. Leaving aside the fact that we're tying them up outside of the critical fights, they're being engaged in territory they thought was safe on terrain of our choosing. Last night we basically had a set of kill zones outside their warpgate and they couldn't help but keep walking right into it. And if they DO engage us advantageously? We've got no reason not to retreat, and nothing is stopping us from setting up again in another 5 minutes.

        I really want to run this again as a serious op during primetime.


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          Re: FNF and Warpgate Blockade (January 31st 2014)

          Looks like your idea worked Star! I am looking forward to doing these types of things again and see how much it can impact an alert. I had a great tie leading before leaving when we were at The Crown. I was in lead of Charlie for a bit and the cohesion was AMAZING. My squad stayed together at all times and we were able to eliminate targets quickly and powerfully.
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            Re: FNF and Warpgate Blockade (January 31st 2014)

            Yeah, I saw your guys moving as a single, very tight unit at Regent Rock and Xenotech, which is always what I want to see as a PL. Nicely done Bolivian. :)


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              Re: FNF and Warpgate Blockade (January 31st 2014)

              Perspective of Bravo Squad Lead:

              We were infantry squad, equipped mostly for AA at first. We setup on a ridge which was slopped away from the warp gate, making it ideal for cover when suppressing the warp gate. (Sheer on the other side, soft slope on our side.)

              It was pretty much a turkey shoot at first. We didn't get much action and had to advance to get more. But once we were in position, it was easy. The squad had a lot of TG in it, and there was not much to do as SL, it basically ran itself. Nice job to the squad members in Bravo!

              Soon we began getting enemy armor slamming into us and DaddyofThree's armor squad on our left (western?) flank. We switched to more Anti tank kits at Ladylucia's sunderer (parked nearby) and held our ground against armor.

              Later we had to move west to provide flanking fire on enemy armor that was leaving the warp gate nd hitting DaddyofThree's tanks. The group stayed cohesive during the move. When we tried to take a base we were wiped out by numbers and open terrain, however, I think the squad did well. We respawned on our friendly armor squad's sundy, and got into a position I believe to their south east on a large mesa. We were then the first thing the enemy would see when they left that warp gate.

              We fought hard, taking heavy air and ground fire, with help from our air and armor friends. I called for us to spread out to avoid getting wiped out by incoming liberator and tank fire. We spread out ammo packs and men out enough, but not too much for medics. It was intense, lots of incoming and outgoing fire. I thank my squad members for their good work. Also, thank you to starstriker for his leadership and planning. Very fun operation to be part of.
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