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Friday March 14th platoons (Garthra and Toddshooter PLing)

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  • [AAR] Friday March 14th platoons (Garthra and Toddshooter PLing)

    Big thanks to both of you guys for the fun and engaging platoons. Since I was just squad leading Bravo the whole time, my perspective here is limited, but I'd like to relate my favourite moments of the night.

    I started my night at Crimson bluff just as the northeastern Zurvan base was about to fall to a massive Vanu armour zerg. With a minute left on the timer, I decided to spawn as an engineer at Crimson bluff, place two mines each on both roads leading up, and then get on the northern hill to launch AV MANA rockets. Halfway up that hill (after placing the mines), a lightning drove up and started taking potshots, but I managed to slip past him and get further up the hill, only to be rewarded as he backed up over my mines. I then saw several Vanu armour vehicles and two sunderers on the hill between the two roads and set to work. They just didn't pay attention to me and I took out two magriders, one sunderer, and a flash who hit my mines, and I'm fairly certain some additional assists on the lightnings and other sunderer. Just goes to show how one person in the right place, at the right time, and facing terribly inattentive opponents can absolutely wreck someone. Pay attention to your flanks, kids!

    Immediately after I joined up with Garthra's squad, grabbing heavy assault and spawning at the Sunderer at his request. He designated me point man and had me lead the squad into Charlie point at Regent Rock Garrison. At that point, we initiated an absolutely textbook room lockdown, with people covering one entrance and ONLY one entrance and all sides firmly locked down. Sporadic attacks came in but were unable to unroot us, only after we'd been pounded by multiple armour units firing shots through the window and been assaulted by a large infantry force did they manage to unroot us.

    Garthra then had us move to Crimson bluff to interfere with the TR cap of NS Materials. He again designated me point man and told me to lead the squad to a firing position on the western slope of the road that goes down to Howling pass. We ended up taking a position along the rock that had a clear view of the TR assault and just started laying down fire and Pheonix rockets. We shifted a couple times to get our guys out of the line of fire, but stayed cohesive and kept putting down murderous suppressive fire. We even attempted to push across the arch above the main canyon road and block inbound vehicle traffic, though we were eventually wiped when a combination of poor cover, active enemy air, and heavy TR infantry in that direction made the push untenable. We still did a hell of a lot of damage in the meantime.

    After that, we shifted to the south side of the base where a friendly Sunderer was deployed. Garthra at this point started to split the squad up into multiple squads in order to start forming a platoon, and I took Bravo lead. My squad, which started small and steadily grew over the next little bit, took position right on top of the sunderer to protect it from enemy armour coming up the road and to provide supporting fire for the NC push, and we held the line there for a long time. At one point a large TR infantry/MAX push threatened us from the main road and was threatening our Sunderer. Alpha (still lead by Garthra) had deployed to the western hills, and used the opportunity to provide some very welcome supporting fire.

    Eventually, however, it became clear that the tide of TR infantry was getting way too close, and was starting to spread around our eastern flank. Figuring that we'd soon be coming under fire from the high ground behind us to our southeast, I called a withdrawal of the squad back towards the western hills (at this point, alpha was regrouping at warpgate for a Galaxy drop). It was a little premature--the sunderer held out longer than I'd expected--but eventually it went down and a tide of TR infantry started coming our way. Seeing that we were outnumbered at least two to one and not liking the cover or sight lines at our current location, I called a further retreat west to the big rock at the top of the hill between crimson bluff and NS Materials. The rock already had a friendly sunderer deployed and friendly infantry were building up there, and the enemy would have to use the rotten terrain we'd previous vacated to assault it over open ground. I ordered my squad to flank south hoping both to use the hills and the sporadic trenches in the sides of them as cover and to get a flank on the enemy force. We liased with Alpha and alpha was going to deploy further to our east in a flanking position, hopefully allowing us to surround and destroy the enemy force.

    It turned out to be unnecessary. Before Alpha was even in visual range we'd broken through the enemy infantry push and overrun their position. The combination of poor terrain, strung out infantry from their dash across the desert, and lack of nearby spawns had resulted in their force deteriorating. Nevertheless, Alpha deployed in their flanking position and covered us as we took back our old position watching the road and covering the NC advance into NS Materials, and both of our squads ended up in commanding positions where we could suppress and support from high ground and good cover. When Bravo's position ran out of targets, Alpha covered us as we advanced to a new position where we could lock down the southern facing approach of the enemy spawn room. Once we were in position, alpha pushed in and finally got control of the point.

    Much later, after ToddShooter had taken over the platoon, we were on Amerish fighting a massive vanu push from the lanes south of Onatha Bio Lab. When we arrived, a valiant last ditch effort to stop the fall of a base fell through, and the massive Vanu infantry force started working it's way through the winding roads and passes. We first set up close to that fight, but it soon became clear that we were outnumbered and soon to be overrun, so I started pulling Bravo squad back north from cover to cover. We kept falling back as the enemy ground force moved in, eventually taking up a position far from the base in question in good cover and with a firing angle on the advancing Vanu force's flank. From there, we were able to harass a lot of infantry and take out a fair number of tanks, despite the squad being at half strength. As the enemy force moved into the base proper, we started running out of targets and began pushing in. This eventually resulted in a wipe as we ran into a force substantially larger than us, but that was hardly enough to stop us. We respawned at a Sunderer deployed a little to the north and started moving east, attempting to cut off the vanu infantry that were trying to encircle that position.

    What followed was a fantastic, epic running battle that is exactly the sort of thing I play planetside 2 for. From rock to rock, tree to tree we pushed east, under heavy fire and with multiple squads of infantry in front of us, only to finally hit the last position near the edge of the map and clear it out. From there we started sweeping south, encircling vanu caught in the middle and pushing closer to the enemy base. As I felt the momentum shift I ordered a charge, and we ended up locked in a medium range stalemate with Vanu entrenched on the rocky walls of the base and us approaching in a wall of NC blue and gold. Bravo got a flanking position that allowed us to start chipping away at the enemy force, but we couldn't advance any further: the Vanu firing lines made a perfect V on the angle of approach, making a direct attack suicide. However, with friendly forces making headway and holding the line, I took my squad back west and began the process of flanking the Vanu forces on the less protected and less active western flank. We spent a long time there, hunkered down in the trees and unable to make headway into the building before the Vanu lines finally collapsed and we were able to push in and destroy them.

    It was fluid, hectic, massive in scale, and--on our end--executed with teamwork, good communication, and tight squad cohesion. Fantastic work to everyone involved, that was fantastic.

    Big thanks to Garthra and Todd for running the platoons tonight!

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    Re: Friday March 14th platoons (Garthra and Toddshooter PLing)

    Very detailed and engaging AR. As always, a pleasure working with you as squad member or squad lead.
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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      Re: Friday March 14th platoons (Garthra and Toddshooter PLing)

      I was on for some of the later running fights you described. Sooo many tracers in the dark. My comms started bugging out so I called it a night around 10 eastern, give or take, but it was fun on a bun. Thanks for leading and for taking the time to do an AAR. Much appreciated!

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        Re: Friday March 14th platoons (Garthra and Toddshooter PLing)

        Yes thanks for the AAR Starstriker. It would take me a solid week to write all that out with two fingers and my one toe.


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          Re: Friday March 14th platoons (Garthra and Toddshooter PLing)

          And I thought MY typing techniques were bizarre




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