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(May 2nd 2014) Friday Night Alert and Shenanigans

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  • [AAR] (May 2nd 2014) Friday Night Alert and Shenanigans

    Okay, then, finally getting around to typing this up!

    I ran our company/platoon for Friday Night. It took us a while to set up, but the eventual organization looked like this:

    Platoon 1: Alpha and Bravo infantry, both at roughly full strength for most of the night. It started off with myself and JerJB running those squads, and as the night went on Bertold and CliveOwn stepped up to take Alpha and Bravo, respectively.

    Platoon 2: Air squad with spotter, roughly a full squad worth of aircraft. MrJengles was wing commander and Vladimiric was the spotter/PL. Both of them coordinated with me over company comms in Teamspeak.

    Initial operations were on Amerish, bringing our two squads of infantry to bear against Auraxis Firearms Corp. The TR fought hard and were able to push us off our position on one of the points and bring down our Galaxy, after which we began to use the Sunderer at the south of the bridge that Bravo squad had brought up. Alpha pushed underneath the bridge only to run into an increasingly more determined TR push. Meanwhile, I had Bravo (at the time very under-strength) push up on the top side of the bridge, which at the time was a relatively quiet part of the fight. Even after the TR wiped us out of our position underneath the north end of the bridge we were able to regroup and hold roughly around the central position, using the open walkways and sparse cover to create a killzone.

    However, it's around this point that the TR started pushing in earnest over the top of the bridge with both infantry and armour, and Bravo entrenched themselves at the south end of the bridge near the Sunderer in an attempt to hold the armour back. I ordered Alpha to stop attempted to push beneath the bridge, as enemy infantry would now have easy access to our flanks, and we attempted to help Bravo hold the far end (in particular, by getting a covered position on the mountains to the south). It didn't hold long, though, under the heavy TR attack, and we soon lost our Sunderer.

    At this point I had our squads spawn back at Auraxicom substation and rushed them to pull Sunderers and get anti-tank gear. Squad cohesion suffered badly as a result, but I wanted everyone to set up midfield AT positions ASAP. The TR obliged us by taking a relatively long time to get moving, and were able to set up reasonably good positions on the east and west sides of the field, respectively. That wasn't to last, though; the TR hit Bravo's position hard and even set up a Sunderer on the other side of the rock they were hiding behind, and my Alpha squad was too far out of position and still reforming after our rapid maneuvers and wasn't able to put an effective crossfire or flank fast enough to relieve them, especially since TR infantry and tanks were oeprating uncomfortably close. Soon, Bravo's position broke and Alpha found itself retreating east into the hills in an attempt to distract and whittle down a squad or two of TR, but we too were soon overwhelmed.

    We then settled into a defense of Auraxicom, and I took my Alpha squad to set up a new Sunderer on the eastern flank behind the rock wall, and directed them to set up anti-tank on the western edge bordering the road. We had a lot of trouble staying entrenched, but ultimately were able to hold out and do some damage. Even so, the TR were well entrenched on the east side of the base and were driving armour all over the place.

    Here's where the air squad got their Big Damn Hero moment: after liasing with them and calling in some priority armour targets, they swept in in an impressive looking formation and started laying waste to enemy armour. Alpha squad began to push out at this time and head south towards the enemy sunderer hidden in a rocky outcropping, and with air support nearby we quickly overran the Sunderer and its defenders.

    And then we got an alert warning. I recalled everyone to warpgate and put the kibosh on pulling vehicles until we knew what was coming out way. Turned out to be a global Amp station alert.


    The initial outlook for the NC didn't look good. We didn't have any Amp stations, and the Vanu had five. Our first task was going to need to be to even that up. For that purpose the NC decided that Sungrey was a good target, so we got to stick around on Amerish as the fight heated up. That lane was pushed all the way to our warpgate, though, so we had a lot of bases to cover before we could even threaten that. Another outfit volunteered to push a different lane to try and get backdoor access to Sungrey and our two squads started leapfrogging the main force.

    There was a decent fight to be had at the base north of Sungrey Overwatch, but the Vanu hadn't yet really responded to us and were more worried about losing their eastern AMP Station to the TR. Hoping that state of affairs would continue, I had our squads preposition on the Amp Station and hold until the Overwatch was taken. However, the Vanu responded in time to get back on that point and stop the capture, leaving our forward position pointless, and reluctantly I pulled everyone back. Alpha (now under Bertold) took a direct eastern approach to the Overwatch while Bravo held back just in case we regained control. Once I realized that the Vanu were firmly entrenched I finally pulled them back and had them push the north side of the base across the bridges.

    This turned into a long fight. The Vanu fought hard for every inch and had solid control of the point building almost the entire time, and were also pushing from the outside in armour. Friendly armour was able to keep the outside secure, but the point building remained a hard nut to crack. Eventually, though, we got through, and I got Alpha inside as soon as I heard we had it. Bravo continued to hold along the NE side of the base, engaged with entrenched infantry in a courtyard there, and our air squad provided what support they could between the friendly air zerg eating up targets and local AA getting thick in response. The Vanu never were able to regain control, and we were then able to march into the base itself.

    The Amp Station fight wasn't nearly as difficult. With more points to defend and limited manpower, the Vanu couldn't stop us for long. After the base flipped, we pushed out a couple lattice links before command agreed on a new target: Elli Amp on Esamir. Our air platoon reported that they were able to switch continents fairly easily, and we started to switch in and pour on the pressure on the amp station.


    We loaded up as quickly as we could and high-tailed it to the station. The air platoon wasn't completely set up yet, but I advised them (as well as friendly air units in Command) to set up to the northeast of the amp station in intercept positions to try and catch any TR who decided to fly from their (now overpopulated) warp gate before they hit the amp station. I don't know how many TR they caught that way, but it certainly wasn't the majority, as the TR mostly just direct-spawned to the base.

    As an aside, I still despise how they're able to do that.

    What followed was an intense back-and-forth. Our squads spent most of the fight either sitting on both the shield gens or linking up on single generators while another outfit handled the other--coordination in Command was fantastic and productive--and at one point we were even able to breach the central building and mostly cap the base. However, the TR reinforced and crashed us and knocked us off before we could either flip the base or finish overloading the SCU, and we were on our back foot as they pushed us out of the base entirely and started assaulting Elli Barracks with a fleet of armour and a massive footzerg.

    The air squad did their best to support us during this time, but to the best of my understanding they were suffering a lot of attrition and AA was incredibly thick. Nevertheless, they were able to target some enemy armour in very troublesome positions.

    I had Alpha continue to hold the base while Bravo pulled lightnings out of the vehicle terminal. My orders for Bravo were to try and knock down as much armour as possible before they were destroyed, and then to rejoin the infantry defense. I amended that as I saw an opportunity; instead, if they were able to take a position on the rocky hills to the north, they were to hold that position and use it to beat down enemy armour (and possibly be joined by Alpha). They succeeded in taking the position, and at this point the friendly armour zerg was hitting critical mass and pushed up. With their armour being destroyed and their logistics gone, the infantry entrenched in the Barrack's northern building were cut off, and Alpha pushed through them with friendly infantry before rolling back up to the Amp station.

    The fight continued for a while before we got the call that Sungrey was being pushed towards. We were collectively slow to respond, and only started to move en-mass when the amp station itself was under attack. TG volunteered to move, and I gave the air platoon descretion on whether they wanted to move with us. Back to Amerish.


    So, the new amp stations apparently cap REALLY FAST. We arrive on Amerish with 30s on the cap and no time to get there. We tried to drop on it anyway but both squads were wiped out fairly quickly. Failing that, we needed to push from the Overwatch again and beat them back.

    At this point the night is pretty fuzzy in my head, so I can't remember the details. Nevertheless, we were able to recapture the amp station with only a few minutes to spare on the alert. The NC ended with 3 stations, coming in second to the Vanu with 4 and ahead of the TR with 2.


    This was an excellent showing by everyone involved. A special shoutout to CliveOwn and Bertold, who both claimed to be new to squad leading but I'll be damned if I could tell the difference from where I stood! Their squads were cohesive, effective, and responsive all night.


    After our AAR in the warpgate, we spent the rest of the evening experimenting with an infiltrator heavy squads supporting an infantry squad. That was a little nuts! We were able to cause a lot of havoc at an impressive range and be a thorn in the Vanu's side. It was very impressive to be able to sit on a distance hill and look into an enemy base as multiple snipers focused fire on every poor sod that tried to cross an open area. We even had a short stint where the infiltration squad used cloaked flashes to get everyone around unseen! On the flip side, we were fragile and prone to wiping, and super specialized to boot, unable to even attempt certain objectives.

    So, infiltrator squads:
    * Absurd long range suppression
    * Able to be slippery and obnoxious to hunt down
    * Can get to strange places and be effective from them
    * Is a very nice combination with a regular infantry squad
    * Can lay down a lot of mines when retreating and cause havoc that way
    * Falls apart in close quarters
    * Vulnerable to attrition and running out of ammo. Including medics and engineers impacts the squad's ability to sneak around, but might be a reasonable compromise.
    * Everyone basically needs to kit out for the same thing because of lack of overlap or mutually supportive roles for infiltrators, further specializing the squad.
    * Can't even pretend to threaten enemy vehicles

    Overall, a very fun way to end the night when everyone was winding down anyway.

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    Re: (May 2nd 2014) Friday Night Alert and Shenanigans

    REALLY sorry I missed this. Sounds awesome!
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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      Re: (May 2nd 2014) Friday Night Alert and Shenanigans

      My Role: Air Platoon lead and spotter.

      AO: Auraxicom substation to Sungrey Amp station.
      - The air squad was initially formed as a separate squad within the infantry platoon. This, and being newly formed and rules of engagement still being set, led to chaos and high casualty rate among the air squad. The air squad reformed under its own platoon with myself as PL and in a separate squad from the air unit with MrJengles as its lead, while the TR was pushing close to Auraxicom substation. This improved the survival of the air squad significantly as the air squad lead can focus on the health on well being of the air squad. For my role I found it difficult to physically get out to the field until I had a friend join me in alpha squad and shuttle me out to the battle where the air squad saw almost immediate successes when Key sunderers/armor were targeted by spotter and eliminated by the air squad with rapid response. TR attempts to slow the ground forces were met with coordinated air strikes and ground forces with momentum.

      - At this point the siege of what I believe is called Auraxis Firearms Corp began. This was a fairly drawn out fight with heavy infantry resistance able to hold both friendly air and ground forces at bay despite their with sever casualties. As spotter my perception was of a base crawling with enemy and difficult to pin point concentrations as the enemy scrambled to defend their base from all directions. I targeted high traffic lanes however the air squads ability to respond was hampered by air defenses being posted up at Sungrey proper and the air defenses residing at the Firearms corp. The air squad lead to his credit coordinated fire effectively to keep enemy AA support to a minimum and still provide fire support at the designated targets. Due to the chaos I cannot tell if this caused the enemy to suffer many casualties however I did notice a change in behavior which I think is their key achievement and that is that the enemy began to huddle up in the buildings where they are safer from air strikes instead of post up on the base walls to shoot at the incoming blueberry ground forces. At this point the base began to fall before the onslaught of the NC.

      - Sungrey proper was fairly strait forward as the enemy seemed to lose the stomach for the fight. As spotter I struggled to find solid targets so I focused on targeting areas to support or avenues of enemy movement to harass.

      AO: ELLI Amp station
      - Air squad was ordered to provide air interceptor support northwest of the base to intercept enemy response units. The air squad moved into position however I do not believe they saw much as It wasn't long before I saw them flying over the amp station before too long. Things seemed to be going well and the air squad had little to do than spawn camp, when it seemed a flood of enemy ground forces spawned within the base and pushed friendly's out, meanwhile they pulled a significant armored force around from the north east to join their forces in the base to push friendly's to their primary link in the south west. The enemy pushed a wide swath of area making for an epic land battle. The enemy seemed to focus their armor in two main points, one on a hill North of our base and one in a dip which provided cover directly between our base and the amp station. This was another shining moment for the air squad as I marked those locations for air bombardment to great effect. With those two enemy concentrations of armor/infantry eliminated or retreating, friendly ground forces with help of armor reinforcements pushed back into the amp station.

      - This fight was long and drawn out with heavy AA defenses at this point. The air squad seemed to have gotten noticed because it drew the attention of an enemy squad who fielded a unit of two skyguards, four double burster maxes, a sundy, two prowlers, and support infantry in the SW side of the ampstation. MrJengles will have to speak to much of this fight for the Air squads effectiveness. I spotted points of interest such as towers with significant enemy presence, and avenues of thick enemy movement to reinforce the Alpha point of the Ampstation. At some point the call to move back to sungrey was given and the Air squad was low on resources so we stayed to continue the attack on Elli. Through battle of attrition we manage to take the base and clean up the area. At that point the Air squad moved to amerish to support the push at sungrey. Sungrey was capped shortly upon our arrival and then the AAR began.

      - Air unit needs its own platoon. This gives more waypoints to help keep air cohesiveness. Air unit as a squad was not effective.
      - More then one spotter is necessary. As the only spotter I couldn't be every where at once and felt blind to possible areas of interest and keep up with the flow of battle.
      - It appeared that Air alpha strike teams became quite by far less effective when attacking enemy huddled up in large base capture point buildings.
      - Air squad lead preferred specific stationary targets to be marked over two markers set to mark swaths of targets between.
      - Setting a priority level to the different markers and letting the Air squad lead choose which targets was best for them to support was preferred over stricter targeting from PL.
      - Air unit PL needs to be well informed of actions of the ground squads as well as the air squad in order to provide targets that best serve both.
      - Stalker cloak with the crossbow zooms is almost a must for air unit PL.


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        Re: (May 2nd 2014) Friday Night Alert and Shenanigans

        Great to hear your side of it, Vlad!

        One minor correction for you: Auraxis Firearms Corp. is the base only accessable via a bridge over a canyon to the southwest of Auraxicom Substation, on the south side of the map. From your description, I believe the base you're referring to is Sungrey Overwatch, which is the western Satellite of Sungrey.




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