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AAR MDNS and TG 24/03/2014 GMT 23:00-02:30

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  • AAR MDNS and TG 24/03/2014 GMT 23:00-02:30

    Just a small report of my findings following the joint effort led by MDNS (Keepers of Madness)

    Cairbre jumpped into my Vanguard at warp gate while I was waiting near 2 other vangaurd, I ask where they were heading, comms were down so I just followed them.

    They added me to their squad and linked me to their Team Speak channel.

    After a few engagements I got shot while repairing my vangaud. Cairbre did his best to keep it safe while I spawned at a near base but our retreat area had alrady been taken over and most of our armor squad was distroyed.

    At this point I started running support with an ammo sunny and the squad started to run full armor.

    A few TG members also joined the squad and after a little time we decided to assign TG to Bravo Squad, with platoon mainly running both squads as one, but with freedom to move and engage at will.

    If you were in this platoon I would like to know how you felt about the joint effort

    I know the ingame comms were a pain but I felt we helped alot before and during the alerts and MDNS members seem happy with TGs long lasting armor squad moving as a tight group, they were also happy with our prompt air deployment and our fast continent redeployments

    I would also like to thank all who join for your support even with faulty comms
    [Cairbre][Ryker][DaddyOfThree][Hannanelle][LadyLucia][Plus many other TGers]
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    Re: AAR MDNS and TG 24/03/2014 GMT 23:00-02:30

    I was there for about the last 20 minutes. MDNS are a bunch of cool laid back guys and I always have a laugh when i run into them most of the time in the middle of big fight. It was great seeing the two outfits working together. We acted professionally and followed the PL's order, most of the time we were ahead of the main squad. They were very pleased at how we preformed and gave a positive review when the platoon broke down. I wish I was there for the whole time =p


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      Re: AAR MDNS and TG 24/03/2014 GMT 23:00-02:30

      From what little interaction I had they seemed cool but I got to be honest... I hardly saw them. When I did it was a lightning here, a vanguard there tagging along the bravo armor squad. I would look at the map to see where alpha was and how they were doing and how we were doing in support of them, but I could never find more than three to five of them on the map at one time. That said its hard for me to give an accurate judgement of the joint force.

      However I think this sort of Joint operation is a great idea to build NC unity in general, especially among the outfits.




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