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9/20/14 Serious Infantry Like A Movie

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  • [AAR] 9/20/14 Serious Infantry Like A Movie

    Today we did a TG serious Infantry Squad. If you were involved feel free to post your thoughts and what your role was. I had trouble remembering who exactly did what.

    We started on Hossin, and had some OK fights, but nothing spectacular. One really cool moment; we were holding a base against an armored attack, and I called for a lib. We got two libs up and running and coming. Meanwhile an infiltrator spotter (Vlad?) was calling out enemy pushes before they happened, and the rest of the squad was holding the line using turrets and their personal guns. In effect it was really solid combined arms, infantry held the enemy in place and got a fix on them, then air swooped in and took them out. A nice moment.

    Then we moved to Indar, and did some hot drops onto very contested points. People played well, good solid defense. We lost most of those battles, sheer numbers eventually overwhelming us. But we fought hard, and made them pay for it.

    Then the REAL fun started. We dropped just East of the crown, north of the palisade and south of galaxy solar. Our goal was to destroy enemy sunderers and armor supporting the VS attack on Galaxt solar, allowing friendly blueberries to resecure it. From our position we had high ground on Galaxy Solar to our north, and used it to destroyed enemy armor and sundies. Enemy aircraft also swooped in, but our AA max protected us well. Everyone did their role well and we were a thorn. Soon the enemy took the base despite our efforts. We held position and continued to destroy enemy armor. Soon we had their attention, and were taking sniper fire, occasional fireteams of infantry attacking, and armor. A smart squad member suggested relocating east a bit to improve out position, and we did. At one point we had an enemy Magrider on high ground to our east I believe, and a large attack from the north as well as some other forces surrounding us. It was chaotic and uncertain for a moment but after a few minutes (and medics doing solid work) we held out. A tribute to the individual skill of the squad members that we survived. A World War 2 from the Battle of the Burge came to mind; “They got us surrounded . . . The poor bastards!”

    After surviving that we moved a bit south to have even higher ground and began engaging armor at the Palaside as it was pulled. A few minutes later, now surrounded by hostile VS bases and units, I decided it was time to leave. We moved out west, to Assist with the defense of the closest friendly base, ceres hydroponics. After a long hike with limited contact we arrived in the rocks east of Ceres and had time to get a few kills there before friendly forces pushed out the remaining enemies.
    Our next move was on foot again to the Crown, taking first C point, (the most east bridge) then B, (middle bridge) and then moving back to C and holding. The enemy soon brought reinforcements, such that they outnumbered us slightly to moderately, and we held C point. Several armored attacks and some light infantry broke against our guns.
    But the enemy had recaptured B, and I doubted we could really hold both points effectively, so I gave the order to do a fighting retreat along the bridge to the east, which would lead us back to our original overwatch position which had been so successful.

    I should note here that Alex did an excellent job deploying smoke on not just this movement but throughout the session. There was no need to call for it, it was placed correctly pretty much every time we moved instantly.

    The fighting retreat on the bridge was pretty cool to watch, as the enemy kept harassing us (not the harassers, but with a variety of things) as we moved. At this point cyal8rpig, a friend of mine from the real world, pulled a sunder without asking permission. I figured why not make lemonade out of limons, and ordered him to drive all the way to us, and we would jump on his sundy and finish our retreat in style. (this meant he would drive right through the enemies, but it was a calculated risk.) We continued to leap frog back as he approached. Cyal8rpig drove the sunderer THROUGH the enemy line to our West, and through the smoke and fire we were laying down, picked us up, a nice quick pickup with no straglers, and we were out of there. It was beautiful to watch. Seriously wish we had a video of that moment.

    A short drive later we were back above Galaxy solar raining down missiles to our north. We started to get harassers coming across the bridge to us, placing us in danger of being seriously flanked, as the bridge emptied south of us, effectively to our rear. That in addition to strong resistance and snipers from the south created in my mind too much risk. I gave orders to retake the bridge, and we moved on foot back to C point down the bridge, taking out light infantry, a MAX and a sunderer on the way. So it happened that we retook C.

    This whole time, from the initial drop south of Galaxy solar, we never wiped. It must have been about an hour, but the squad stayed together, and with engineers and medics keeping us going, we just continued to survive everything.

    I had a LOT of fun, and THANK YOU to everyone who participated!
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    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: 9/20/14 Serious Infantry Like A Movie

    That. Was. AWESOME!

    We were like "pratatatatata" and "huthuthuthuthut" and they were like "Aaaaaaaaah! My face! My FACE!" And then we went "Yeah!" and they were like "Eurrrhh..."

    Had a solid lot of fun. Thanks Garthra!


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      Re: 9/20/14 Serious Infantry Like A Movie

      Sorry I missed this, sounds like quite the party!


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        Re: 9/20/14 Serious Infantry Like A Movie

        That part on the bridge was so epic! I knew I should have recorded that session, but I have to lower the graphics for that and the game usually crash when I change the settings.

        About the smoke, it was mostly vtsNuk who deployed it. It was my first time using smoke so I was a bit lost and didn't know where to place it, so I took example from him.

        I really enjoy when you're leading Garthra, thanks a lot!


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          Re: 9/20/14 Serious Infantry Like A Movie

          Thanks Alex, I mostly run with smoke as an engy due to the fact that I can resuply myself and sit in ditches and hide

          On our first Deployment Garthra asked everyone to load out for long range, when I get this call, as a support unit I tend to run shot to mid range to defend the rest of the squad from close quarters and to repair the MAXes and supply ammo. The only long range I wound have is the AV mana turret which I might use when there is little close.

          When the enermy sunny entered the bridge, I popped my AV turret in the middle and dropped smoke on it, the driver was all over the place, then deployed ahead of my turrets, to which I gifted it a few rounds and some small arms.

          Yep that would have been a nice video of the extraction from the bridge. As soon as I got sight of the sunny, I bombarded it with smoke to covers its location from the heavy and light assaults over looking the bridge. When I jumpped in the sunny all I could see behind was smoke, we exited the bridge as the smoke cleared and we had vanished...

          30 seconds later My proxy mines went off as the bridge was occupied

          Got to love smoke in the open, I do appoligies to the few who lost thier lock ons because of it, I tend to start smoking when there is a change of been attacked and when we are running from cover to cover.

          Around the time the squad started to head east, I got took out and was laying smock to cover our exit.
          I looked at the map, notice the new way point was near a friendy base, requested to spawn at this base as the beacon was OOA.

          By this time comms were flacky so I deployed any way as I could get to the WP at the same time as the squad.
          While heading to the WP I notice a enermy squad to my NE, called the location 1 enmy squad North of WP about to crossed your path, these got dealt with, then I notices a lighting heading up from the south, to which I called out its locations, hoping this intel was both useful and sent.

          This was a long run as Infantry, over an hour, and we 'were' surrounded most of the time, even running to an enermy base to take cover from passing armor, a fun night.

          Thanks for leading Garthra and thank you all for working as a team.

          (6..~)Z Z z z....


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            Re: 9/20/14 Serious Infantry Like A Movie

            The bridge extraction was awesome. Someone had mentioned that is was like a mission in a single player campaign and I agree. Everything came together really well.

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