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Alpha Squad Solid TG Teamwork on Monday 2/3/14 ~8-10pmEST

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  • [AAR] Alpha Squad Solid TG Teamwork on Monday 2/3/14 ~8-10pmEST

    Summary: Tonight I lead Alpha squad, infantry composed almost entirely of TG regulars. The high level of discipline, skill, and thought of the average player was awesome to be a part of. Thank you to everyone in my squad. We had some solid teamwork, movement, and defense tonight. I am sure DaddyofThree and Bravo squad did well tonight, I saw his squad was tightly grouped on the map, and I trust his judgment, but I cannot speak for their great teamwork from personal knowledge as I can for Alpha.

    1.) Good Memory #1: Turn, turn, turn, the Flank
    Situation: The friendly zerg was pushing north east. The terrain was rolling miniature hills and valleys. On the south side of these small hills and valleys, the ground dropped off into gradual cliff face. On the north there was more open space with plenty of those green Indar trees. The VS were using the small valleys which ran perpendicular to our line of attack as very effective premade trenches, slowing the NC advance with infantry, armor, and concealed sunderers.

    Action taken: I ordered bravo to assist on the front line, towards the north side of the diagonal front. I lead alpha to the south, right on the edge of the cliffs. If we dropped too far down we would not be able to get up. If we were too high we would be in the middle of the combat. However, there as a sweet spot between them where we could advance with concealment (not much cover) unless a VS soldier happened to look to his left down the cliff side. Alpha held their weapons in check and moved around the enemy to their south and east. While we were moving someone spotted a sundy, and we moved to just south west of the sundy, effectively both downhill and “down” the small valley it was using as a trench for cover. It was exposed and its defenders did not expect to be hit from that side. We destroyed it easily and killed several defenders. Within seconds of us taking out the sundy the main blue berry force advanced on the high ground.
    We continued moving on the low ground. Once we were behind (by about 30 meters) the next force of enemy armor, and there was a rock to take cover behind, I ordered us to move up onto high ground and fight. We flanked and I think destroyed one tank, but were quickly overwhelmed by two or three tanks charging our group. The cover was not good enough to withstand them. My mistake as squad lead for choosing that place to make our stand.
    We reorganized and tried the same strategy again. This time the squad stayed below the enemy sight line a lot longer. After several minutes we were able to completely bypass the open terrain were the fighting was and set up a makeshift “blockade” on the spawn room of the closest enemy base. We lasted only a few minutes before we were dislodged. But it was enough, the main force, facing vastly reduced resistance on the open terrain as enemy reinforcements slowed to a trickle, were able to advance and soon reached our bodies.

    2.) Lesson to Be Learned: Don’t bring Boots to a Tank Fight.
    Situation: Enemy forces were fighting NS just one base west of the northern indar warp gate, at the northern edge of the continent. The battle lines ran north south. The VS was on the East, and the NC on the West. It was open terrain, with a steep valley dividing the two forces, and hindering movement. Both sides had a large amount of armor, and some infantry. There was little cover -only small rocks- with large spaces between.

    Action Taken: I had the squad try to move along the northern edge of the continent, in the hopes there would be a gap in the fighting we could use. I saw only several tanks on each side. The squad laid down smoke and tried to advanced into no man’s land, to a small piece of cover. Sadly, I called off the charge when I ran through the smoke and encountered several tanks and infantry too close to our next hold point to allow us breathing room.

    For several minutes we probed up and down the line, trying to find a way to breach the valley without wading into the slaughter. We found none, so I decided to try and find us a position with good frontal cover, and join the battle with ranged fire. I settled on a position with two sloping hills split in the middle by a central valley running between the enemy position and ours (this smaller valley was perpendicular to the the much larger valley which was parallel to our battle lines). I instructed guys to hold there. The enemy fire was heavy, from armor and infantry, but with few casualties, because we used the gentle hills to good effect as cover.

    After only perhaps one or two minutes an enemy squad launched a concerted infantry push up the valley that ran right into our position. I spotted it on radar (thank you darts!) and called it out. We focused our fire on that valley. I believe they had roughly equal numbers to our squad, but we had a superior position, and were able to take them out with moderate casualties. I tried to make sure the squad was split between the two hills, so as to provide mutual support and crossfire as the enemy advanced up the ravine between our positions.

    After winning that battle I looked around and realized our squad was not much use here. The superior coordination and teamwork of our TG squad did us no good when faced with really poor terrain for advancing and a strong enemy armor line with cover and infantry support suppressing all movement. The north flank was hotter than the center of the battle, and the left was impassable due to the valley. Therefore the infantry could not flank, could not attack directly, and could not really do more than hold its own on defense.

    I was soon killed, and while I was waiting to respawn I asked for a second opinion on our position from a trusted squad member. He thought we could hold that position with a tank supporting us. I ordered a tank pulled, and a volunteer quickly complied.
    About at this point, the northern flank collapsed. The VS armor pushed west and crushed the armor on our north. I ordered the squad to run south from the crushing blow coming at them. I also tried to pull a sunderer from the base I respawned at (200 meters west of the front line) to pickup the surviving infantry from our squad still fighting at the valley before the enemy armor could work south down the line and flank them. But I was too late to even get my sunderer away from the vehicle pad. Our squad was destroyed. The VS simply turned our flank, and rolled up our line. It was a classic military strategy that worked 100 years ago and worked in planetside 2 tonight.

    Lessons: Reflecting on this situation several mistakes become clear to me which I can take as lessons in the future. A.) Once I had determined our force could not really change the fight here, I should have moved our force to somewhere we could be more useful. Our infantry guns and rockets were not going to do any good here. B.) I should have checked our position for possible avenues of retreat before I actually needed to order a retreat. I would have seen there was no cover or concealment at our position or anywhere nearby if the enemy flanked us.

    3.) Good Thing 2: Defense Done Right
    Situation: Tactical Gamer, along with a lot of other NC forces, defended an amp station during an amp station alert. Bravo squad fought mainly on the east and south sides. Alpha squad fought on the north and west sides. The TR was the main threat at first, from the east. But soon they had left, and the VS from the south became the attacker. Alpha squad rescued one of the internal generators from explosion, and then I decided to defend it. However, the generator room itself was very small, basically a closet with a generator inside, and too small for effective defense by 12 guys.

    Actions Taken: I chose to have alpha defend a room near, but not at the generator. The room was very defensible and we would be close enough to suppress incoming enemy to the generator, or counter attack at a moment’s notice.

    The squad did beautifully. I actually started recording at this point just to document what a fine defensive setup we had going. (link here) All credit goes to the individual squad members for getting themselves sorted. All I had to do was call for one more guy on the stairs, and we had out own little fortress. You can see for yourself on the video how good the positions are. WELL DONE GUYS!!!

    Had a lot of fun tonight. Thanks guys! These are the highlights but there were other moments of good teamwork and cohesive squad play as well. There was smoke for almost every movement across open terrain, calls for medics and engineers were generally answered, and everyone stayed together. Thanks to all the disciplined squad members, you make it happen.


    Here is a video of me commanding for the defense of the amp station section. (
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: Alpha Squad Solid TG Teamwork on Monday 2/3/14 ~8-10pmEST

    That video shows some absolutely fantastic coordination. I need to remember to have my guys hold still and cover a single angle during defenses. I should also use that trick of getting the MAX to lead the squad, for all the reasons you state. I have a bad habit of leading from the front.


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      Re: Alpha Squad Solid TG Teamwork on Monday 2/3/14 ~8-10pmEST

      Excellent teamplay, consequence of a good lead.
      This is the way I love this game, thank you gartha.

      Always nice to play with TG.
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        Re: Alpha Squad Solid TG Teamwork on Monday 2/3/14 ~8-10pmEST

        I like the way you write these AAR.
        It felt good here! Nice job leading, Garthra, as always.
        I had a hell-of-a-lot of fun!




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