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Infantry Teamwork 5/24/14 Under Indar's Hot Afternoon Sun

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  • [AAR] Infantry Teamwork 5/24/14 Under Indar's Hot Afternoon Sun

    AAR: Infantry Saturday 5/24/14 – 2-4pm Pacific Time

    I wanted to say thank you to everyone who was in my infantry squad this afternoon. It was a solid, focused and driven infantry squad. A lot of solid Tactical Gamer regulars and some friendly and effective nonTG guys.

    My intent as squad lead was to deploy our squad where we could tip the balance in small fights with cohesive infantry grunt work and grow the conflicts into larger ones. I switched off between Quinox and several others as point men, and they effectively plotted our route through the base and kept the squad together. I want to stress that although the team did very well, I cannot name specific awesome players because it was a TEAM effort. Medics were where they needed to be, our lone infil kept darts down usually (sometimes we had no infil), and I kept an ammo pack with us. Heavies kept the lead flying. Good stuff all around.

    I was very pleased with how the squad adapted to a specific bad situation. We were in a sundy, and were ambushed by armor while trying to place a sundy at indar comm array. We dismounted before the sundy was destroyed, but were stuck in a poor position, with tank fire from our north and south. Heavies went to work engaging the tanks, medics doing their thing. We had little cover, and needed to move. I called a move West, because I believed that was the closest base, and offered the shortest path away from open terrain. However, soon after, I died. Someone suggested South East to the hills looked like a better movement. I looked at the map a second, decided that who ever was speaking was alive, and might have a better view than I did from the grave, so I confirmed South East to the hills, and came in on the beacon. South east had a much longer run across open terrain, but it left us on high ground, and safe from the tanks. The enemy lightenings had given us some breathing room, or perhaps were forced to by our heavies, I was not sure, but we were not pinned down for the moment. The squad moved to the south east, with an infiltrator staying behind to notify us if the enemy tanks came back to finish the job as we moved. We made it across the open terrain and up into the hills. Once we had the high ground we paused and checked range to the enemy armor. They were too far for engagement. I changed our plan to attacking quartz ridge, since it was close, and a logical choice. Quinox was on point and moved us into the base, despite some tanks moving about very close to us. The squad maintained fire discipline, and happily we had very few casualties getting into the base proper. I believe we then took A point, and held it for a good while.

    The thing I liked about this was it involved everyone using some personal discipline (fire discipline) and skill (hill climbing), and teamwork (the infil covering rear, another person called out a good path up the hills, another person plotting route to quartz ridge) to turn a defeat (sunderer destroyed, in open ground, under fire from two directions) into a viable plan for offensive action (getting us safely into an enemy base and on point) with very few casualties. Really fun stuff in my book and it was the quality of the players and the teamwork that made it possible.
    We fought mainly around Quartz Ridge camp for the next hour or so. We defendant A and B in heavy firefights several times, approaching from sunderers either on the north west, or eastern side of the base. When we were not opposed we moved quickly to cap multiple points.

    We engaged in number of small sporadic defense actions of various points, which were enjoyable. I took video of this, to use as a “good squad teamwork” example of TG but my recording software failed me and they turned out pure black screen. : (

    I recall one specific fight on B point, in the south east side of that base, where about 10 of us were holding the point against serious resistance from multiple doors, and Randy and Zombie were harassing the other 2 points, keeping the base cap in our favor. We were getting pounded with infantry fire, concussion grenades, and the like. It was great to see that kind of teamwork, everyone doing their job and helping to take the ground. The guys holding the wide stairs did their thing, the myself and several others holding the second floor point room south doors. We were eventually out populated at the base, and I made the decision to pull us out. I did this because I saw that the VS currently held the base, but a large TR force was massed just south, and I thought that it was better to leave the VS to fight the TR here, and more our force elsewhere. However, I for one had a GREAT time in those fire fights while they lasted. Kudos to everyone!

    After that we moved to J908 impact sight. There the squad was split into 3 forces. Two guys on C, with a beacon above it, to provide overwatch and hold that point. 1 man was sent to grab B, and the rest of the force was lead down into the crater to take A and keep them in their spawn. It started out light but gradually became heavier and heavier. We had several solid minutes of holding A before we were wiped out by a coordinated push. The guys on B and C did a great job holding their point and giving us intel. Just as it was Quartz Ridge, the squad was accomplishing several mutually supporting tasks. It was great to see.

    So thank you to everyone who was involved today. It was a solid Tactical Gamer squad in the best sense of the word, because of the quality squad members who made it up. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. :)
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: Infantry Teamwork 5/24/14 Under Indar's Hot Afternoon Sun

    Thanks for leading Garthra. It's always a tight, fun squad with you at the helm. I particularly found the use of rotating point men lending itself to our cohesion, I'll look forward to implementing that in my own squads. Keep up the good example!


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      Re: Infantry Teamwork 5/24/14 Under Indar's Hot Afternoon Sun

      Rotating point men? Do you mean to say that you noticed that occasionally switching the point man contributed to squad cohesion? If so, that's pretty interesting!


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        Re: Infantry Teamwork 5/24/14 Under Indar's Hot Afternoon Sun


        For me, it kept the pace slightly different when following different squad members, which helped ward off getting into the follow-the-dot tunnel vision that can sometimes occur in an infantry squad. It was also an enriching experience to hear the different TG guys on point using prox to organize room clearing and defenses while Garthra was planning our next move; it was that sort of atmosphere that brought me to TG in the first place.




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