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Seeing Green - Armored corp, Openfield roaming infantry

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  • [AAR] Seeing Green - Armored corp, Openfield roaming infantry

    2014-09-11, 2100 to 2215 EST (GMT-0400);

    Once again, as lronman was signing off for the night, our squad changed of leadership and direction. As the squad was taking a beating from an adversary at least twice as numerous at that moment around Wokuk area, we broke contact and regrouped at the Warp Gate. Armor column was pulled and we hit the road, heading back to the Western front.

    Circling clockwise around Wokuk Amp Station, seeking for any sort of pain to relief from our defending blueberry jam, we took a couple of fighters off the sky before we hit the road again to support the defense of Wokuk Ecological Preserve. This time, we circled counter-clockwise and once we showed the big guns around the angle at D11#1, we encountered heavy infantry resistance firing from across the road as their logistics were there. We lost all of our Vanguards and retreated to Wokuk proper.

    Reforming, we hit the road again, rolling North West, and cut at D12#4 to position ourselves at C12#3 and strike on the western side of Ecological Preserve, theater of our preceeding demise. It happens we scarcely encountered a fireteam. We settled spawn logistics so infantry could enter and capture the point. Then again, we were disappointed.

    Thus we rolled North, still hungry – hell, starved! – for some good fight. We had a taste once we found a Liberator taking a nap on the road on D10, then we marched on West Pass Watchtower, where we took great care about destroying Phalanx Turrets before we settle in D11#6. Our Vanguards managed to deny the presence of several mechanised units in the process, thus supporting our faction's main task force, not letting their armor column stack one by one. We were in a natural funnel and have been pushed out of our position, losing most of our assets.

    Back to Ecological Preserve, we encountered armors on our way to the Amp Station. We moved South and East to reach Wokuk Watchtower, where we reformed before we rolled out to assist at Chimney Rock Depot, where we supported infantry from afar on the Eastern side.

    We lost an asset after another, then shifted to an infantry squad.

    Back to Wokuk Ecological Preserve, for a matter of window of opportunity, we roamed around along with the main task force, and picked off every logistics we encountered. The purpose being to clean both C11 and D11 lanes, we moved east to support the attack on Wokuk Shipping Dock, where we encountered fierce resistance as both sides wonderfully maneuvered in the mountains to get a concave on eachother.

    We then swept the road to Scarfield Reliquary and its surroundings, destroying a handful of assets, air- and ground-bond, taking everything from (and leaving nothing for) our for-every-inch resisting adversary. We hit a knot at Scarfield Reliquary, as population has shifted in favor of the other side, so much and so well that we have been pushed out back to Ecological Preserve.

    (Then I left for the night.)

    I had a lot of fun and am still learning from this game. Thanks a lot for tonight!


    As a tank : Pafpifpafpifpaf boom crack AAAAAAAAAAH!
    As infantry : Bratatata "Everything's under control, sir!" "Yeah."

    Fun. Thanks!


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    Re: Seeing Green - Armored corp, Openfield roaming infantry


    Hey bregard it would be great if you could join us next week on our friendly armor scrimmage against the TR outfit BWC. I will be leading the assault but i am trying to get our experienced armor players and SLs to be apart it =)




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