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Friday July 4th, 2014 - Painting Indar TG

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  • [AAR] Friday July 4th, 2014 - Painting Indar TG

    This Friday we ran a single squad on Indar, and it was pretty glorious and a perfect example of why I love playing with TG.

    By the end of it, we were operating as a well oiled machine and taking important objectives and positions that enabled our entire force to move forward, and four bases bore the TG tags when we were done. And they weren't all ghost caps!

    Some highlights of the night:
    • With the NC on our back heel and a stalemate at the Stronghold, we grabbed a Galaxy and started hopping around on the cliffs raining AV fire down below. We trashed pretty much all the TR vehicles, allowing the blue force to push up. Whenever we ran out of targets, we relocated, and NC success followed our withering barrage.
    • Hoofing it along the cliffs surrounding Tawrich, we found another position to rain fire, except now we were in a crossfire between that, the gun gallery, and a few scattered snipers. After some initial success and then getting suppressed, we then transitioned to the southeastern flank at ground level and tried to help push towards the horizontal gens. Ultimately not successful due to what felt like a platoon's worth of weaponry covering that approach, and we were forced to try another approach.
    • I had us drop on the vertical gens, on the other side of the base, in an attempt to hold it and draw some of the TR off the other flanks. The first attempt ended with us wiped under a massive counterattack, but soon we had another opportunity to make a push and held on, despite some really heavy resistance and spawns under constant threat. Excellent room defense here.
    • After Tawrich fell, we pushed forward and plowed through what remained of the TR defense at Tawrich depot. The larger zerg arrived to ensure the lockdown, but we'd already done the heavy lifting by the time they arrived, and the base flipped with the capture in our name, the first of four for the night!
    • Wanting to avoid the zerg, I instead had us move by Gal to a less contested lane north of the stronghold and started pushing towards Zurvan. The first base rapidly escalated into a platoon level fight, but some excellent room defense and Galaxy air support kept the point in our control, giving us the second TG base for the night. The Zurvan satellite followed, giving us our third, though the TR weren't contesting it too heavily. In fact, we took Zurvan without much of a fight.
    • The crown was next, and there was a lot of back-and-forth and tense room defenses as we first distracted the TR defenders by holding onto A until a platoon dislodged us, allowing the friendly zerg time to arrive. The entire fight was a lot of fun, actually, and didn't turn into the usual Crown grind. The addition of that SCU puts a nice additional pressure on the defenders, forcing them to care about their tower a little more.
    • TI Alloys was next. The Vanu outpopped us there and we couldn't maintain a hold on the point room, and it was ultimately pointless because soon the TR zerg would arrive and want the base, but we had fun being a thorn in their side anyhow and took advantage of the SWEEEEEEET new rock arch from the crown to TI Alloys.
    • Next base was Ceres Hydroponics, which we helped prevent a capture and then footzerged to the Vanu base in the west, took the high ground to slaughter their armour and suppress their infantry, get pushed back, repeat all the previous steps, and then just held the hill to the south against all comers. Once the Vanu moved on, we moved in and took the base with some nicely coordinated cohesive infantry, getting us the fourth TG base of the night.

    All that with one squad. Thanks for everyone who rolled with me tonight, it was a lot of fun. I was also really gratified to be ending the night with a 3.6 KDR (more than twice what I'd normally get): it turns out that diligent room defense (where you lock down YOUR door/window and trust your teammates to handle the rest) and excessive use of the Gauss SAW is a potent combination for mowing down multiple attackers. Also, it's a sign that our medics were on the ball all night! Awesome job, guys.
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    Re: Friday July 4th, 2014 - Painting Indar TG

    I'd like to give a shoutout to Alex021, for not only surviving impossible situations as a medic and keeping the squad alive, but also res'ing people who were in very exposed locations/under heavy fire. Medic work like that really is a huge asset to a squad.
    MacKahan -- Mac-Kay-an In case you were curious. ;-)



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      Re: Friday July 4th, 2014 - Painting Indar TG

      With him around it felt like you couldn't stay dead sometimes!




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