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Feeling the heat - Armor column

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  • [AAR] Feeling the heat - Armor column

    2014-09-06, 2130 to 2300;

    As Daddyofthree was signing off for the night, our small platoon folded into a squad after it had been taking the beating on Esamir. We then moved to Indar and pulled an armor column to assist in the alert.

    While rolling down the road through J908, we received reinforcements request from Indar Command. Rolling in, we were able to draw attention of the defending Vanu from the capture point and to negate their armored reinforcements and logistics as it was sparingly arriving from Ceres Hydroponics. We lost our Skyguard to a mine, but newcomers brought a MBT and an additionnal Skyguard. A good trade in regard to what we picked from our adversary.

    Then we moved on Ceres Hydroponics. We had a hard time not staying in place, flashing our big guns and expecting to live to tell about it. We did manage to prevent enemy reinforcements from rolling in, but it was a tooth for a tooth, as we lost three sunderers. Our MBT pilots were showing fine damage management of their own vehicle. Once we realised Ceres Hydroponics would not fall and our help could be needed on the western front, we moved on the road to West Highlands Checkpoint and prepared to maneuver around Allatum Research Lab once NC local main armored corp would roll on Allatum Broadcast Hub, veiling our move.

    Once on the plateau, we had for first maneuver a proper coordinated pincer attack on Allatum Broadcast Hub which was crawling with Magriders and Sunderers, then negated armor and air presence on and over the area expanding from E10 to G11, all behind enemy lines. Our intervention on Hvar complex nearly succeded in helping NC to get Quartz Ridge Camp and when Vanu gathered a new force to get back the Broadcast Hub, we managed to pick one asset after another in almost-total impunity.

    Then we won!

    Aftermath, I would say that this is a nice way for small force to have a huge impact on an alert. Boldness, think outside the Lettuce (read Lattice), BYO-MBT.
    Also, if "deux tÍtes valent mieux qu'une" (litt. two heads are better than one), a squadful of heads, eyes, wits and guts is a bliss. Experienced squad members are of tremendously good advice for squad leaders.
    Thank you for tonight, it was awesome!

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    Re: Feeling the heat - Armor column

    Awesome job leading an armor squad bregard! Even though I was only there for a little while you did a great job moving the squad around and providing clear and vital instructions. Keep up the good work!


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      Re: Feeling the heat - Armor column

      Agreed, well done. It was about time for me to dust off my MBT. For the record, I still found my now-out-of-favor auto-repair quite handy. I was able to position slightly away from the main mass of our vehicles without making constant runs to the repair sunderer. (My only complaint about using a single repair sunderer is the tendency to cluster around it.)

      Also, our use of terrain was really good, I only needed to use my shield twice, and honestly those were elective rather than mandatory.
      MacKahan -- Mac-Kay-an In case you were curious. ;-)



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        Re: Feeling the heat - Armor column

        So organized it was a thing of beauty.
        The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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