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4/25/14 fnf

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  • 4/25/14 fnf

    AAR: Tactical Gamer Friday Night Fight Start
    4/25/14 5-7pm PST
    Role: Alpha squad lead and later PL / start of FNF

    Thank you everyone for a great start to our Tactical Gamer platoon for this Friday!

    It started out with an excellent alpha infantry squad...
    Initial plan was to use our squad in a long range harassment and interdiction.
    We positioned ourselves on the high ground just south west of Quartz ridge. This allowed us to use long range infantry and AT fire on any enemies forming up to engage our armor coloum which was trying to push in from the south. After 5 or 10 minutes of very effective play (plenty of enemies killed, few friendlies lost, good response to callouts and concentration of fire) I made a decision to move us. At that point the friendly forces had pushed north into quartz ridge, making our current position not as useful. So we flanked north and west around the edge of quartz ridge and then entered it from the north west. We held a small corner of the base with medium/long range fire. Despite being eventually wiped I believe we drew enemies north, and gave out as good as we got, thus pulling enemies away from the main fight on the north side, which was my objective.
    Soon Jengles took bravo squad which did air.

    We fought in and around indar excavation and quartz ridge.
    We reformed on a sundy on the east side of quartz ridge and tried to come in on the north east side and hold A point there. We had a good bit of combat, but were eventually overwhelemed by numbers.
    Another time we tried to get back to the north west ridge, but an enemy gal took us out while moving in the open. O well, sometimes it happens.
    During this period I frequently used a point man to make the micro-navigational decisions. People were very good and call outs and responding to their squadmates in need. It was a very solid squad.
    At one point we hid in quartz ridge in a building that had no significance at all. The TR pushed out all blueberry forces but we sat there nice and quiet, bidding our time. When I thought the time was right I called on a point man to lead us through the base swarming with hostiles to the A point and surprise them. It worked. We made the maneuver with I think no casualties. We slowed the capture of that base signifantly, and had a great time defending that point.

    My next plan was a deep flank, drop way north of quartz ridge, then walk back, and hit enemy sundys from the rear. But they were destroyed as we walked (thanks bravo for the intel!) I retasked Alpha to take the northern point at indar excavation. I figured blue berries would move in the from the south, and the enemy would have to divide their forces to deal with us. The timing was about perfect, we arrived at what I think was B point, in any case the northern one, and just then the point opened up.

    Frankly, the way we held that building was an epic battle, truly a TG moment to be enjoyed. Guys established good lines of fire, and covered them. Really solid work guys. No one ran forward into the door, everyone sat tight, dropped ammo, dropped darts, medics did their jobs, and such. We held off frequent attacks for several minutes. The engineer turret seemed to firing constantly at the south door, as myself and several others watched the north. Eventually all blueberry support left us and the horde of TR flowed onto our point like a red flood, but we died proud, holding our positions, picking up our buddies, and shouting callouts. It was awesome. Solid work to the whole squad on that fight.

    If you think someone did a really good job tonight, nominate them for a TG Ribbon to give them the recognition they deserve! (

    Thank you EVERYONE for taking part in the 10th mountain division (a joke because we operated on hills so much tonight). I had a lot of fun and hope you all did too! Please feel free to post your recollections from this Friday night fight!

    |TG| Garthra
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"



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