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10/04/2014 - Victory with the Dawn

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  • [AAR] 10/04/2014 - Victory with the Dawn

    After that absolutely epic 6 hour run yesterday, I'm kicking myself for not having recorded video. It was absolutely excellent from start to finish. Our squads were rock solid, command chat coordination was a genuine pleasure, and the Vanu and TR never knew what hit them.

    A big shoutout to everyone who took up leadership roles. Garthra, vtslNuk, DaddyOfThree, MatthewTheManiac, and Ghostshooter all held SL (and often PL) positions throughout the night and did a fantastic job. Always a pleasure to work with you guys. If I missed anyone, let me know; it was a crazy night, and keeping track of everything was a real challenge.

    Here are my notes from the night, in point form:
    • vts ran the starter squad/platoon early in the night, and rolled armour on Esamir during an alert. A lot of good fights and maneuvers, even with the TR Harassers constantly hounding us. After the alert, platoon leadership was passed to DoT in Bravo squad, and I took over as Alpha SL and turned it into an infantry squad as we moved to Indar.
    • DoT's first move was to reinforce howling pass, which was an easy secure we could do while Bravo formed armour
    • As the situation became secure again, I had my squad re-kit for long range AT/suppression work and moved out on foot to support the NC advance. We took a position on the northern flank as we progressed to Abandoned NS Offices, preventing a Vanu flank until Bravo was kitted up and in position to control that side of the map.
    • We advanced further to the rocks that overlook the NS Office vehicle spawn and found ourselves pinned down hard. Lightnings pulled from the terminal were a constant hazard, and Vanu armour from the Mao gate to the north was a constant threat. Eventually, Vanu infantry pushed on us and overwhelmed us, forcing a retreat to the now very threatened NC Sunderer to the south.
    • After briefly putting some fire down to stabilize the situation a bit, I had the squad maneuver south onto the slopes and push towards the hill overlooking the base from the west, where a few Vanu snipers were encamped. I was hoping for an overwatch position, but we also found a squad beacon and Sunderer there and took that apart while we were there.
    • As we attempted to suppress the massed Vanu below us, we weren't able to draw enough of their attention as the spandex hoard started pushing east hard, threatening to overwhelm the beleaguered NC front line. I decided to attempt a potentially stupid manuever and charged in behind them to the southern building of the abandoned offices, a building roof sunken into the dunes overlooking the point to the north, the enemy hoard to the east, and the enemy spawn to the northwest. We succeeded in shooting enough Vanu in the back to turn back their offensive, but after angering enough of them and getting chewed up on our west side by enemies coming around the corner we lost the position.
    • Using my beacon on the hill we regrouped and tried it again. This time, we focused on holding the southern lip of the building and covering the western corner nearest their spawn. It was a tenuous hold, but we held on against determined opposition long enough for the NC assault to gain momentum and reinforce us. After that point we owned that roof and used it to have a commanding overwatch of the point, the enemy's approach from the spawn, and several critical lanes of the base, eventually securing the cap.
    • At this point DoT signed off and pass PL to me and Bravo to Ghostshooter. I shifted the platoon to Briggs, where there was a bit of a stalemate, rather than pushing towards Mao. Once we arrived I advanced Alpha to the northeastern building, overwatched the point, and we held the flanks as friendly infantry streamed in and we took the base.

    • Leader chat lit up, coordination started. Red Ridge Communications was being smothered in a TR offensive, and with another attack coming on the Broken Arch lane Tawrich was under threat. It was decided that it wasn't worth attacking Mao while losing our own Tech Plant, so a whole bunch of outfits coordinated to push the TR out again. I had Alpha land on the eastern outskirts of the base to start picking off armour while Bravo found their way up with fresh armour from the warpgate. We knocked out a ton of armour and sunderers to take the pressure off.
    • The TR wanted this base. They sent a nearly constant stream of replacement Sunderers, and we moved west to a rocky outcropping in hopes of cutting that stream of reinforcements off. We held there briefly before armour and infantry hit the position hard. We somehow managed to retreat east to a new position and hold the line by the skin of our teeth.
    • The momentum shifts again and we start pushing west again. Began counter push to scarred mesa, and Garth takes over alpha. This was a very welcome relief for me, as command comms was both chatty, cooperative and relevant and I needed to focus on that.
    • During our push up, we spotted a nest of repair Sunderers forming the TR backbone and called for air support. Hyun answered over command and did an air strike on the Sunderer nest.
    • It was a tough slog through the midfield towards scarred Mesa. Alpha pushed on the southern side, but found the TR pushing back and unfortunately the TR held the high ground to the north which gave them a perfect view down the side of the trenches Alpha was hoping to use as cover to advance with. Alpha wipes, and makes a new effort from the north, advancing along there and taking control of the high ground. The TR midfield is broken and we've hit Scarred Mesa.
    • The push on the base proper was tough. We were slightly outnumbered and the base is traditionally a incredibly defensible meatgrinder. However, over command chat we hear that the attempted capture of Tawrich has been foiled and with that, reinforcements were available. TAS is bringing a platoon in Galaxies, so we tough out the grind on the jump pads until they arrive.
    • TAS drops a platoon in, we break through, and hold the point against a MASSIVE redeployment counterattack. The Vanu manage to flip the point neutral at 10 second, but a last surge of effort allows us to knock them off and claim the base, and the TG emblem flies proudly above a base that had multiple platoons involved.

    • Command now turns its attention to Rashnu, which is about to come under threat from the Vanu that tore through our northern lines while we were preocupied by the TR. I have Alpha secure Zurvan's northern satellite, clearing out Sunderers in a Gal drop, before sending them to Rashnu Tower to flip that before it becomes the avenue of an assault on the Bio Lab. Bravo catches up with us there, and a valiant hold of the control point is aided by Bravo quickly dispatching an enemy Sunderer emplaced right outside the point building.
    • I volunteer our platoon to push to NS Material Storage to draw attention and keep the lane clear. The Vanu overwhelm us there, but we formed an effective distraction nevertheless.
    • Alpha pulls a Gal to try again, but I divert them to Rashnu cavern to help hold an against-all-odds backcap of a 48-96 Vanu assault of the Bio Lab. We somehow manage to hold on, presumably because the Vanu are caught too badly out of position in their glee to get a foothold in the Bio Lab. We take the base, and Rashnu is safe.
    • Rust mesa lookout is next, and doesn't stand a chance.
    • I decide to take the platoon to take another crack at NS materials. It's now the outstanding flank in that section of the map, and attacking it could draw off troops from the massive battle forming at Crimson Bluff. With Bravo overwatching, Alpha nicely encamped in the northern building, and a smattering of blues holding the courtyard, we take the base.
    • The Vanu redeploy afterwards to Crimson bluff, tilting the pops, so I send us there in pursuit rather than attempting to push north through howling pass.
    • Alpha, seeing a request for assistance over region chat, moves to C and helps secure it while Bravo holds the perimeter and raises hell from the north. We hold two of three points at Crimson now, and the timer slowly ticks down, but this is now a 96+ battle on both sides and we're under heavy, constant threat from the Vanu.
    • Alpha makes a few valiant pushes out under cover of smoke and with Vladimiric leading the way with an Aegis shield in his MAX. Each time, they are repulsed but cause real havoc on the Vanu lines.
    • TAS once again is preparing a platoon-sized drop over command comms. We hold the line until they can arrive and hit Alpha point, allowing the NC to lock the base up. We coordinate another push with them as they arrive to put pressure on the Vanu. The dust finally settles and the guns fall silent as Crimson Bluff is blue once more.
    • The NC mob, still riding the high of a hard fought victory, pushes out to the Palisade. The road is a massive traffic jam, but it pushes through and absolutely demolishes the few Vanu who came back to defend.

    • We decide to hit the (currently lightly defended) Crown. Initial assault has bravo on the bridge at C, and Alpha up the northern goat path making a stealthy hit on A.
    • We wipe under several squads worth of Vanu, but coordinate with other outfits for a second assault. Two other crews including TAS join up with us and we hit everything at once. A TG + TAS hold on A point lasts a fair bit before we wipe and fall back to B.
    • The clock is ticking for us, but there's an absurd amount of armour and infantry coming downhill and we slowly lose ground. Another outfit comes in and hits the SCU briefly, and we get B back under control.
    • Alpha redeploys, makes another Gal drop. Under massive AA fire we do an emergency drop on the building north of the control point building, and then make a charge on the enemy position. The map was showing what looked like two squads of enemy troops in that building against our now slightly ragged and strung out attack, and it looks like we're charging to our deaths. Somehow, we plow through them and rip up the Vanu defenders, holding A point. With all points under control and a stubborn defense that keeps control of the building for over a minute, we've gained crucial minutes and we manage to take the Crown. The Sun rises anew in the east of Indar to herald our victory.
    • Command lights up again, and we spot a big 96+ Vanu push about to come rolling up from East Canyon Checkpoint as soon as the point flips. We redeploy in a rush back to the Palisade, and I advise other outfits to join us in deploying in advance and trying to hold them in the canyon.
    • WE HOLD THE LINE. Alpha, Bravo, and other outfits hold the bend in the road by the skin of our teeth. Vehicle after vehicle explodes. Alpha pins down and shreds them from the hill, Bravo pins them down at the bend with their armour. Alpha eventually wipes under a multi-squad infantry assault on their northern hill, but regroups, flanks, and annihilates that force and retakes the hill again. Vanu are set up in rocks by the bend, but are heavily suppressed from then on and eventually overwhelmed.
    • The attack is in pieces, and the NC pushes to East Canyon Checkpoint. Alpha provides covering fire while Bravo pushes down the road. Charlie starts up under Matthew, and Alpha and Charlie move to secure the point as we take yet another base.
    • Alpha and Charlie load up in Gals to resecure Scarred Mesa again. The drop is unsuccessful and we get overwhelmed, even as bravo folds up into Charlie. We gear up for another drop.
    • Decide to help out the assault on Galaxy Solar instead as last op of the night, landed and secured the point building, cleared out Vanu vehicles on the perimeter.
    • A massive MAX crash ensues. Maybe the most Vanu MAXes I've ever seen pour out of a spawn room. We slaughter it. My Falcon MAX shredded 2-3 of them, and a really solid defense from us and the other outfits present ruined the rest. Solid fight to end it on.
    • Got a whole bunch of recruits from the night, too!

    Okay, wall of text finished. Whew.

    Last night was one of my favourite experiences PLing in PS2. Despite only having two squads, we participated--and punched far, FAR above our weight--in massive combined outfit ops that showcased the best of NC cooperation I've seen in ages, as good as the heyday of the NCC. What's more... a lot of this was happening on Indar while a Hossin Alert was in progress... and it wasn't a case of us playing on Indar to the detriment of the alert. The NC WON the alert on Hossin while the indar crew was kicking ass and taking names, carving out dominant control of our corner of the map. The NC brought enough whoop-ass to the server tonight to utterly dominate two continents at once, without having a pop advantage on either.

    Excellent work, everyone.
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    Re: 10/04/2014 - Victory with the Dawn

    This was a really awesome night from my perspective. Alpha squad did exactly what it should have done, we stuck together and kept each other alive and supplied. Medics were really pulling their weight, as was [MENTION=59167]VLAD[/MENTION] as our MAX point man for most of the night. Excellent use of the shield on that MAX vlad! There was some good use of smoking to cover advance.

    There were a number of hard fights. The thing that made the difference I think was solid play by the squad members, heavies, engineers, medics, and occasionally an infiltrator. Congratulations to all the Alpha squad grunts last night. You all deserve it!
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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      Re: 10/04/2014 - Victory with the Dawn

      Thank you Starstriker for the write up
      I started the squad around 2100 my time with the intention to use it as a TG gather squad ready for the nights Friday Night Fight. It transcended into a small armour squad with around 3 TG members.

      My aim was to pick off Enemy Sunderers on ESAMIR around Nott substation while the zerg occupied the main road from Grey Heron Shipping.

      We sat well away from the action far East of Grey Heron Shipping to form a plan of action when targets stated to come with in range trying to flank the friendly zerg, we in turn felt impelled to relieve them of their vehicles and send any infantry back to their spawns. They still had no idea where we were fighting from due to the 'fog' and because once we hit one wave, we would move back north and regroup then find another area to hide and strike again.

      By time our zerg had moved into Nott substation, enemy air patrolling the river area west of our location started scouting our fall back point followed by harassers, at which point we took out what we could, them headed south past enemy line and continued our opportunist hit and run tactic

      While running the squad an alert for ESAMIR started, NC were already loosing and had not taken much ground, I knew we would loose so decided to just harass the other two faction as much as I could and hinder their chances for second place.

      When we started to exit from the Nott area we headed West along the river to the Mani area I believe, once there we set up a staging area looking West with eyes open to the North and South and a fast exit point East which slopped down hill east allowing us to drop back and see anything cresting the hills from the west. To the east of this fall back area was a drop which we could use if we needed to retreat back to the river.

      Around this time DaddyOfThree requested bravo squad started a small air squad to support alpha and the pockets of armour in the area. Soon he converted to armour with the freedom to move around at will. Alpha held the same area for some time flanking stray vehicles and regrouping as needed.

      At the end of the alert I passed alpha squad to starstriker and platoon/Bravo to DaddyOfThree then joined bravo to finish my night with a bang at 0300

      Thanks for everyone’s support and patience this night, I enjoyed all 6 hours of it and only had to reconnect a few times :P. I hope everyone else was enjoyed it.

      It is nice to see so many TC members connected at the same time in the platoon.

      (6..~)Z Z z z....


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        Re: 10/04/2014 - Victory with the Dawn

        Wow, that really sounds like a once in a blue moon evening of gameplay where all the right pieces just fell into place just right in order to make it happen!


        I don't know how you remembered all those details man, but I just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, thanks for taking the time to write the AAR.


        Thanks to everyone who contributed their parts of the evening's story. These AARs, and a few forum posts here and there are all I have to keep me going until I can get some kind of gaming rig going again... which shouldn't be too much longer now... man I am itching to get back in game so bad...
        "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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          Re: 10/04/2014 - Victory with the Dawn

          Originally posted by Randy_Shughart_ClwFL View Post

          man I am itching to get back in game so bad...
          Excellent.... Excceelllent (queue finger twiddling and evil laughter)
          MacKahan -- Mac-Kay-an In case you were curious. ;-)



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            Re: 10/04/2014 - Victory with the Dawn

            Originally posted by Randy_Shughart_ClwFL View Post
            Wow, that really sounds like a once in a blue moon evening of gameplay where all the right pieces just fell into place just right in order to make it happen!


            I don't know how you remembered all those details man, but I just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, thanks for taking the time to write the AAR.
            Glad you enjoyed it! I'm a little surprised I remembered myself after all that. I just wish I'd remembered to record some frickin' video!


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              Re: 10/04/2014 - Victory with the Dawn

              excellent night!

              I'm kicking myself for not recording! =( You wouldnt believe me if I told you how many enemy vehicles and aircraft's we destroyed. I started the night with 200 certs and ended up with about 1200 certs and thats just me alone. There were numerous times when I would ask the squad "did we really just do all that and not lose anyone!?!" I remember getting a tell from a TR player saying "you guys are really annoying" during the battle towards skydock.


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                Re: 10/04/2014 - Victory with the Dawn

                Rock solid fun time would be an euphemism to how much pleasing it was! Thanks to everyone who took part in it!

                Even my concentration was shaken by the lenght of that night op, but I could not leave!

                Dat squad cohesion! To those in Garthra's squad, this is precisely what keeps me up in this game. Wonderful team play : we used crossfire on point defence when it was possible, shortened breaking procedures as we entered places known to be defended; and the resilience! Daaaamn!


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                  Re: 10/04/2014 - Victory with the Dawn

                  Originally posted by ghostshooter101 View Post
                  excellent night!

                  I'm kicking myself for not recording! =( You wouldnt believe me if I told you how many enemy vehicles and aircraft's we destroyed. I started the night with 200 certs and ended up with about 1200 certs and thats just me alone. There were numerous times when I would ask the squad "did we really just do all that and not lose anyone!?!" I remember getting a tell from a TR player saying "you guys are really annoying" during the battle towards skydock.
                  I came out of that with 800-900 certs as well; at times, it was pretty easy to feel untouchable. Everything in front of us quickly became flaming wreckage, tons-o-fun for the whole family.
                  MacKahan -- Mac-Kay-an In case you were curious. ;-)





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