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10/11/2014 -- Mesa to Mesa Movement and other Good Times

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  • [AAR] 10/11/2014 -- Mesa to Mesa Movement and other Good Times

    Date: 10/11/14
    Time: Roughly 11am to 1pm pacific time.

    We did a lot of solid battles over the session. We started out as Alpha squad only, but then split into 2 squads, with [MENTION=57077]bregard031[/MENTION] in Bravo SL position, and me as Alpha SL and PL. Thank you for stepping up to lead man!
    [MENTION=59167]VLAD[/MENTION] typically had point for Alpha, in his MAX leading the way. He did an excellent job of stopping when the squad needed to regroup and using his riot shield.

    There were a lot of good battles. However, one stands out in my mind -- there was a period of about 30 minutes where we fuctioned as an AA unit, with 3 or 4 maxes, medics, engineers, and 1 or 2 snipers. We were on Indar, moving from high mesa to high mesa, following the TR behind their lines. As our forces feel back, and the enemy air advanced, we advanced behind them, staying a solid thorn in their aircraft.

    The squad survived and sustained on its own resources. We used only medics and occasional squad beacon. It was beautiful to see, every one performing their role. MAXes calling out air targets and taking them down. Medics and engineers supporting them with heals, ammo, and repairs. Infiltrators and heavies holding off occasional ground pushes. Everyone did their role, and because of good callouts and good individual skills, we just survived attack after attack.

    I typically ordered [MENTION=59167]VLAD[/MENTION] to scout ahead before ordering the squad to move to the next mesa, because it sometimes involved terrain I could not see clearly. Since I could not assess the path, I did not want to order the squad from high ground to a potential low ground dead end without sending a scout. With Vlad's intel I could be sure there was a solid path to the next mesa or mountain top. Then the rest of us followed the path he marked.

    Aside from the Anti aircraft battle on the mesa's and canyons of indar, our other battles included many traditional TG galaxy drops. We held the point with calm and organized defense until overwhelmed by vastly superior forces. We ran with 3 maxes, which seemed like too many at first, but they added a toughness to our point holds that eventually won me over. I think it might be worth having 2 maxes in the squad as a general practice. (We will need more experimentation prior to making it a SOP, but initial testing proved favorable.) The MAXes moved out to cover medics on their own without being ordered. The team supported them well. I know it sounds like a simple thing, but it is just a little jewel of teamwork that never fails to warm my heart every time I see it done by a TG member.

    Thank you everyone. I had a really fun time, and I hope you did too! :)
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: 10/11/2014 -- Mesa to Mesa Movement and other Good Times

    Excellent AAR. Good times, too! From mesa to mesa was a superb part of a greater awesome run. TG never fails to please my lust for teamwork! Everybody gets a gg.


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      Re: 10/11/2014 -- Mesa to Mesa Movement and other Good Times

      I have been a huge fan of Max heavy airborne precision dropped infantry for a long long time. I've always felt that was a niche that we could fill really well here at TG.

      Enjoyed reading the AAR, thanks for taking the time.

      Finances are improving and I've started a new build thread in the site level Hardware area. Target date to purchase around Black Friday/Cyber Monday, so it looks like I should be back with you guys for the holidays. :) Can't wait!
      "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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        Re: 10/11/2014 -- Mesa to Mesa Movement and other Good Times

        Sounds like a fun run! Wish I was there for it.

        What you mention about the MAXes is making me wonder if we shouldn't begin to reconsider our "Heavies as bread and butter" stance. For certain, they're a class that offers a lot of firepower and AV potential in a cheap and flexible package, but a squad heavy on MAXes and Engineers might also work very well for a general infantry squad in a lot of instances. Such a squad might look something like (for example) three MAXes, four engineers, three medics, and two heavies (almost more as a support class), possibly dropping a medic or a heavy for an infil or whatever else you need.
        • A MAX, while it has to specialize for a task, can execute on that task with substantially more effectiveness. They clear the skies faster, drop armour quicker, breach harder, and hold rooms with more stubbornness. They just bring more pound-for-pound effectiveness at the cost of flexibility.
        • Shields are so nice to have.
        • Engineers make for a solid infantry combat class on their own, and making them the dominant class in a MAX oriented squad has obvious benefits for keeping the MAX units alive. You'd also never want for ammo.
        • Engineers typically bring a big goodie bag. My engineer kit, for instance, can carry 4 C4, 4 AT mines, or 3 bouncing bettys as the situation calls for it. That's a REALLY nice tactical option for an SL to be able to call upon in a pinch. Smoke launchers or underbarrel grenades are also typically pretty viable since ammo is readily available.
        • Engineers can perform AV work at a longer range than a heavy with the AV MANA turret
        • AI MANA turrets are hellishly effective in room holds, which seems like they're becoming our bread and butter.

        • Dependent on terminals and a substantial chunk of resources to pull the MAXes in the first place. If you're out of resources or unable to get to a terminal, you can't replace lost MAXes.
        • For the above reason, redeploying to transport, spawning in on a beacon, or redeploying period aren't usually options unless you've got an alternate way to get the MAXes there or are prepare to go without.
        • Likely to be outclassed by a heavy assault focused infantry squad in a mid-range slugfest. The engineers will have slightly less sustained firepower and durability, and the NC MAX isn't ideal as a midrange infantry brawler. With AI loadouts, you're only really useful at close range, and using Ravens or Falcons as makeshift AI weapons is doable but unwieldy compared to VS or TR options in those categories.
        • The need of the MAX to specialize makes it difficult to be able to fill all roles.
        • Close-mid range AV work, or AV from a significant incline, will be hamstrung due to the weaknesses of AV MANA turrets. MAXes can only bridge that gap if they're dedicated to AV, which leaves the squad open on other fronts.


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          Re: 10/11/2014 -- Mesa to Mesa Movement and other Good Times

          The resource cost is why Max heavy infantry go together so well with persistent Gals. And also why so well suited to TG, we are probably one of very few outfits disciplined enough to actually exfiltrate to an LZ for a pickup, as opposed to just re-spawning in the Gal.

          And HAs as bread and butter is mostly because of their flexibility vs various targets. Max heavy CQB airborne infantry is great for point defense. I say add 1 Infil for darts, then he can maybe hack a term also should one or more Maxes need to switch to dual falcons or AA for example.

          But personally I like more punch. So I woul say 1 Gal pilot, 1 gunner (for survivability/defense of the Gal), leaving 10 on the ground: 1 Infil, 3 Medics, 2 Engis, 4 Maxes. Of course you can mix it up depending on situation. But I think 3 Medics (staying apart from each other and playing smart) are critical for survivability of an airborne squad, likely cut off from reinforcements. 4 Maxes provide a lot of punch / staying power, and 2 Engis for repair/ammo.

          If the exterior/AA is not too hot, the Gal can provide some fire support. If it is hot, they just need to lay low somewhere safe until time for pickup.

          EDIT: I just re-read your post again after writing mine, and as usual SS your analysis is very well thought out and spot on.
          "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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            Re: 10/11/2014 -- Mesa to Mesa Movement and other Good Times

            Definitely a lot to be said about how they integrate into airborne infantry. I hate to lose two squad members to manning the Galaxy (which often can't safely loiter around the LZ to provide fire support), but Gal mobility covers the mobility weakness of having MAX units very nicely indeed. When Galaxies aren't viable, Sunderers also make a good pairing.


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              Re: 10/11/2014 -- Mesa to Mesa Movement and other Good Times

              Sunderers, phsss! Going on the ground is for plebes! :p But seriously, it's slow and terrain and walls on some of these redesigned bases make getting around a pain. Going by air is faster, and you can put your guys wherever you want, quickly. Whether that's initial insertion on a rooftop, or a balcony, or directly at a door (or back door, think in the case of Auraxis Firearms Corp, dropping on the point building and going in the back doors, which are rarely guarded).

              The problem with a full squad on the ground is then, how to transport? It would be great if PS2 allowed for transporting a full squad + crew for the Gal, say 14-15 capacity total. But they don't. So going 2 aircrew + 10 on the ground would be a nice neat way to transport / play with an even squad. But in reality it would just depend on how many people (and who) was on at the time. If we had say a squad and a half, and a couple good Gal pilots, we could move the Gal pilots (2) and crew (2-4) to Bravo, leave Alpha as a full infantry squad, and transport in the 2 Gals. Another alternative would be to load the Maxes and possibly SL and then use the mechanic of whatever squishy infantry who couldn't fit re-spawning in the Gal after the Maxes exit. But flying around in 2 Gals is more fun / looks cooler coming into the LZ, IMO. :)
              "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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                Re: 10/11/2014 -- Mesa to Mesa Movement and other Good Times

                If rapid mobility isn't the aim (say, when pushing a midfield fight in a lane), a Sunderer can be a perfect fit! You also have a ready mechanism for pulling blues into the fight once you deploy.

                But we're getting off topic a bit, and we all know how awesome airborne infantry is. ;)




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