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Holding the Line - Friday August 15th 2014

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  • [AAR] Holding the Line - Friday August 15th 2014

    Well, THAT was another marathon 4 hour squad leading session! Whew.

    It was also a great showing of TG at its best. A big shoutout to everyone who participated; we brought one squad to the fight and we wrecked platoons.

    A blow by blow isn't truly possible at this point by virtue of how absolutely frickin insane (and long) the night was, but here's the broad strokes:

    After a tough grind at Northpoint Station on Esamir, I took the squad to Amerish and dropped us into the low population Silver Valley Arsenal lane on the eastern edge of the continent. After a room defense that got overrun by the sudden appearance of a GOKU platoon, we fell back and took apart the small force they then sent to capture the next base in line, and thereafter moved into Silver Valley again. The defense was close fought and we barely held on, only to see the NC cavalry roll in to relieve us before we could be overrun on the point.

    What followed was an absolutely epic back and forth on that lattice link, with massive waves of Vanu armour crashing through the hills, fiercely contested battle lines as waves of infantry crept up ridge by ridge, AV fire streaking across the open field. Throughout it all, the TG squad was the tip of the spear, the force on the enemy's flank preventing their advance, the squad that knew when to lay down mines, fall back and hold the next line when the Vanu armour was intent on plowing through us, and the small force that held ground when by rights we should have been drowned in the waves of spandex encroaching on our position. We'd hold the crucial flank even as it was surrounded by the enemy and held on by our fingernails until the friendly armour could take the pressure off and the momentum switched back again and we would take ground at a startling rate. I don't even want to guess how much Vanu armour we reduced to scrap.

    We were where we needed to be, our medics and engineers were on the ball, the rockets flew true and all the angles were covered. When we needed assets pulled, they were smartly managed and well supported. The callouts were good, people did their jobs, and everyone had a blast.

    Great game, TG. Keep it up.

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    Re: Holding the Line - Friday August 15th 2014

    First off, thank you for starting up the squad.
    I only joined for it for about 10 minutes before my connection started having issues and I did not even leave the Warp Gate. Seem to remember your Vangaurd self combusting as my sunny took off into the sunset then reapeared where your tank once was. not sure how it was for my gunner but I know it was a moment for you. Sorry.

    Glad to see you made it passes the Warp Gate shields and had a good time.

    (6..~)Z Z z z....


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      Re: Holding the Line - Friday August 15th 2014

      That back and forth was AWESOME! It felt like WWI. (Charge the trench, take it, get pushed back, retreat, counterattack, back again.) Had a lot of fun. Thanks for leading!
      The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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        Re: Holding the Line - Friday August 15th 2014

        I almost wish I hadn't been 300+ miles from my computer when this went down.

        It's great to see us punching well above our weight class. Keep up the great work!





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