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Saturday July 10 - Late night desert shenanigans

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  • [AAR] Saturday July 10 - Late night desert shenanigans

    I ended up inheriting squad lead late at night Saturday when everyone else was winding down, only to have everything pick way up again. What follows is the disjointed, barely remembered escapades of the night:

    When I inherited the squad there was all of two people left in it, but it rapidly grew to full size between opening to blues and the late night crew signing on. We moved into Indar and--tired of the Tawrich grind--I had us move to howling pass to help out a desperate defense.

    What started initially as an incoherent squad, still filled with fresh blues and short on TGer, gradually took form over the next few minutes. Seeing an opportunity to clear the hills just outside the western wall, I started to rally the squad to the southern part of the hills with our back to the cliffs and far from our eventual target to the north. As I charged us up towards the concentration of enemy troops, we joined a friendly wave of infantry to push into it. That friendly wave carried the last members of the squad who weren't sticking with us, and fully regrouped we pushed in with the tide of NC troops until we'd cleared every rock.

    At this point, we had a strong infantry position with good cover versus a large entrenched TR force in similar condition far to our west, with open ground between us and a fair amount of TR armour holding the line (and trying to flank us to the north). We coordinated antitank fire to keep enemy armour from pushing too hard on us, and there were a few frantic minutes of nothing but explosions everywhere. When the smoke cleared I saw an opportunity--the TR infantry to the west were heavily suppressed--and gave the squad a few seconds warning that we were about to charge across. I called out in prox for the charge and we dashed ahead, forming the tip of the spear as the blues fell in behind us, and we soon had the next rock under our control and the TR falling back.

    The primary irritant to the main NC force at this point was the TR armour to the north and an enemy infantry position around the south side building at NS offices. Given the lack of good maneuvering options to the north, I opted to move us south to try and get a supporting position for the zerg. Under heavy sniper fire (a theme that'd be repeated throughout the night) we took up positions on the southern hillsides and moved, cover to cover towards the hill on the west side of NS offices, hoping to have an overwatch/suppression position that could see their spawn, their southern firing position, and enemy vehicles attempting to hold the line. We weren't disappointed in terms of target selection, and our position earned us some aggressive TR attempts to push us off it. After holding out for a few minutes we were wiped by an infantry push and infiltrators popping out of ever nook and cranny, and were forced to regroup.

    We made another attempt at that hill, and this time we held on. Our beacon stayed at the top of the hill to the south, and while we occasionally needed to retreat back up the hill we were rarely pushed out of our preferred firing position midway down the hill (with lots of cover) despite more infantry pushes, an unbelievable amount of sniper fire, and a few tanks trying to push up to knock us out. Soon, though, an enemy squad would set up on the hill behind us and start taking potshots, forcing us to abandon the position and charge the top of the hill to try and clear their Sunderer out. It was a very near thing, but we managed to both kill the sunderer, clear the hill of enemy troops, AND get everyone back up. It's at this point we noticed a TR pounder MAX attempting to stomp his way out of there, and we chased him down. I hope someone was recording that, because it badly needs to be set to Yakety Sax.

    After securing the hill, we moved down to our old position only to find that we weren't really needed there anymore. The TR had fallen back and the zerg had completely overwhelmed the base, locking the defenders in their spawn. I took the squad further north to the Mao SE gate satellite, and started getting that going. We pushed in to help secure a tenuous NC hold of the point building, and managed to keep the TR off it long enough to flip. Afterwards, however, we were in a terrible position to push to the Tech Plant proper, as TR infantry and vehicles had massed on the hill right above without any really viable directions to flank them. At this point, I ordered someone to pull a Sunderer (Garthra obliged) and had him drive it around to the western goat path on Mao's southern rock wall, hoping to open another flank. The squad held the line at Mao SE until Garthra was in position, at which point I ordered us to redeploy to his Sunderer.

    What followed was several minutes of chaos. We were able to hold our position on the path for most of the night, and managed to score an impressive number of vehicle kills on Mao's SW satellite, but we were not able to advance. The gun gallery on the Tech plant was live and raining down hell on us, and TR vehicles made constant attempts to flank us to the south and kill our Sunderer (which they eventually managed)... not to mention that one tenacious Mossie pilot who kept doing strafing runs on us non-stop (SarahJessicaParker, you have made a dangerous enemy this day!) Eventually, after wiping, I had us move to the Tawrich-Crossroads lane in a Galaxy for a change of scenery, and shortly thereafter wrapped up the squad.

    Big thanks to everyone who joined me last night, especially our medics, who made it nearly impossible to stay down for any length of time!



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