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FNF June 20th, 2014

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  • [AAR] FNF June 20th, 2014

    Arright, better get to writing this!

    Got on during end of Amerish alert in an armour squad lead by DoT.

    Inherited platoon lead as the squad grew to 2 strong, continued fighting in SW Amerish until the end of the alert. At this point, I ran Alpha SL in addition to PL, while Zepkron ran bravo.

    Did a hilarious ad-hoc and stuttery kickoff speech before moving us to Indar to help combat a 55% (!) TR overpop. Daelon opened up Charlie to run an air squad for us, while Garthra took alpha SL from me.

    We moved into Dahaka in Galaxies and attempted to stem the tide. It was a losing battle with massive waves of TR infantry pouring in. We held on a long time before the generators went down and the core of the amp station was taken from us. Air support couldn't operate due to the abundance of AA.

    As that fight was lost, we fell back to Dahaka's western Satellite and preemptively attempted to set up a defense against the oncoming waves of TR. Alpha and charlie (now ground-bound) held the high ground near the point, while I ordered Bravo to deal with the firing line of BWC prowlers shelling the base. Bravo stuck a beacon behind behind the BWC flank in hopes of hitting the armour from a new direction, but they drove north before they could be decisively dealt with. Bravo's infantry AT moved north with them to a rough patch of cover in the middle of the desert and spent the rest of the fight holding off armour from that flank.

    That fight too was eventually lost, but at this point continent pop was beginning to slide back into equilibrium, giving the NC more pop to stem the tide with and forcing the TR to pay attention to a no longer irrelevent VS force. My first priority was to secure the road leading into J908, but we were only able to cut off the tail end of the TR force, the rest having already passed through to assault the base. Once we'd cleared out the stragglers, we moved to try and contain the large TR force there.

    What followed was an insane back-and-forth all over that crater, where we first lost control of the impact site and then came back with a counterattack across the bridge, and painstakingly took control of the bridge and exterior capture point. The TR defense was stubborn, but we eventually broke through with determined infantry pushes and excellent leading from the SLs.

    Everything past that point gets a little fuzzy, as my play session on Friday ended up totalling five hours. After breaking out of J908 we started pushing back against the TR as an Indar territory alert broke out. The TR, having too many fronts to control from their attempt at a continent lock, ceded Dahaka without much a fight, and we pushed ahead to Indar Ex, then got pushed off it, and then came back for a second helping, this time with tanks in tow. We then ended up bouncing back and forth across the continent as the NC took the lead and then, miraculously, KEPT the lead for the entire alert, despite the TR and VS both knocking down our doors.

    Some disjointed highlights:
    • During one of our forays into Indar Ex, there was a BWC armour column to the south making life difficult, but which broke contact and started heading east on the south side of the Comm Array. I guessed that they were heading to relieve Seabed Listening Post (which was a heated fight at the time) and sent out the warning over command. Later, I noticed (or was informed over command) that the fight had ended, and guessed that the armour column was heading back and that Charlie (currently running armour at Indar Ex) needed to watch out for a BWC armour column to their southwest... and I was right! Charlie was wiped (they were a small armour group while the BWC group was larger and didn't have a hostile tower to their backs) but it was a glimmer of the kind of strategic play I want Planetside to have more of. Watch out, Ghost, BWC is running some impressive dedicated armour!
    • Near the end of the alert, the Vanu got tired of beating their heads against Crimson Bluff and started eating into the TR flank to try and gain enough territory to win the alert that way. The TR were underpopped and busy holding us off to the north and weren't able to really stop those pushes, so it almost worked. NC command came together to put the pressure onto the Vanu and even took NS Material storage before the end of the alert! We didn't need the extra territory to clinch it, but the Vanu needed to pour a lot of effort into holding that base and wining it guaranteed the victory.
    • Stabilized tank turrets make me sooooo happy.

    A big thanks to all the SLs: Garthra, Zepkron, Kahuna, Toddshooter, and ProfKaos! The whole evening is a bit of a blur, so if I've missed anyone, chime in and receive your well deserved accolades!



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